How to Perform a Perfect Thruster

How to Perform a Perfect Thruster

By Josiah Novak

The perfect thruster is an amazing movement for strength, power, full-body development and can make a killer conditioning movement when performed correctly.  This tutorial will outline how to perform the perfect thruster.

How to Perform the Perfect Thruster

The Thruster Set Up 

  1. Stand with your feet slightly inside shoulder width
  2. Hands on the bar just outside of shoulder width
  3. Rest bar on shelf created by shoulders
  4. Keep your core tight and stabilize by squeezing your glutes.

The Perfect Thruster Execution

  1. Squat down and perform a full front squat
  2. Explode up using your legs and create momentum to push press the bar overhead
  3. Drive your movement through the heels, keeping your body and core tight and under control.
  4. Drive the bar straight up – moving the head slightly back to make room for the bar to press overhead.
  5. As you press overhead – your head will come forward slightly.
  6. Bring the bar back to the starting position.  That is 1 rep.