31 Tips for Busy People Who Want a Lean Body and More Energy

31 Tips for Busy People Who Want a Lean Body and More Energy

By Josiah Novak

Getting lean can be super challenging, especially when time is limited…here’s 31 habits and routines you can use right away to start leaning down and getting the body you’ve always wanted.  Picture

Are you busy?  Struggling with your eating habits?   Yet, you really wish you had that lean body that breeds confidence and makes you feel confident?

Getting lean is tough for a lot of us.  It can seem impossible, especially with all that we have going on in our daily lives.

Finding time to workout and learning how to eat properly seems like a daunting task.

Being busy all the time zaps our energy leaving us feeling unmotivated and lazy when it comes to our fitness goals.  

It took me many years of failure to finally figure out what works and what doesn’t.  I struggled with finding the motivation to workout and take care of my body.  

But, after years of work and research, things have turned around.  Now I want to give you the blueprint to help speed up your results and help you avoid some of the mistakes I made. 

Hence why I created this blog.

I’ve put together my top 31 tips for busy people who want to get lean.  You can start with 1 or 2 OR you can use more, but all of these tips will help establish habits and routines that will lead to you getting major results.


1. Drink More Water.  3-5 liters per day.  Seems simple, but we often forget to do it. 

2. Watch your food portions.  Use the hand method (I cover this in detail in my Facebook Group) 

3. Eat less calories than you burn (200-500 less than you burn to be exact) each day.

4. Increase your activity outside of the gym (walk more, bike more, take the stairs)

5. Write down WHY you want to get in better shape and remind yourself daily

6. Track your protein, carbs and fats – at least initially to fully understand what and how much you’re eating.

7. Never follow extreme diets without understanding how they work and why they are extreme.

8. Don’t start a weight loss plan by adding tons of cardio and eating low calories.

9. Keep resistance training (home or gym) as the base of your workout routine – muscle burns more calories at rest than any tissue on your body.

10. Have a morning routine to set you up for success (we cover this in my Inner Circle Group) 

11. Use progressive overload to make your workouts more challenging over time.

12. Fasted Cardio is not a necessary tool!

13. Use the scale as a tool – not a judgement platform 

14. Eat green veggies at least 2x per day.

15. Do short, yet intense cardio (I call it Power Sessions) to get more bang from your buck.

16. Plan your meals ahead of time.

17. Consume adequate protein (1g per pound of bodyweight is usually a good place to start)

18. Don’t spend your hard earned cash on supplements.  Instead invest in quality food.

19. Weigh your food at first to learn portions and macro tracking.

20.Don’t try and lose more than 2 lbs per week. (females stick to no more than 1 pound). 

21. Eat your largest meals when you’re the most hungry – even if that’s at 8PM at night. 

22. Have a home workout routine based around bodyweight strength 

23. Have a delicious smoothie recipe each week that is quick and tasty 

24. Go for a 30 minute walk with the family or your significant other a few times a week.

25. Don’t buy junk food – having it in the house makes it too easy to grab and eat.

26. Skip breakfast a few times a week – this gives you more energy in the morning, gives your health a boost and gives more freedom for larger meals later in the day. 

27. Track your workouts to ensure you’re making progress.  Track weight used, rest time, and duration of workout.

28. Get your family involved with your workouts.  Push-ups, squats, and lunges are easy to teach 

29. Get support from a community of like minded people –like the one I started on Facebook. 

30. Hire a coach or invest in a coaching program – (email