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How does this work?

Connecting with the right coach will transform your life.


Get the results you want.

*Actual client transformations!

Get the workouts you need.

Get the nutrition you crave.

Plans available for Anti-Inflammatory, Carb Focused, Carnivore, Keto, Gluten Free, Lactose Free, Low Glycemic, Mediterranean, Paleo, Soy Free, Teen Friendly, Vegan, Vegetarian, and more.


Check out our amazing clients

Kevin H. – 45

Working with Josiah and his team made getting in shape a breeze after being out of the gym for decades. He made eating simple, easy to understand and enjoyable.

Joel D. – 40

When I turned 39 I looked in the mirror and made a decision that by 40 I’d be in the best shape of my life.  I hired Josiah to keep me accountable and together we achieved my best body ever.  Everything in my life has gotten noticeably better thanks to taking care of my health and fitness.

Lindsay W. – 40

As a Mom, nurse and someone who loves to enjoy life I was super frustrated that I couldn’t seem to balance it all.  Josiah helped me create a plan that made sense for my schedule and that I could follow anywhere at anytime!

Our clients' goals include...

Your Coaching Package Includes

Workout and Training Program Based on Your Schedule and Experience Level

You’ll be given a fully custom workout plan that factors in your training experience, goals, schedule and the equipment (if any) that you have available.

Nutrition and Recipe Plan Based on Your Food Preference

We cover calories, nutrients, food choices, meal plans and grocery lists all tailored to your exact needs to achieve the goals you have for fitness, health and lifestyle.

Weekly Coaching Calls and Trainings

At every level of our training programs we provide weekly coaching calls to ensure every client gets facetime with our coaching team to answer questions and provide in-depth trainings.

Access to Master Video Courses

As part of your coaching program you’ll receive full access to all of our master courses including the Maximize Method, Lean, Gain and Maintain courses. 

Private Support Group Membership

You’ll get full access to our private coaching group where all of the clients in the coaching program interact, support and keep each other accountable.  You’ll also be able to ask me, my team and other members questions each day inside the group.

True Transformation™ App

You’ll have full access to the True Transformation App where you’ll find your weekly workout routine along with videos on how to perform each exercise.  You’ll be able to track everything for each workout inside the app.  

24/7 Client Support

Ensuring you have support and guidance each day is our main priority.  We offer 24/7 customer support for all our coaching programs.

Plus there's bonuses!

We also include...

PDF Plans

The True Transformation App

The New Standard For Online Fitness Coaching

These clients might inspire you...

Josh – 38

Josh wanted to be a shining example of what it means to be healthy and fit for his kids.  He and his wife got in shape together and now they’re amazing role models for their family and friends

Randi P. – 35

Randi works in the food and beverage industry which made it challenging to lose weight after having kids.  However, after getting into our coaching program and gaining clarity around how to eat in her work environment – she dropped 30+ lbs! 

Matt M. – 38

As a father of 6 kids, Matt was determined to get in shape to ensure he had the energy to keep up with his family.  

Jason D. – 42

Jason lost over 100 lbs working with me for over 18 months! 

Are you ready for your True Transformation?

Who's not ready for True Transformation?

My name is Josiah Novak and I am dedicated to helping you burn fat, build muscle, and achieve the True Transformation that you dream about.

I started my own fitness journey 50 pounds overweight and 100% uncomfortable in my own skin. After years of body image problems, I’d had enough, and I set out on a mission to build the body that I desired. In a way, I was my first client.

Taking responsibility for my body back then provided the springboard for the success I now enjoy in all areas of my life. These days I’m a happy family man with a business that I love and amazing clients that inspire me every day.

Since founding True Transformation over a decade ago, I’ve helped hundreds of people change their lives for the better, and I hope to do the same for you.

— Josiah Novak

My own true transformation (2006-2007)

Frequently Asked Questions

Everyone’s needs are going to be different.  That’s why we offer programs that range from 3 months to 12 months.  Our goal is to get you results and teach you everything you need to be on your own after the program is complete.

Yes we cover training, nutrition, mindset, mental strength and lifestyle design. 

All our coaching programs, at a bare minimum, come with one on one email support. We also offer one-on-one calls and text support in our ELITE coaching program.

If you’re new to lifting weights we will start with a program that is designed to ramp you up safely and effectively. We may even start you out with bodyweight only training to build a baseline.  This will be determined once you’re inside the program.

We look at your eating history, what’s worked, what hasn’t worked, what you love to eat, when you like to eat, family needs, work needs, etc.  You will get a thoroughly and well thought out plan

As long as you have internet access you can join the program. We work with people in many different countries around the world.

It depends on the injury – please apply and give us details and we can make a recommendation.

At a bare minimum all our coaching programs give email access to Josiah and his team.  Josiah also hosts a weekly video call where you’ll chat with him directly.  

Everyone will get results at a different pace, but you should expect to see fat loss, muscle gain, a thorough understanding of how to train and eat, plus you’ll learn how to master your mindset and thought process.  On top of that you’ll improve your relationships, productivity, and drive to improve your life.  

I’d tell you now is the best time to hire a coach so that you establish good habits right away, instead of developing poor habits and having to break them down the road. 

Still have a question?