The Fastest  $500  Ever

By Josiah Novak


I have to tell this story.
This guy comes knocking on my door and at first I was thinking it was a telemarketer.
It ends up being this young guy who works at my local grocery store.
He notices that my lawn was due for a trim (it was Friday – which was genius on his part) and he asks if I’d like to have my lawn mowed for 10 dollars. My schedule was jam packed that weekend so I said “yeah man that would be great”.
He then said, “well what if I mow your for the next 6 weeks for $50?” – I quickly said sure thing man. He then said “I just went to 9 other houses on your block and they all said yes too”. $500 bucks quick and easy.
Now, my lawn is small. Takes about 10 minutes MAX to mow. My house is close to the other 9 houses on my street too so my guess is that this guy is taking home $500 a week (probably more) for a couple hours of work.
Nice huh?
Talk about someone working smarter, not harder.
In fact, its the same thing when it comes to fitness.

Most people think its all about hard work.
And while it does require effort and commitment to putting in work when it comes to getting lean and staying lean year round…it’s almost just as important to work smart.
As a busy professional or parent, its very important to work smarter when it comes to taking care of your body and getting lean.
The good news is that you can do it!
I promise you that you’re capable of having that lean body you’ve always wanted.
You can be the fit hero that people admire and want to be like.
Here’s the point:
Getting in shape requires effort and being smart with how you set up your plan. Working harder isn’t always the answer to your issues. Working smarter is usually the better play.
For all the strategies on how to set up your get lean for life plan – check out the monthly coaching group that’s closing its doors to new members at the end of July (and tripling the cost). You can get in for about $1/day.
Here’s the link.
Coach Josiah