How Many Days Do You Need to Workout?

How Many Days Do You Need to Workout?

By Josiah Novak


“I bet you go to the gym every day right?”

Not so fast chief….

The gym every day?


 I wish.

Look, I love the gym…hence why I’ll open one at some point

But the question “How many days should I workout?” is very flawed.

This question suggests that hitting the gym and working out for an hour is the key to changing our bodies.

Meaning, if we don’t hit the gym…we are effectively not making progress.

Plus, if you only define “working out” as the hour you spend lifting weights 4 times per week, then I believe you might be missing the bigger picture.

See, in order to be in-shape – we have to adopt a habit of being more active.  Not just by hitting the gym or doing push-ups at home…

I’m talking active and fit in our day-to-day lives.  

Think about it.

If I tell you to workout 3 days per week.  1 hour each time.

And that’s all you do…

How many hours are you going to be sitting around, laying around or being non-active?

Well…let’s do some simple math.

168 hours per week.

3 hours in the gym.

165 hours….doing what?

Computer work, car rides, sleeping, watching TV, etc.

See where I’m going with this?

So when the question arises…”How many days do I need to workout?”

My answer is…every day you should MOVE MORE.   

Do you think the guys and girls who look and feel incredible workout for an hour and then sit around all day?


They are constantly on the move.  Burning calories and staying highly active. 

Sure, we can dedicate a 3-5 days to an hour in the gym or an AT-Home workout…

But we also need to stay active.  Do more walking, stand up more, do crunches and push-ups during TV time.

Have a phone call?  Why not stand up and move around while chatting?

I’m sure you’re starting to get the point.

Being ripped, muscular, lean, healthy, fit, and all the other adjectives that you’re chasing require more than just a few days in the gym….

But the good news is that it doesn’t require you to LIVE in the gym.

In fact, when deciding how many days to workout you should think about how you’ll be more active in the day-to-day responsibilities that you already have.  

Then the pressure to get into the gym becomes less and less because you’re just more active overall.

Dedicate 3-5 hours to weights….and the other 160+ to activity that will get you fit much faster.