TRUE8 Challenge FAQ

Q: How do I log into the TRUE8 Members area?

After you’ve joined the challenge you’ll be sent a login email with your username and password along with the link to get to the members area.

Q: How does the TRUE8 Challenge work?

This is an 8 Week Program designed to teach you how to properly set up a workout and nutrition plan to achieve your health and fitness goals. You’ll be provided workouts, nutrition plans and support to ensure you hit your goals over the next 8 weeks. Every 2 weeks you’ll get new workouts uploaded in the app to keep things exciting and fun. If you follow the recommended nutrition plan for the 8 weeks you’ll see tremendous results.

Q: Where do I ask fitness questions if I have them?

Be sure to read through these FAQ first. Then if you still have questions please post them in the Facebook group and tag one of the coaches (me, Chris, Hillary, Kevin, or Meg). You can also submit questions through the members portal site – but please give us 24-48 hours to respond.

Q: How often should I check in ?

We require a weekly check in on Friday to give us time to help you over the weekend to prepare you for the next week. Please let us know how the week was by 2PM EST on Fridays.

Q: How often should I change my diet?

We like to see you follow the initial nutrition strategy for a minimum of 3 weeks (assuming you agree that you can follow it) before we suggest any adjustments. This gives your body time to adapt and start to change.

Q: Where do I find recipes?

The Members Hub will have all recipe guides. If you need a specific recipe suggestion please tag me or Hillary. We are constantly adding healthy and delicious recipes to the site.

Q: Do I have to track calories and macros?

You don’t have to. Sticking to the meal suggestions will help you stay on track with portions. We do suggest that you learn how to track calories for at least the first few weeks.

Q: Should I take supplements?

Supplements are optional. We recommend a quality protein powder and multivitamin from Legion Athletics if you have extra resources to grab them. You can use code TRUE8 at checkout to save 10%.

Q: What if I’m not comfortable doing a workout or exercise?

Please reach out to one of our coaches and let them know what’s making you feel uncomfortable or what the challenge is and we will suggest alternatives.

Q: How many workouts do I have to do each week?

We suggest 3-4, but if you want to do 5-6 that’s fine. Just be careful with your recovery. Make sure to monitor your energy and soreness level.

Q: Should I be really sore after a workout?

Some soreness is normal, but over time that should subside. If you’re constantly sore then we need to adjust your workout intensity and ensure your recovery is properly put together.

Q: Do I have to use the Facebook group?

No, it’s there for support from fellow challenge members. The members site is where you’ll find all your documents, videos and info. The workout app is where you’ll find workout tutorials and instructions. The Facebook group is optional.