3 Fun Facts That Will Help You Lean Out

​It always makes me laugh when fitness people throw around
“Facts” about getting in shape.
Especially when it’s a load of crap…
It gets me itching to spread REAL info
That will actually HELP you.
That’s what we’re all about around these parts.
RESULTS amigos…RESULTS.  Meaning…less fat, more muscle…
more time with the family
More trips without the fear of falling off track
More dinners with friends 
More drinks with your girl.
More sex with your wife 
More confidence
Ok..ok…I’m getting carried away – somebody stop me!
Ok the facts…
1) Eating every 2-3 hours DOES NOT speed up your metabolism
Sweet stuff right?  You don’t need to pull over on the highway to 
eat your meals anymore.
The key is eating the right amount of calories per day to keep 
a healthy metabolism – the number of meals it takes to get there…
is up to you amigo. 
2) You don’t have to kill yourself in the gym every time
In fact you should slowly scale up your intensity in your workouts
Also focusing on building strength for 3-4 week chunks is 
a great way to improve your body
Killing yourself in the gym might feel good, but long term it can
stall your gains by burning out your central nervous system
I’ll save you the boring science…
But it pays to vary your intensity.
Save the crazy stuff for the last 3-4 weeks before a big vacation or 
pool season 🙂
3) You can eat food right before bed (or even in bed if you prefer) 
Yep, great news…the body doesn’t store fat at night.
I still am shocked when I see people preaching “No carbs at night”
Assuming your calories are under control…you can eat in bed 
While you watch Game of Thrones 
Or the game.
Sweet deal huh bro?
Here’s a few more quick hitters…. if you have questions shoot me an email back
– Low fat diets and low carb diets should be used sparingly 
and to be honest…rarely are a good idea.
-Control you calories – figure out how many calories 
you need to maintain your weight (I can help with this)
and subtract a few hundred from that
-Adding muscle burns more calories and makes it
easier to lean down
Alrighty compadres – that’s all I got for you today…
I’m taking new clients starting July 15th.
The waiting list is filling up fast.
If you’re interested in getting your fitness plan on track…
Here’s the link to fill out the application.
P.S. My new membership site is almost ready to rock….which means more resources
and more value for you! ​​

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