My 5 Favorite Abs Exercises

My 5 Favorite Abs Exercises

By Josiah Novak

Abs are not made in the kitchen.

Everyone has abs from the moment they enter this world.

Some people have more defined abs because they have lower levels of bodyfat.

Others need to burn off some bodyfat to reveal their abs.

And some people have tremendously impressive stomachs due to a proper core training program coupled with a solid nutrition plan.

You have abs either way.

I never saw mine until I was 25 because I always had a layer of fat covering them.

It wasn’t until I lowered my bodyfat and started training them properly that I began to see definition there.

A well thought out core training routine can help your stomach look much tighter.

No, you can’t spot reduce belly-fat (I wish).

However, you CAN strengthen your core and build up your abs by training them properly.

In today’s email I’m outlining my top 5 favorite abs exercises that myself and my clients have used over the years to improve core strength and definition.

1 – Crunch With Twist – love this one. Keep the pace slow and controlled.

2 – Pallof Press – keep your body tight and avoid twisting on this one. Be prepared for the burn.

3 – Kettlebell Pull Through Plank – standard planks are cool but they’re even better when you add variety here.

4 –Dragon Flags – this might be the most challenging abs exercise ever made.

5. Starfish Crunch – this one hits everything in one move. Great way to round out any abs routine.

Add a few of these to your routine and watch your stomach light up!

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