Back Workout for Size

Back Workout for Size

By Josiah Novak

What’s up, guys? Josiah here in North Virginia at the gym over in Manassas with Alexander Cortes and we’re getting ready to hit a back workout. I’m actually just going to let Alexander run the show and I’m following along just working on getting some gains.

So you guys get a chance to see how we train and work on some very basic moves like rows, pull-downs, with progressive overload over two working sets. So all a very simple process that takes adding weight through reps and you can see how it goes down.

Move #1: Seal Rows

With back training, your back is weakest in the short position, meaning that when you are doing that back movement, you’re weakest as you pull back. So, back is the one muscle group where actually okay to kind of cheat the form on and you can arch your back, thoracic spine, and get those elbows behind you, you want to have that happen. You don’t want to train back where you keep it strict, and you pull back but you never actually pulling the traps and making a full contraction. As I said, it’s going to look like you’re cheating a little bit. That’s okay to do.

Now you don’t want your too much momentum, but you want to engage more in the spine, otherwise, you’re never going to get that whole track of stimulation in those muscle fibers. You’ll see here as I do this until it gets here. I’m going to use my torso a little bit. I’m not going to keep myself into a super flat and controlled.

Move #2: Close-grip Seated Rows

Move #3: Close-grip Pulldowns

Move #4: Good Mornings

Move #5: Back Extensions

Move #6: High Rows

Move #7: Plate Overhead Raises

Move #8: Dumbbell curls

All right. We just got done with a pretty sick back session. You know, pump top to bottom, posterior chain. Good to lift Some iron. Super old school barbells, dumbbells, threw in a couple of little things for our lower back and our spinal erectors, but overall, just old school, hardcore bodybuilding workouts.

Awesome. Keep it basic, guys. Keep progressive. You’ll see the gains come.

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