How The Rock Finds Time to Workout Everyday [7 strategies]

How The Rock Finds Time to Workout Everyday [7 strategies]

By Josiah Novak


Need some strategies to find time to workout?   ​When you go from being a  pretty good football player to being the highest
paid actor in the world (according to Forbes Magazine) – your schedule
is going to be jam packed.

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has always been a gym rat, but 
his schedule is NUTS these days.

I mean, between filming movies, TV Shows, appearances,
and flying across the world – the guy has very little time for anything 
outside of his career.

You might be thinking “well it’s his job to stay in shape” and I 
would tend to agree with you.  However, my question back to you is 
this…”what if you made it part of your job to stay in shape too?”

While the Rock may be a highly paid actor who’s also an extreme gym rat –
his schedule doesn’t make it easy to get workouts in.  Try finding a way to workout
in a 8-10 hour plane ride (these are weekly occurrences).  Plus, he has to
memorize his scripts, shoot the movies, shoot the TV shows, meet with all sorts of
people and still find time for friends and family.

Good luck with that.

His work week is typically 70-80 hours.  WOW!

So how does he find time to workout?  

How can you use his strategies to eliminate the number one excuse of
all time – “I don’t have time to workout” ?

Check out these 7 strategies:

1. Plan your day while you workout

Do you schedule a planning session early in your day?  Do it on the treadmill or do it outside
while you walk.  Find time that can be spent doing 2 things at once.  The Rock does conference 
calls while he does cardio.

2. Hire a Coach

Believe it or not the Rock invests in an accountability coach to help keep his 
diet and training on track.  Investing in someone can help you reach your goals
by putting a financial tag on your fitness plan.  If you spend money you’re more likely
to make something a priority.  

3. Get to bed earlier and wake up earlier

The Rock is known for his 4am workouts.  It sounds nuts, but when you realize that
he often sleeps on a plane from 9pm till 4am (7 hours) it starts to make sense.  Get 
enough sleep by turning off the TV and eliminating things that don’t do much to help you
and then get a workout out in before the day gets out of control.

4. Stay public

The Rock posts his workouts all the time – part of this is to continue to stay relevant in the 
the health and fitness arena, but its also to keep himself accountable to you!  He knows that by posting
on Social Media people will help keep him on track.  This is very powerful!  

5. Get creative

The Rock gets a workout in anywhere.  Hotel, on-set, and random gyms.  If you need help with random workout ideas…email Me (