The Best Fitness Advice for 2018

The Best Fitness Advice for 2018

By Josiah Novak

What are the best fitness tips for 2018?  What strategies should you follow this year to finally get in the best shape of your life?
Good questions.
This article is going to help answer them.  Use this information and these 13 “best” fitness tips to help change your body, health and life this year.  Thank me later.

Fitness in 2018

In today’s world we thrive off of speed.  How fast can we get something delivered, downloaded and changed?  We look for overnight results.  We buy pills and whatever else we can get to quickly satisfy our need for change.  

It’s no different when it comes to health and fitness.  The fact of the matter is you’ve been lied to.  Due to your desire for quick, fast and easy – the marketers and gurus of the world see dollar signs everywhere. They carefully craft messages that prey on your need for instant gratification.  Due to all these marketing campaigns and advertisements, health and fitness has become complicated.
What diet is best?  How do you get started?  Should you do P90x or powerlifting?  Should you run or squat?  Are fats good for you?  Should you go low carb?  What supplements should you buy?  The list of questions go on and on and on.  Of course the answers you’ll get depend on who you ask.  Usually the answer is part of a bigger sales pitch to buy a diet book, supplement or special 7 Minute Abs workout program.  
After having gone through this horrible maze of complicated and contradicting answers – I always ended up back at square one.  Out of shape, miserable, less money, and more confusion.  That’s why today my mission is to help you get crystal clear on what matters and what doesn’t when it comes to your health and fitness strategy.  I’ve sifted through the BS and laid out 13 tips that will give you massive results right now, plus help simplify things for you so that you don’t worry about all the noise and nonsense out there.  
If you take action and implement these things I’m about to outline for you, you’ll find that fitness becomes simple, gives you a return on your investment, and possibly even becomes a healthy addiction.  The one caveat though is this: this stuff requires effort and accountability.  You actually have to do some work.  I know, that part isn’t the fun part, but let me remind you that nothing great (seriously nothing) happens without great effort.  The good news is that you’ll be able to put in the effort knowing that you’re doing the right stuff and not wasting time on the fads and the snake oil that a lot of folks want to sell you.   You’ll sleep well at night knowing your routine is going to net you some phenomenal gains both physically and mentally.
So let’s not waste another second.  Here’s my 13 Action Items to Get Your Fitness in Order:

1. Understand that Food is Fuel

Calories are how we measure that fuel.  If you eat too many calories you will gain weight. Period.  There is no arguing that.  Most people’s activity level each day doesn’t require a lot of fuel.  Imagine your body is a car.  How often is your body moving ?  Just like a car, the more you drive (move) – the more fuel you need.  In order to shed unwanted weight, we need to burn more calories (fuel) than we take in each day.  And we need to do that for as long as it takes to lose the weight.
Action: Take an inventory of the amount of calories you’re consuming on average (including weekends) per day.

2. Pick One Program and Follow it for 3 Months

Most people handicap themselves by trying to follow 2-3 different workout routines and diets. Pick ONE.  Commit to it 100% and follow it for 3 months.  Even if that’s a running routine – as long as you’re committed you will see change.  My suggestion is to focus first on a routine that is built around getting your body fat to a healthy level.
Action: Pick one workout routine and commit 100%.

3. Start with Training 3-4 Days Per Week

99% of my clients train 3-4 days per week (including myself).  Stop making the excuse of “zero time” – you don’t need TONS of time to get massive results.  Personally I train 4 times a week for 45-60 minutes.  The key is to put it in your calendar and make that time sacred.  For me it’s mornings, for you it might evenings.  
Action: Put 3-4 blocks of 30-60 minutes on your calendar for workouts.

4. Make Nutrition Simple

The easiest meal plan in the world looks like this: Eat 4 times per day.  Fill up your plate with 50% veggies, 30% protein, and 20% carbs or healthy fats.  Drink water, coffee, and unsweetened tea.  Watch the fat start to melt off.  
Action: Start with a basic approach to eating and get the most out of it before going to the next level.

5. Know Your Why

Getting in shape will have moments of struggle and failure.  That’s part of any self-improvement process.  One thing that helps is to have some “Why” resources nearby when you feel like saying “Screw it!” and going off the deep end.  For me its a video montage of my wife and kids that reminds me why I take care of myself.  For you it could me something else.  Find it.  Have it nearby.  Always.  
Action: Put together your Why Resources

6. Start with Five Minute Workouts

If you truly don’t have time…start with 5 minutes of basic bodyweight work in circuit style.  Simply do push-ups, squats, and burpees for 5 minutes straight.  Even 5 minutes is better than nothing. Combine that with walking more and being more active doing daily tasks and you’ll be well on your way to getting in better shape.
Action: Stay active – start with 5 minutes.

7. Win the Day

Start each day with a win.  You might have heard this before.  Do something that gives you a quick feeling of accomplishment.  Make your bed, floss your teeth, chug some water, etc. This will translate into a positive vibe for the day which makes it much easier to be focused on health.
Action: Start the day with a small victory

8. Listen to Your Body

It’s not ok to live in pain or feel horrible each day.  If eating certain foods or working out a certain way makes you feel like crap – stop it! Just because it works for someone else doesn’t mean it works for you.  Our bodies are incredible and by listening to them we can uncover what truly works.
Action: Take note of how certain foods or activities make you feel. Change things when necessary

9. Focus on Behavioral Goals

Set primarily behavior based goals – instead of focusing on outcome goals.  Getting rich and losing fat are really no different.  But if our goal is to make $50 million yet our daily habits and behaviors don’t align with that outcome – we will struggle big time.  Focus on habits and routines that will ensure that your outcome goals are met.  Having clear behavior goals will allow to accomplish more and build momentum instead of getting frustrated that our ultimate outcome hasn’t been hit.
Action: Put major focus on habits and routines.

10. Enjoy Life

Enjoy life. But don’t abuse it.  Alcohol, bad food, high stress, and no sleep are a part of life from time to time.  But not all the time. Take accountability for the things in your life that are harming your health. Be real with yourself and be sure to avoid abusing life’s unhealthy pleasures or bad habits for temporary gains.
Action: Enjoy life’s amazing journey by putting health first 

11. Avoid Cult-like Thinking

Avoid any advice that says it’s the “only way”.   There are many ways to live a healthy life.  There are many ways to get in phenomenal shape.  Find one that works for you.  Your choice should always center around the question “Can I do this forever and enjoy it?”  If the answer is yes, go for it.  
Action: Try new things.

12. Lower Your Stress and Get Quality Sleep

High stress and bad sleep are major killers of health.  Meditate, listen to music you love, sing in the shower, get a massage, go to bed a little earlier, avoid caffeine later in the day, and have a evening and morning routine.  
Action: Develop a morning and evening routine that sets you up for success

13. Have Perspective

Remember that being healthy and fit is a lifelong habit.  It’s something we must adopt forever.  This gives us the best chance of being around for our loved ones as well as enjoying life to the max.  I truly believe our highest potential as a person is only truly met through health and fitness.  
Action: Enjoy the journey

Now What?

You have the tools, now it’s time to take action.  Work on a few of these items over the course of the next month or two.  Don’t try and tackle every single one at once.  Combine patience with consistency and soon you’ll see massive positive change!
By the way – I’d love to hear from you.  Drop me an email – and let me know how you liked this article.
Feel free to leave a comment below or share this out on your social media – you never know who it might impact in a big way!

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