21 RAW Truths on Being a Dad and (Working On) Being Fit

21 RAW Truths on Being a Dad and (Working On) Being Fit

By Josiah Novak



The crazy thing is that if there’s one promise or guarantee in life…its that it will be TOUGH at times.
It will knock you flat on your ass.
Nobody is waiting to save you either.
There’s no fairy godmother or Peter Pan waiting to sprinkle weight loss or get rich quick dust over your head.
Life throws curveballs at you and all you can do is be patient and smash that motherfu$*er as best as you possibly can.
You might think “I got this” or “I’m ready” — but when life happens…there isn’t a playbook for the crazy situations you find yourself in.
Being a new Dad was one of these situations.
My wife and I both had never wanted kids.  We’d had younger siblings and we both were very independent (at times selfish) people.  Not selfish in a bad way.  Just selfish in the sense that we liked to pursue our dreams and ambitions.
But when we met we decided that having a family together was something we now wanted so we took the plunge. Picture


Having my first son changed everything for me.
I no longer had the freedom to create the perfect schedule.
I couldn’t get my perfect 8 hours of sleep.
There was no more unlimited gym time.
Fitness has always been the one part of my day that remains consistent, but after baby #1 it became much harder to remain consistent.
Of course having my son was incredible and it goes without saying that there’s nothing I’d trade for my kids.  I’d die for them plan and simple.
Notice I said kids.  As in multiple.
Because when my son was 9 months old we found out my wife was pregnant again.  We were shocked…how did this happen??
Must have been all of those late night “when the kid is asleep” workouts…
In May of 2016 my second son was born and I’ll be first to tell you that there are no books, blogs or articles that can prepare you for the stress of having 2 (wild) kids under the age of 2.
I figured the best way to shed some light on how things change when it comes to health and fitness after kids is by giving you my top 21 RAW Truths of being a Dad and trying to be fit. Picture

1. Forget about 8 hours of sleep – ain’t happening fam

2. Your kids will poop right when you’re headed to the gym.
​3. Getting comfortable with working out at home is crucial.
4. Don’t turn your music up too loud in your headphones – you might not hear the daycare page you to come get your kids.

5. All the shoulders on my shirts are stained – not from sweat, but from baby throw up.
6. At times dinners will be what the kids will eat – not what fits your macros.
7. Kids get sick – be prepared to miss workouts.
8. Supplement money ?  Oh you mean formula and diapers?
9. The day will come when you’re kids ask for a sip of your protein shake – enjoy every moment.
10. Sometimes poop finds its way onto your clothes and you won’t realize it until set 10 of your workout.
11. Stress is going to be higher – accept it and move on.
12. After a long day you’re not going to want to workout – get up early and get it done.
13. Cardio?  Oh you mean stroller pushing?
14. If you count macros don’t get pissed when your kids take handfuls of your food directly from your plate after you’ve planned out your meal perfectly.
15. Interrupted sleep sucks.  But it will happen a lot.  Ride it out.
16. There will be plenty of days where you want to eat your stress away because you feel like you have nothing left to give. That’s normal. Just do your best to get back on track.
17. Your kids watch everything and at some point they’ll ask to workout with you.  Hell of a moment that is.  Makes it all worth it.
18. Drink lots of water (and some wine)
19. There will be days where you’re just over it. Remain calm and remember to laugh at how crazy kids can be.
20. Remember, the reason you workout and eat right is staring at you each morning waiting for you to smile at them.  Don’t ever forget that.
21. Forget about being perfect.  Focus on the big picture.

Hope you enjoy this small glimpse into the reality of being a young parent and working on your fitness simultaneously.
Just know…you are not alone.
If you need more help…I’m here.