5 Powerful Motivators for a Fit and Balanced Lifestyle

5 Powerful Motivators for a Fit and Balanced Lifestyle

By Josiah Novak


5 powerful motivators to help you get FIT…
It’s 5pm and your workday is coming to a close. You still have that 5:30pm appointment with the gym but you just can’t picture yourself getting through today’s workout. Your motivation tank is on empty, and you start thinking of excuses to put your fitness goals on hold until tomorrow. Sound familiar?  
We’ve all been in your shoes and, trust me, it’s completely normal.  
Whether it’s the early bird alarm that favors sleep over a workout, or the late afternoon drowsiness that clouds our drive to finish the day with a sweat – we often just flat out aren’t motivated.  
Well, I’m here to tell you that there’s a solution and I think you’re going to love it. In fact, I’ve used these suggestions to improve consistency and get tremendous results. Get ready to shift your mindset around what it takes to maintain a healthy and fit lifestyle!  
These five methods do require some work (both physical and mental) so don’t think I’m handing you the magical keys to motivation. We always have to get our hands dirty and put in the effort. However, we often are misguided into thinking certain things are necessary when they really aren’t. Just had to get that out there, now let’s jump in!

Embrace Variety
We often hear that training with weights and doing endless amounts of cardio are the best ways to get the body of our dreams and improve our health. While these two activities can be effective, it’s very easy to go overboard and get burned out in the process. 

Most people (unless you’re a competitive athlete) would benefit from having a good amount of variety in their fitness routine. I suggest sticking to no more than 3 days per week of weight training and 2 days of cardiovascular work. This allows more time to devote to other activities and exercises that make up a fit lifestyle. 

Branch out and give some other fitness activities a shot. Yoga, meditation, group fitness classes, rock climbing, swimming, and even learning a sport can all contribute to your health and well-being. 

Don’t forget about recovery too! Try deep tissue massage, ice baths and saunas to keep you feeling refreshed. Having a day or two focused on recovery isn’t a bad thing at all.  

Schedule Your Fitness Routine Around Your True Preference

Hate getting up early? Don’t do it. Just because a pro says training first thing in the morning is the ONLY time to get results doesn’t make it true. If you have time during other parts of your day that you’d prefer to workout–go for it! You have to capitalize on your strengths and do your best to improve your weaknesses, but don’t purposely schedule your routine to fight battles each day. You’re much more likely to stick to a routine (especially initially), if you build it around your preferences. Then over time you can challenge yourself to get uncomfortable as you progress.

Schedule Rewards 
Yes, I know you’re not a dog and that rewarding yourself is like a treat for a dog trick. But check this out…it flat out works! I put up an idea on my Instagram awhile back (@JosiahFitness) to deposit a small amount of money in a jar or bank account for each workout that you complete (something small like $1). Then, at the end of the month or completed goals, go buy yourself something. 

Scheduling a break is also a form of reward. Not everyone LOVES to workout so we often need breaks. Go hard for 6-8 weeks and then take 3-4 days off. Eat according to plan for a month and then go have a nice big meal. Jump right back into the plan (and set up more rewards) after! 

Go Cheap (and Creative) 
Who says you have to workout at a big expensive gym to get results? The gyms are great, but they aren’t for everyone. The world is your oyster when it comes to health and fitness.

You could invest a month’s worth of gym fees and build yourself a nice little setup that is both cost-effective and efficient in your home. Workout bands, exercise balls and mats, plus some cheap dumbbells can all be purchased for less than $100. Get creative by using things in your home too!  Chairs for dips, heavy objects to lift, and stairs for cardio, all make for some really challenging routines. I wrote a whole eBook on working out while traveling, and how having minimal equipment forces you to think outside the box, which can lead to some amazing discoveries! 


My last tip may seem obvious – but here’s the deal: we all need to live a little. Part of being healthy and living a fit lifestyle is to maximize our enjoyment of life. Plus, when we are truly enjoying our time here, we can impact and inspire others to do the same.  
Now, before I get all cheesy with some motivational or life changing quotes – let me just say this: looking awesome is cool – feeling awesome is WAY cooler. Being ripped and toned is great, but only if you’re heathy on the inside. So get more sleep, spend time with family, do fitness activities with friends, enjoy a cocktail, eat some delicious food and be at peace knowing your routine is balanced and set up for success.

Feel free to comment below with what motivates you!