My Top 10 Best Fitness Resources in 2017

My Top 10 Best Fitness Resources in 2017

By Josiah Novak


The best books, podcasts, blogs, supplements and workout gear that you need in 2017 (besides The True Transformation)…

983 weeks into the New Year and this is the point where a lot of people tend to regress back to their old habits.

So instead of giving you more workout tips or nutrition advice – I figured you should check out my top 10 resources for health and fitness in 2017. 

Some of these might work for you – some might not.

Either way…there’s plenty of cool stuff here to keep things both interesting and effective for the duration of the next 12 months.

These resources are what I currently prescribe (outside of the #TRUE8 Challenge and Inner Circle Membership)

Top 3 Podcasts to Check Out in 2017

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1. Mind Pump

The Mind Pump Crew – Sal, Adam and Justin have been a tremendous resource for myself as well as thousands of others looking to learn the truth about Health and Fitness.  I consider these guys not only to be a valuable resource, but also friends of mine.  So check them out at  – I warn you though- they don’t have filters so if you’re overly sensitive it’s probably not for you.

2. Mindset with Muscle

My friend Jamie Alderton smashes you in the face with some phenomenal wisdom around both health and the mental side of becoming fit.  He gives more than fitness advice.  In fact, his podcast is more business and life related.  You’ll get a ton out of his interviews and his messages each week.

3. The FitMan Project Podcast (coming soon)

This one isn’t out yet…but I’m hosting it so I had to give it a plug.  The FitMan Project Podcast will be interviewing the most successful people on the planet to learn how they use health and fitness as a tool to stay on top of their game.  From WWE Superstars to accomplished authors and business owners – you’ll learn all about the habits and routines that keep these legends in phenomenal shape.  

Top 3 Fitness Tools of 2017

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1. Kettle Bells

If you’ve been paying attention to the fitness world – you might have seen Kettle Bells taking over recently.  The truth is that they’ve been around for quite some time, but usually they’re sitting in a dusty corner of the gym getting ignored.  Well they’re no longer collecting dust.  I just ordered a full set from – and my home gym just went up by about 10 Levels.  You’ll see more videos and info from me soon, but I highly recommend you check these badboys out.  

2. FitBit

Tracking your activity is a great place to start your fitness journey.  The FitBit tracks your daily steps, your calories burned as well as your sleep (if you wear it all night like me).   These aren’t 100% accurate but that’s not the point of using them.  The point is to figure out where you’re activity is so that you can adjust up or down (usually up) as necessary.  They provide some good data to track progress and help motivate you to stay active.

3. Exercise Bands 

This isn’t mind-blowing – but having a solid set of exercise bands gives you a workout partner that can literally go anywhere.  Pack them in your suitcase or travel bag and you’re set for a workout no matter where you are.  

Top 2 Supplement Companies of 2017

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Onnit is the front-runner in my eyes for the most game- changing supplements in today’s market.  Plus they’re more than just a supplement company.  They carry workout gear, equipment and they operate the Onnit Academy that helps support many different types of health and fitness activities.   Check them out at  

2. GHOST Lifestyle 

The fellas over at GHOST understand one very important thing: Fitness isn’t just about hitting the gym.  It’s more about how you approach life in general.  They’ve created a supplement brand that is just starting to take off – plus they’ve recruited some of the biggest names on YouTube to support their growth.  Not to mention, they have scoopers that don’t get lost in the protein powder…they’re clipped on for easy access –  LEGENDARY!  Check them out at

Best Workout Clothing of 2017

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1. Aesthetic Revolution

Hell of a brand right here.  They have the right style, fit and material that will give you everything you need for workout performance. 


This brand is quickly taking over the men’s clothing industry – I’ve worn a few of their items and I’ve been thoroughly impressed.

Top FREE Resource For You in 2017

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