5 Minute Full Body Kettlebell Workout

5 Minute Full Body Kettlebell Workout

By Josiah Novak

If you want faster fat loss – try this 5 minute full body kettlebell workout for guys over 30 who want to shred belly fat.

We’re doing a full body, five-minute kettlebell workout. All you need is one medium sized kettlebell, and I’m going to take you through five movements that will cover everything in the body, from the back to the shoulders to the legs, the arms, all that cool stuff, and we’re going to do it in five minutes. So if you’ve only got five minutes, this is the workout for you. If you’re in a hotel, you’re on the road, just want to get a quick sweat in, whatever it might be, grab a kettlebell. Let’s get after it.

All you need is your timer, a kettlebell, a place to do it, small space, and you’re ready to rock. So pause the video if you don’t have the set up yet, or if you’re ready to go, let’s just jump right into it.

For each exercise, we’re going to do 45 seconds on, and I’ll have a timer on the screen for you, so you don’t need one, 45 seconds on, 15 seconds rest before moving on to the next exercise.

We’re starting out with American kettlebell swings, all the way up overhead. We’re getting the whole back, the butt, hamstrings. Everything’s ready to go here. I want you to think about pushing your butt back towards the wall and then driving your hips forward. Use the momentum to take the kettlebell all the way overhead. You can pick up the pace about 30 seconds in and rest.

We’re going to move to kettlebell pushups. One hand is going to be on the kettlebell. The other one’s on the floor. Halfway through we’ll switch sides.

For the next minute, we’re going to do one arm kettlebell snatch for the right side the whole time, and then after we’ll switch to the left. Kettlebell’s on the floor. Drive it straight up. Take your time. Explode through the hips. You want to think about driving the kettlebell straight up and overhead. Keeping the kettlebell close to your body the whole time. It should feel tough. It’s not supposed to be easy. We’ve only got five minutes.

Last one is goblet squats. Kettlebell is under your chin. Five minutes. That’s all you need.

Quick tip. Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant’s coach always told them that, “Hey, it’s cool to rest with your hands down, but instead of putting your hands all the way to your knees, grab your shorts and just chill right here.” Man, it feels good, because you might feel a little better trying to get your breath in this position. So just grab your shorts, hang out, get your breath back. You’re good to go.

The kettlebell is a great fat burning workout tool that will get your heart rate up quick and provide a tough workout when you have limited time.

Give this kettlebell full body workout a shot and drop a comment if it helps.