You’ll Never Get 6 Pack Abs Doing This

By Josiah Novak

You’ll likely never get 6 pack abs or shredded with the plans you see online.

I’m kicking off my “Bday Suit” plan today.

Shredded 6 pack abs is the goal.

Which means I’m tightening everything up for the next 8 weeks.

The plan is to lose about 8-12 pounds and dip below 10% bodyfat.

Just in time for my bday.

But there’s a few key things I’m NOT doing.

If you’re a business owner, executive or elite professional who wants 6 pack abs…

You’ll never get 6 pack abs doing this.

Listen up.

This will help you lose weight faster than ever before.

But most importantly…help you keep the fat off forever.

What Not to Do

The first thing I’m NOT doing is this:

-I’m NOT cutting out foods I enjoy.

I enjoy things like steak, burgers, pizza, and tacos.

Which means those foods are staying in plan.

Not every day of course.

But I’ll be eating those foods weekly for sure.

Most guys cut out all the good stuff.

And then they give up well before they get that 6 pack.


Because they don’t enjoy the process.

Your meal plan should be easy, effective and enjoyable.

Otherwise you’ll quit well before you get ripped.

-I’m NOT lowering the weight and upping the reps.

Quite the opposite actually.

I’m focused on getting STRONG over the next 8 weeks.

My training sets will be mostly in the 4-8 rep range.

I want to hold onto my muscle.

Not lose it by dropping weight and doing high reps.

That’s a quick way to lose that hard earned muscle

And slow down your metabolism.

Which makes it 10x harder to lose fat.

Plus you’ll look skinny fat as you shred down.

Now if this is already feeling confusing or overwhelming….

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