The No-Gain Thanksgiving Workout and Survival Guide!


Thanksgiving is here…try this workout strategy to burn extra calories before the feast!
In years past I would sit down and write out an awesome Thanksgiving Survival Guide.

It would include a perfect strategy on how to eat some food in moderation and stay on track with your diet and fitness goals.

The strategies looked awesome on paper, but when it came down to it there were some major flaws.

First of all, unless you’re prepping for a physique contest – trying to watch every calorie on Thanksgiving is pretty pointless and stressful.

Thanksgiving is a holiday that should be centered around giving thanks for the food, the shelter and the loved ones that make up our lives.

We shouldn’t sit there and worry about being perfect with our diet.

So while the survival guide was awesome and had some really good ideas…it just wasn’t realistic.

This year I decided that it’s time to switch things up…

This year I’m telling you two strategies…

1) Enjoy the day and spend some real time writing down 10 things you’re extremely thankful for.  Enjoy some great food, some drinks and the precious time you have with your loved ones.  Don’t eat till you’re sick or get blacked out drunk and you’ll be good!

2) Try out my workout guide to burn a ton of calories before and after the feast.  Now, I rarely recommend you going into the gym and destroying yourself…it’s really not a smart way to train at all.  But for calorie burning’s sake…this is a great template to torch a couple thousand calories to give you some more room to play with.  Believe it or not, last year I gained ZERO weight while consuming a ton of food and doing these workouts.  Give it a shot!

If you decide to try it out…I’d love to hear what you think about the workouts!

Have an amazing Thanksgiving and stay blessed!


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