What  FIT GUYS  Know  about  being  lean

By Josiah Novak

Imagine being at the pool, beach or that summer vacation and feeling totally at ease with walking around in your bathing suit.  Your body is lean, confidence is high, and you feel proud of the fit body you’ve achieved.  How would that feel? What if there was a secret that all these fit guys walking around had that could drastically cut down on the struggles you face when it comes to getting in shape?
Feeling comfortable with taking your shirt off in public and revealing a lean body comes from more than just doing a few sit ups and chugging some protein shakes.
And while there are no magic pills that can give you a dream body overnight, there is one strategy that I want to share with you that can get you results 2x as fast in 1/2 the time.  Interested?  Cool.  Keep reading.
While your friends are all hopping from one diet to the next and from one crossfit box to the orange theory down the road….I’m going to change the game for you.
It’s TIIIIIMMMEEE!! (UFC Voice) There’s a secret that all these lean guys have that took me years and years to learn.
It was literally 10 years ago that I was sitting on my bed, stuffing my face with Papa Johns pizza, and wondering if living life even made sense anymore.  I was 80 lbs. overweight, depressed, broke and just flat out sick of life.
It took me a long time to come out of that dark place and get my life in order.  It took many ups and downs to figure this whole “getting fit” thing out.  I can’t say it was easy.  In fact, it sucked ass a lot of the time.
However,  I uncovered a secret that the guys who have abs and seem to enjoy the heck out of life have.
You ready?
Instead of chasing after every new diet, new supplement, new workout routine that comes along, or some other weird voodoo method that some guru preaches about….they simply do the work.
They have a simple routine.
Their diet is both strict and flexible when it needs to be.
They don’t follow the trends.
They do the work.
While everyone else chases keto, paleo, or eating poptarts – they stick to the basics.  They ignore the 10 new forms of creatine that come out and instead they invest in quality food.
They train consistently.  Sure, they change things up, but its always with a clear purpose.
Bottom line…
They do the work. Picture

It’s not the sexy stuff that’s going to give you the satisfaction of achieving your dream body.  There are no magic potions or strange diet hacks that will bless you with abs tomorrow.
It’s all about the work.
The consistent weight training workouts.
The consistent and well balanced nutrition plan.
The good sleep you get most nights.
The flexibility to enjoy life and get back on track right away.
As my friend Daniel DiPiazza said – “having ideas isn’t the hard part – actually creating art from those ideas is what separates the best from the average”
Getting lean and having a body you’re not ashamed of comes down to work.
Are you ready and willing to do the work?