Welcome To The Members Area

There’s a lot of resources and information – so don’t get overwhelmed. Use this document if you ever need to find anything or get reminded of where things are.
Remember – please TAG Dr. Adrian, Chris or Josiah in all question posts in the Facebook Group. The only stupid question is the one that doesn’t get asked.
You can send one question via the mobile app each week. Every Friday is check in day. Please utilize the tracking sheet and update your progress
pictures in the app. Failure to update progress pictures at least every 2 weeks will result in disqualification from the grand prizes.
Every FRIDAY – please

Step 1: Watch the TRUE8 Overview Video
Step 2: Familiarize Yourself with the Mobile App
Step 3: Watch Nutrition 101
Step 4: Watch the Macro Spreadsheet video

-Meal Plans, Smoothie Guides and Grocery Lists are in the FILES section of the Facebook Group. After watching the Nutrition 101 and Macro Spreadsheet videos – you can select a meal plan that matches your target calorie intake. If you need help with this
please tag one of our team members.

For the next 8 weeks your goal will be to complete 3-4 workouts each week. You can swap home workouts for gym workouts or vice versa. If you want to complete 5 or 6 that’s fine, but be cautious. The first couple weeks be sure to take things slow and work on form – don’t push
yourself so hard that you feel super sore and rundown. This is a marathon, not a sprint! 8 weeks is a big chunk of time!
Every 2 weeks the workouts will change in the app to keep challenging you and prevent boredom!  The cardio recommendation is 3-4 walks of 30-45 minutes each week. You can break this up into smaller walks during the day. Some clients even do 4-5 10 minute walks
every other day. Do what works best for you.

TRUE Educ8 Series
Each week you’ll see 3 videos in the Facebook group. There will be one video for workouts, nutrition, and mindset. You’ll also get an email
notification when a new video is out. We will also be doing LIVE Q/A’s in the group each week to ensure all your questions
are answered. You’ll get an email notifying you when there’s a LIVE scheduled.