Belton Woodley

Head Transformation Coach
Belton is a certified personal trainer through NASM. His background in athletics and time served in the US Navy provides a huge emphasis on accountability, team work and positive mindset. Belton’s mission is to give you the tools, support and training needed to level up in all areas of your life.

Bryan Laird

Transformation Coach

Charles DeSantis

Chief People Officer

Dieter Ludlow

Transformation Coach

Erica Baskerville

TTransformHER Coach and Head of TT Ambassadors
Erica’s passion for motherhood, her faith, family and fitness are a perfect combination that has given our clients inspiration and accountability on all levels. Erica has high standards in all areas of her life and that translates to her ability to connect with clients from all walks of life.

J. Michael Fischer Jr.

Head of Operations and ELITE Coach
J. Michael is a former True Transformation client. His background in business and banking provide our clients with professional development training and a high level of attention to detail. J. Michael maintains low body fat year round while also being a high performing husband, father and business man.

Jay Clark

Transformation Coach

Joe Olive

Client Support

John Herman

Transformation Coach and Head of TT Corporate Partnerships

Krista Clement

Head Female Transformation Coach
Krista Clement has an extensive background in health and fitness, plus she’s a mother to 3 beautiful children. Her passion for health, wellness, and motherhood provide our female clients an understanding and supportive environment.

Miena Asef

Head of Client Experience

Ryan Kalan

Client Support and TT Endurance Family Coach