Is Online Training For You?

Is Online Training For You?

By Josiah Novak


Online personal training might be option for you – but first read this blog… 

​Back in 2005, I was a personal trainer in a big corporate gym.  The hours were brutal and the amount of clients I could take on was very limited.  My energy was constantly drained and the quality of my services suffered.  It wasn’t what I had envisioned when I set out to help people achieve their goals.
Long story short, I burned out and left the personal training industry for quite some time to focus on pursuing my passions of sales and business.  However, the passion around helping others never left.  I knew that there had to be a better way.
Fast forward to 2012.  Due to some fortunate connections and timely mentors that pushed me to get back into fitness, I opened The True Transformation Online Training business.  No longer was I training people from 5am-10am and then back from 5pm-10pm.  I wasn’t getting burned out- in fact I was able to truly enjoy the process of coaching people to realize their full potential.  Technology was quickly allowing personal training to be highly effective in the online space.   
Today online training (or coaching) is gaining popularity quickly, but it’s still a new idea to most people.  When people think of hiring a fitness coach they imagine walking into a gym, meeting with a trainer, and then working out with their trainer 2-3 times per week for a month or two.  While that’s still a great option for a lot of people, technology is quickly helping online trainers step up their services to compete with in-person trainers’ services and deliver outstanding results in the online space.

But the question remains, how do you know if hiring an Online Coach is for you?  Well…say no more.  This blog article will help outline exactly who Online Training is for!
First and foremost, I strongly believe that online training is for those who have at least a beginner’s level of experience in a gym.  If you’ve never worked out before, I would suggest working with a trainer or coach in-person to gain some familiarity with the gym, equipment and exercises.  In fact, people come to me all the time who’ve never worked out before and want me to design a program for them.  I never offer my services to complete beginners.  In fact, I refer them to trainers I trust to ensure that they get acclimated to the gym and learn the basics with someone who can meet with them in person.
Hiring an online coach is a great idea if you have been working out in a gym for a few years or more, but are stuck in a plateau.    Often times it comes down to proper program design as well as diet advice and structure from an experienced professional to help you break through plateaus.  An experienced online coach can help you quickly take your workouts to the next level by analyzing your current routine and making adjustments.
To feel 100% comfortable using an online trainer or coach, it’s a must that you are very comfortable using a computer, smart phone and technology in general.  The top coaches use a combination of smart phone apps, email, skype and other applications to facilitate and build the client-coach relationship, as well as track progress and help their clients reach their goals.  If you’re not comfortable with using email as a primary way to communicate with your coach then online coaching probably isn’t for you.  However, if you’re totally cool with using the technology that’s available then online coaching will be a breeze for you!
There’s a popular concern when it comes to online coaching and I tend to relate with it completely.  A lot you will have a hard time getting in the habit of going to the gym if you’re not physically meeting with a personal trainer.  A virtual trainer may not keep you as accountable as the in-person option.  I get that.  That’s where being self-aware comes into play.  If you know that you need to set up some in-person accountability to ensure that you stick to your plan, by all means go for the in-person option.  Over time you’ll get into a solid routine and the online coaching option may suit you just fine.
Online training allows coaches to prescribe workouts and diet strategies from anywhere in the world.  This is huge for two reasons.  First, you won’t have to worry about your in-person trainer cancelling on you due to unforeseen circumstances which can throw off your routine.  Plus, if you’re interested in getting help from a top trainer in another part of the country you’ll be able to acquire their services without having to live near them.  This gives you the buyer huge leverage in the online space.
Let’s face it – personal training can be expensive.  Now, you can’t put a price on your health so I’ll argue that the best trainers are worth way more than their actual cost.  All that being said, in-person training is often much more expensive than online coaching.  The best in-person trainers charge upwards of $100-200 a session.  That can quickly add up to $2000-3000 per month –and usually this doesn’t even include diet or supplement strategies.   Top online coaches charge $500-1000 per month which can save you 50-75% of the cost.  If you’re getting top notch program design, accountability, nutrition and feedback for more than half the price of in-person training – it can make a lot of sense to go with the virtual option. 
Something else to consider is that you might actually enjoy not having a trainer in person.  Some of us function better in the gym on our own.  It can be your hour or two of peace and quiet.  For a lot of people working out is almost a form of meditation or relaxation.  It sounds funny to think of a workout as a stress reliever, but for a lot of people it is.  If you have a trainer interrupting your peace and giving you instruction – it may disrupt your moments to yourself. 
Overall – online training is a trending option that will only get better as it becomes more popular.  The competition is growing rapidly and that will serve you the buyer to ensure that the options available to you are constantly being improved.  I’m always here to help you navigate the online training world!

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