On the Toilet?  Do This Today 

On the Toilet?  Do This Today 

By Josiah Novak


​It’s that time again…

You’re on the toilet…

Let’s call a spade a spade man.

When you’re going #2 – you’re scrolling social media.

Maybe reading an article.

Checking twitter.

Reading about Trump’s latest drama.

Or Hillary’s latest email (read mine instead) 


It’s freaking August 1st.

Unreal right??

Another month done (July) – it flew by quick and now the question
is – “what are you going to accomplish in August?”

Let’s do a fun exercise shall we.

Pull your phone out while you’re on the toilet.

Instead of opening Instagram or Facebook…

Open your notes section.

Here’s what I want you to picture.  

If you had a gun to your head and you had to come up with 3 
realistic, but high-impact, health and fitness goals that you WILL
accomplish in August…

What are they?

Write them in your notes.

Take a screenshot.

Email them to me –