How to Make This Year The Worst EVER

How to Make This Year The Worst EVER

By Josiah Novak


Ready to have the worst year ever?  I didn’t think so…

Avoid these 5 things like your stalker ex and you’ll be well on your way to kicking ass this year.

It’s the New Year.

Goal setting is in full swing.  

You’re up to your eyeballs in motivation to get in shape, grow your business (or side hustle), strengthen your relationships (show some dame affection dammit!), and end all incurable diseases (ok maybe that’s just me).

When it comes to getting stuff comes to down to having phenomenal habits.  Habits that, when done daily, set you up to get the MVP at year’s end.  I’m talking 5-star hotel habits, BOSS life habits…the “Habit harder than me” habits.

Ok you get it.

But, Houston we have a problem.

We need new habits, but some old cranky habits already live in your brain.  Those 6 inches of space between your ears can be a major problem if its filled with bad stuff and crappy habits. 

Don’t you worry.

I put together a list of the “Worst Year Ever” habits.  Follow these and you’ll be guaranteed to suck bigtime.  Kick them to the curb and your life will improve drastically.  

The choice is yours young Jedi.

Bad Habit #1: Staying up late doing nothing at all

Look, I get it…scrolling through Instagram and seeing everyone else loving life is addicting.  Reading hilarious tweets from Cuffs the Legend (shout out to my man Cuffs!) is very entertaining and there’s a time and place for all of that.  

But 11:48pm at night (when you need to get up early) is not the time.

And YOU DO need to get up early.  

Ask anyone who’s successful about their morning schedule.  

Ok, I’ll save you the hassle of asking.   I’ve done the research and the evidence is clear.  

Successful people get up early.  Like 5AM early.  


Because their competition is asleep.  And, nobody is up to bother them.  It gives them a couple hours to get ahead fo the game.  They get stuff done, they workout, they prepare their food, meditate, and do some reading. 

Getting up early is a STRONG habit.

Sleeping in and jumping out of bed like you’re on fire when the alarm goes off is for the AVERAGE person.

Did that piss you off?

Good.  It means you need to get up earlier.  

And that starts with getting some good ol fashion shut eye the night before.  In fact, every hour of sleep you get before midnight is worth 2 hours of sleep to your mind and body.  Don’t believe me?  Try it for yourself.  I’ll be waiting for my check in the mail.

Bad Habit #2: Freestyling Your Day Like a Wannabe Rapper

Failing to plan out your day is a quick  ticket to a sucky year.  

What doesn’t get scheduled – won’t get done.  

Believe it homie!

Take 5 minutes in the morning and plan out your day.

Better yet, plan it out the night before if you can.  

Either way, get it done.

This relieves stress and ensures you knock out the day’s required tasks.  

Plus it keeps you organized and focused.  

All of those things are very, very helpful.  

Bad Habit #3: Not Exercising Your Brain Daily

If you get to the end of each day and you haven’t read, watched or listened to something that’s taught you something….well, what can I say?  That’s no bueno, not cool and wasteful. 

Every day – make it your mission to learn something new.

Doesn’t have to be Calculus level learning stuff dude.

Just something that you haven’t read, heard or understood before.

Do this every day and you’ll have 365 new lessons at the end of the year.

You might be a tad bit smarter by the year’s end eh?

Damn straight you will.

In fact, if you apply the things you learn (and applying is part of learning by the way), you’ll have 365 new ways of improving!  

That’s some pretty insane improvement.  

Bad Habit #4: Throwing Up a Middle Finger to Your Healt

Eating crap and sitting around watching Breaking Bad for the 5th time (ok I’ve done it) isn’t going to help you look good, feel good and boost your energy.

Quite the opposite actually.

When you don’t take care of your body – your body will punish you bigtime.

It’s not an option to be healthy. 

We all need to have exercise as a regular part of our day.  

Even if that’s just a 20 minute walk.

Most of our time is spent sleeping (5-8 hours a day) and sitting at a desk (5-8 hours a day).  

Kinda scary when you think about it.

Like “OMG I’M GOING TO DIE” scary.

No joke.

You need to eat right and move.


If you’re worried about what to do…well I have you all sorted out – download the Transformation guide below.