How to Get Motivated to Lose Weight

Getting motivated can be tough – its not easy to wake up every day ready to workout and eat perfectly.
The following video outlines why motivation can be tough to find and 3 steps you can take to get motivated each day!


STEP 1: Know your WHY’s

  • You Must Know WHY you want to accomplish something
  • Remind yourself daily of why doing something like losing weight is important to you
  • These can be things like “to look good at the beach” and deeper WHY’s like “I want to be respected and admired”

STEP 2: Create a Motivating Environment

  • Things like music help get your mind in the right place
  • Put pictures on your phone background and computer screen to create a constant visual motivator
STEP 3: Celebrate the Behaviors – not the Outcomes
  • Put an emphasis on the habits and routines that will lead you to your goals
  • Don’t stress about the outcomes – like what the scale says
  • Long term your good habits and routines will result in the outcomes you desire

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