Why People Fail

Why People Fail

By Josiah Novak

Are you struggling with failure in your health and fitness goals?

Do you feel like giving up?

Maybe you’ve given up and aren’t sure where to start again.

This article is for you.

Today let’s chat about why people fail with their fitness goals (or any goal for that matter).

There are  5 reasons that I’ve come up with over the years after working with almost 1200 people through the True Transformation programs…

1. Lack of a plan

People go HAM and jump right in.  That’s great if we’re jumping into a pool or the ocean (as long as you can swim), but not so great of an idea if we’re talking BIG goals.  Some people read an article in a fitness magazine and start to follow the proposed routine, yet fail to think about how the routine fits into their unique lifestyle.  That’s failure to plan.  Imagine if you jumped into a car and needed to drive to a destination hundreds of miles away, yet you’ve never been there before and have zero experience traveling to that destination.  If you didn’t have a route or a plan on how to get there and you just started driving, what are the chances you’d reach your destination?   Slim to none I’d say.  If you’ve never been lean or had a muscular body before, what makes you think you can just go after it without a plan?  C’mon now!

2. Too Much Info

In the past 10 years we’ve gone from having to search for solid info to being bombarded with 20 different ways to do one thing.  Ugghhhh – talk about information overload.  Stop me if this sounds familiar…we start a fitness plan, things go pretty good, then we run into a plateau or we mess up our diet, then we see another workout plan or diet and think “that one must be better than what I’m doing because I keep screwing up”.  So we jump ship and start over.  And the whole process repeats itself while we’re stuck at Point A.  Months go by and we see zero progress due to this start, get pissed, stop, give up, and start over routine we’re in.  Here’s some advice….QUIT listening to 100 different opinions.  Pick an approach that makes sense for you and commit to following it till completion. Then evaluate how it went.  Make changes as necessary after you’ve followed one approach for a significant period of time.  Cool?  Cool.

3. Lack of Leadership

We all need mentor-ship and coaches.  The greatest athletes, musicians, politicians, writers, celebrities and business owners have mentors.  They have people to help lead them to success.  Imagine the car scenario again.  You need to travel 500 miles, but instead of a car – you only have a motorcycle.  And guess what?  You’ve never driven a motorcycle before.  Yikes!  Good luck reaching your destination.  Wouldn’t it be nice to have a teacher who can show you how to properly operate a motorcycle?  And on top of that, wouldn’t it be great if they could escort you to your destination and ensure you’re coached and guided along the way?  Of course!  I mean, DUH!  Well, the problem is most people can’t afford a personal coach or they’re too scared of hiring one due to being burned in the past.  However, there are ways to get a trusted adviser for your fitness goals without breaking the bank.  Stay tuned….

4. Lack of Resources

I mentioned that most people don’t have the cash to hire a top fitness coach for $4,000 or so (we charge around that much for 16 weeks of working 1 on 1).  Not everyone can afford the ultimate VIP experience.  However, resources aren’t just about cash money.  Time, mental capacity and skills are also resources.  Most people think they have zero time, too much stress, and zero skills to be able to go after their goals.  This is far from the truth.  Trust me, you do have the resources.  Part of having a strong mentor is getting help to find these resources.  For example, I just hired 3 new coaches to help guide our True Transformation clients to success.  They charge about $75/week.  Now, some people go “I can’t afford that!”.  However, a resourceful person goes “How can I afford that?”  – maybe it means cutting back on eating out to save $50 a week…then its really only an extra $25 a week to get expert coaching.  Take that one step further…maybe it’s cutting out your gym membership and working out at home to save $50/month on top of eating out less and now you’re looking at a $25 profit plus a coach who outlines a perfect home workout routine for you.  CRAZY MIND BLOWING STUFF right?? LOL….

5. Zero Accountability

There are three main types of accountability.  First, there’s accountability to a leader or mentor who can check up on you to make sure you’re following through on what you said you’d do.  Second, there’s accountability to a community – which means having a group of people who are pursuing similar goals who can help ensure you stay on track by sharing experiences and struggles.  Finally, there’s accountability to yourself.  This is the hardest, yet most important part for most people. I recently read an incredible book by Jocko Willink  called “Discipline Equals Freedom” where he talks about how we must “GO” and “DO THE WORK” daily.  For most people, this is the missing piece.  We want the easy way and being accountable to ourselves is very difficult.  Yet, we if we want results we must take action and do the hard stuff daily.

 Not everyone struggles with all 5 of these areas.  Most folks struggle with 1, 2, or 3 of these.  This is exactly why I created the True Transformation and 3 different levels of programs.  Some folks are a great fit for our 1 on 1 coaching, others do well in our shorter 8 week TRUE8 Program, and then there’s our Inner Circle community that is both very affordable and covers all 5 of these struggle areas.