From  Cancer  Survivor  to  TRUE8  Champion!

From  Cancer  Survivor  to  TRUE8  Champion!

By Josiah Novak


Every time we run the TRUE8 Challenge there are some incredible stories that truly are inspiring.  These stories inspire me each day to help more people.  There are so many amazing people in these challenges and  I wish I could share all their stories (and I’m going to start doing just that!!)

In January we had an incredible group of people that supported each other and changed both their bodies and their life in 8 weeks.  One of them was voted the TRUE8 Champion.  Her name is Patricia.  

Let me say one thing about Patricia.  She is truly the definition of a badass.  Not only did she survive cancer, but she managed to take life by the horns and completely overhaul her nutrition and workout strategy. 

Patricia won a day with me to workout, grab some food and chat about life and fitness.  Funny enough we discovered that we are both Croatian and our ancestors come from the same area of the states.  Pretty crazy how small of a world it is! 

We filmed the whole thing….check it out!

I had the pleasure of interviewing Patricia to get her take on the TRUE8 and give some insight into the results she got.  Check it out!

How  DID  YOU  HEAR  ABOUT  THE  TRUE8  Challenge?

I heard about it through Josiah’s Facebook post and decided to take a chance. 


​Non-existent. Once you don’t work out for a while then it is so difficult to get started again unless you have someone or something internal or external give you that push. Well, I was at a point where I knew I needed that extra push to get me on my way to a better and new me.

​What about your nutrition strategy?  What was your  nutrition   like   prior  to  the  TRUE8?

​I wasn’t really mindful of my calorie intake. Once I started the TRUE8 program, I tracked what I was typically eating in a day and was shocked. I made an immediate change in my diet the very next day.

What made you want to join the TRUE8 Challenge?

​About a week prior to seeing the TRUE8 program promoted on Josiah’s page, I knew I needed a change in my life. I wanted to be healthier, stronger, empowered, and a more confident me. In order to be that person, I decided I needed to make a shift in my life. I saw that the TRUE8 program had all the keys to enable me to break down any self-created barriers and to reach my goals realistically and for the long-term. It made me realize that there is no excuse greater than the value of your health and life. TRUE8 provided me with the community, accountability, knowledge, and self-awareness to realize and sustain the belief that I needed in order to shatter my limits.

​Was there anything going on personally in your life  that  made  you  want  to join?

​The past few years were a struggle that I did not expect to experience. I went through Thyroid Cancer and treatment, followed by a severe depression, the death of my Father, along with other injuries and surgeries that left me a figment of the person I once was. I lost hope. I gained a lot of weight and honestly didn’t know if it was possible for me to even lose any weight and sustain any weight loss because of the thyroid issue. But after recovering from my latest surgery, I decided I needed to take control of my life and make the change in my life necessary to live better and be better not only for me, but for my family and friends. My new hope is to become an inspiration to others who are currently going through struggles and challenges of their own.

​Were you skeptical about anything prior to joining the  challenge?

​I honestly wasn’t skeptical prior to the program. First of all, the cost was extremely affordable. I’ve dealt with many trainers in the past and to just see or talk to them a couple times would be the full cost of this entire eight-week program. I had full confidence that I would get something out of it and knew I didn’t have anything to lose by joining.

​What were you surprised by the most in the challenge?

​That the strength that I thought I had lost was still within me. It emerged from the removal of layers of insecurity, doubt, and weakness of thought that the program taught me to recognize and extinguish from my life.

​Let’s talk about your results – when did you start noticing changes?  What were your results after the challenge?

​Getting active again was tough, but nearly immediately I noticed and increase in my energy levels. I felt stronger after two weeks and by four weeks I started noticing a physical change in my body. Then other people started making comments on how good I was looking. And the surprise to me was that those comments haven’t stopped, which fuels me even further. My metabolism has increased and I’m on the last stretch to being the ultimate me both physically and mentally. 

​How has the challenge helped you mentally, physically and emotionally?

​I’ve regained my confidence, strength, hope and am empowered to do more. I saw that what I once thought was impossible is possible. It’s possible for everyone.  Everything is fixable. You just need that one little step to start shattering your limits.

​Would you recommend people join the challenge? 

​I definitely would recommend the challenge to anyone who wants to improve their life. I’m still joining the challenges because the people participating inspire me every single day and I believe there is always something new to learn from others. Besides the physical benefits you will experience from taking part of the challenge, the mental and emotional shifts that will happen will drive you to be a better person in all aspects of your life! Congrats again to Patricia on such an amazing journey!  

If you’d like more information on the next TRUE8 Challenge – please check it out here.