115 – The Truth About Beginning a Fitness Routine

Josiah Novak - Author of Diets Suck

In today’s episode I talk to you about beginning a fitness routine. There are no quick fixes or magic pills to get you to your dream results. It is going to take work, and I am here to help you through your process.

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If It Fits Your Health (Do It)

Josiah Novak - Author of Diets Suck

Have you ever woken up after a day full of eating all sorts of food (some good and some junk) feeling absolutely miserable? I’m not talking about feeling guilty (even though that’s part of it). I’m talking about actually feeling physically ill. Maybe it’s stomach pains or maybe it’s a headache. Even worse maybe you feel a cold coming on or a sore throat from all the excess sodium you consumed. As soon as your eyes open, you know all that food was a bad idea.

Well, I’ve woken up like that before. And to be honest I’ve felt crappy due to my diet choices many times. It’s not a fun feeling waking up and immediately knowing the day ahead is going to be a tough one because I’m physically not up to par. It’s truly a motivation killer to realize that getting through the day’s activities is going to be an uphill battle from the start.

At times we don’t even realize that our lack of energy or enthusiasm for the day is due to our diet choices. We eat like total crap on a Sunday and wake up wondering why Monday is so daunting. It’s no wonder that getting to the gym feels like an impossible task when our bodies hurt and our energy is on zero due to all the stress we put our digestion system through.

This is such an important topic. I hope that you walk away from reading this with a better understanding of where we’ve gone wrong with nutrition as it relates to our health, fitness levels, muscle and fat loss goals, and our enjoyment of life. I’m just as guilty as the next person of making huge mistakes with my personal nutrition at times over the years. I’m writing this blog to open your eyes to how unbelievably powerful our eating habits can be.


If you google “The Best Diet to Lose Fat” be prepared for an overload of information. Hundreds of diets, meal plans and products will be shoved down your throat before you even start eating. You’ll be stuck in an avalanche of product pushers, strict meal plans, and the latest and greatest diet strategies. Save yourself the trouble and forego the google machine. Today’s world is truly the most confusing it’ss ever been when it comes to diet and nutrition. It’s also a battlefield between who’s right and who’s wrong when it comes to their diet “methods”. The truth is that nutrition is actually quite simple so there’s hope, but it’s going to take some work.

The common theme for most online “gurus” or “coaches” is to take on clients and start them off on a very strict meal plan. They tell them what to eat and when to eat it each day to lose fat, build a toned body, and feel great. This is all based off their “expert” analysis of the client’s needs and goals. The client comes to them with the attitude of “tell me what to eat and when because I don’t want to think about it” so it makes perfect sense that these coaches cater to the clients demands. The client jumps on the meal plan and immediately starts to see results. This may go on for a month or maybe a few months before the client realizes that it’s just not sustainable for them to eat the same foods day in and day out. They start to get irritable and they feel ashamed when they report to their coach that they’ve cheated on their diet again and again. After all, following a meal plan is what all the top fitness competitors do so it’s the best way to get in great shape…right? Wrong.

Strict meal plans that limit your food choices and force you into a set regimen each day can cause more harm than good long term. It’s been proven that meal plans can set people up for a terrible relationship with food, create a desire to binge, and severely limit the healthy aspects of a diet full of variety. Not to mention, it’s pretty hard to live an enjoyable life when you have to follow a meal plan to reach your goals. Most people who follow a strict meal plan end up reverting back to their old diet habits once they realize that their meal plan just isn’t feasible for their lifestyle.

For the longest time, if you wanted to lose weight or build muscle you would hire a coach or nutritionist and they would immediately put you on a meal plan. However, after many years of severe restriction, the fitness industry fought back.

Enter: If It Fits Your Macros.

Counting calories has been around for quite some time. Arnold Schwarzenegger was known to count calories (and he actually had a pretty well rounded diet plan). However, counting calories has recently made a huge comeback. It’s gone one step further too. We know now that it’s not just about calories. It’s about the type of calories you eat too. Having the right amount of protein, carbs and fats in your diet is crucial for overall health and wellness. We all have our unique needs when it comes to these nutrients so just counting calories won’t cut it. We need to figure out where we get our food from so tracking macros has become all the rage.

However, as we’ve seen in the past, the fitness industry can take a good idea and turn it into a very bad one very quickly. Macro counting has been dubbed IIFYM (If It Fits Your Macros) because the new rule of thumb (keep in mind this is in response to the strict meal plans) is that you can ANYTHING you want as long as it fits your daily numbers for protein carbs and fats.

This could literally mean eating ice cream every day along with some candy because it fits your daily numbers. Ok confession time. I’ve been known to promote this type of eating over the past couple years. Why? Well because I count macros each day and my mind was blown a few years ago when I dieted down to 5% body fat eating ice cream just about every day before bed. Was this a healthy approach? Heck no! I would wake up and hit the toilet with a very irritable bowel movement just about every day. I didn’t feel great every day because I was eating way too much junk food simply because it fit my macros. I was rebelling against the severe restrictions of meal plans (an understandable reaction) but I wasn’t paying attention to my health.

Knowing how much food we eat is very crucial to our long term success when it comes to taking care of our health and feeling/looking great! However, simply applying numbers to our day and eating whatever we can fit in is not the healthiest choice. We’ve taken a great concept (counting macros) and turned it into a cult following. It’s become all about what sort of junk food concoction we can create that fits our macro needs. Health and feeling awesome is secondary to hitting perfect numbers with as much variety as possible. We forget to take into account whether or not we are getting enough vitamins and minerals. We ignore how our bodies feel when we fit in some McDonalds simply because it fits our macros. This is a dangerous path to go down.

If you’re still reading this…it’s not too late.

You might be confused at this point and that’s normal. It’s a very confusing topic for most people! However, let me simplify it for you. I’m very fortunate that I was born with the strong desire to learn as much as possible. Plus, I’ve been super lucky to be surrounded with very smart people who have helped me craft my current approach to nutrition and now it’s my job to pass along that help to you.

I want to walk you through my approach with my clients when it comes to setting up a successful nutrition strategy. Some of you reading this will be more advanced than others, but I still think its important to cover the basics as a refresher. You’ll be pretty amazed to see that we often forget about the basics.

Let’s say I have a married couple come to me looking to lose fat. They aren’t happy with their appearance and how they can’t seem to get motivated to get in shape. They’ve been eating a ton of food and not working out for about 6 months. They’ve tried all sorts of diets but nothing seems to work. We won’t address their workout plan in this blog, but let’s jump into the diet strategy.

First things first, I want to know what they’re eating now. I would like John and Jane Doe to write down everything they eat for a few days and report those food journals to me. Now, I would also keep in mind that working with a coach can cause some food journals to look better than an average day so I would also ask them to write down exactly what they ate (if they can remember) the days leading up to working with me. This gives me an accurate idea of what their nutrition looks like now so that we can start to implement new habits.

So, the next logical step is to write a meal plan right? Wrong. Taking a client from zero to 100 in a day isn’t realistic. We need to implement good habits one at a time while building momentum to increase motivation.

One of the first habits I want people to implement is to avoid drinking their calories as much as possible. I’m referring to sodas, sugary drinks and the lovely Starbucks menu that is jam packed full of sugar and high calorie drinks. Having a diet soda here and there down the road is fine, but for now I would suggest that John and Jane stick to water, coffee sweetened with Truvia, and tea. If my clients enjoy alcohol consumption, I would recommend cutting out alcohol for the initial portion of the plan. I also want to educate them on how alcohol works. If cutting out alcohol completely isn’t an option due to work demands or upcoming events — I would outline a simple strategy to control their alcohol intake.

While we implement the liquid habits, I also want my clients to start to track what they are eating in an app or food journal. Tracking calories and macros for a period of time can truly be eye opening. Most people severely underestimate their calorie intake. It’s important to gain the knowledge and information so that we are educated on what we are putting into our bodies.

The next habit I like clients to utilize is getting 2–3 servings of green veggies and 1–2 servings of fruits per day. Obviously I want my clients to listen to their bodies and take note of how they are feeling after they eat certain foods. Most people feel a lot better after getting into the fruits and veggies habit due to increase in fiber and vitamins and minerals. Eating more of these amazing nutrients will also help curb cravings and help most people feel more satisfied. Health is our number one priority and fruits and veggies are a tremendous source of health benefits.

Now comes the only time that I utilize meal plans. I never instruct my clients to follow an exact meal plan each and every day. However, it can help to write out a “perfect” day of eating a wide of variety of healthy foods to show clients how it can be done. This usually means 3–4 meals that contain a tremendous amount of nutrients but also provide the client with meal options that could be eaten at a restaurant if needed. To make things even easier, I like to provide my clients with 3 or 4 options at each meal to ensure that they never feel tied down to a meal plan. Plus, I want my clients to continue to track what they eat so they can learn how much food they are consuming and they can plug other foods in to ensure they are getting adequate variety.

Educating ourselves on how much food we need each day can help guide our food choices. Learning to eat properly for health and wellness takes time. Plus, there may be goals or events coming up that require us to change course and implement new strategies. There may be times where our bodies just aren’t feeling right and we need to make changes to our nutrition to ensure we feel our best at all times.

This leads me to the most important point that we all need to understand. If we aren’t feeling right, something needs to change and often times it’s our eating habits. Having a meal plan or macro numbers to hit every day doesn’t take our health and how we feel into consideration. If we are feeling overly full at a certain caloric intake then we probably don’t need that many calories. If our energy is terrible on low carbs and we feel super weak, then we probably need to add some carbs into our diet. The same can be said for low-fat. If we try out a keto diet, but we just don’t feel great — then it’s not the diet for you!

I hope this blog sheds some light on nutrition. I’ve made all the mistakes so want to help you avoid them if possible! There is no one-size-fits-all method that works for everyone. If that existed then this blog wouldn’t be necessary. You have to find a strategy that you can follow every day and make small tweaks to as your goals change. Going from binging every 3 days to eating “clean” meal plan is not a tweak. That’s an eating disorder and we need to stop creating more problems for ourselves by going from one extreme to the next.


Let’s stop eating things if they fit your macros — instead let’s eat things if they fit your social, taste,  mental and physical health (IIFYH).

I’m always here to help — just email me josiah@thetruetransformation.com or visit www.thetruetransformation.com/start-here to get started on your own journey today!


The Only Thanksgiving Survival Guide You Need to Read


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There’s a million Thanksgiving Survival Guides out there from a variety of health and fitness professionals.  This is the only one you need to read. 


Thanksgiving Survival Guide : Read This First

Let me start by saying, you don’t have to follow any of the advice I’m about to give you when it comes to “surviving” Thanksgiving.  The truth is that you can do whatever you want, I’m not your Dad or your Boss.  You can make the call when it comes to how you approach Thanksgiving and I promise you there will be no judgement from me.

However, if you’re interested in how a former overweight, depressed and confused guy like me (plus my clients) handle the Thanksgiving holiday feast…read on!


The Problem with Trying to Survive Thanksgiving

Whenever someone contacts me in panic about how to survive Thanksgiving, there are usually one of two reason why.  First, that person has been near perfect with their diet and training and are deathly afraid of losing all their progress.  This is something that I can definitely relate to after losing 80 lbs of body fat and working to keep it off over the past 8 years.  That fear of eating to your hearts content and then somehow waking up back inside your overweight body is something out of a horror flick for sure.

The second reason that someone would freak out over Thanksgiving is due to the fact that they haven’t been disciplined with their diet and now the fact that they’re entering a calorie feast makes them super insecure about their lack of consistency.  The realization that they should be more strict and focused on their nutrition is slapping them in the face and they start to regret the time they’ve wasted.  It’s like when your vacation creeps up on you and you realize you forgot to get lean. That panic button gets hit real quick!

Both scenarios are understandable, but completely unnecessary.  The problem with the whole “Surviving Thanksgiving” idea is that it elevates one day of high calories to a state of national emergency when it’s truly not justified.  Imagine if one day of fasting (zero food) would mean that you’d wake up malnourished and anorexic.  If you’ve been doing great with your nutrition and workouts – one day won’t derail you (unless you allow it to to turn into a week or two of over-eating).  If you haven’t been on track then it’s time to take action and get on track, but in the meantime be sure to enjoy Thanksgiving.  One day won’t make or break you.


Skip Breakfast on Thanksgiving and Enjoy Dinner 

There are a few strategies that can work for making Thanksgiving a bit more controlled.  However, my best advice is to keep it simple.  Counting calories or trying to watch portions is fine if you really want to.  But, I’m guessing you won’t so the best bet is to keep your food intake low to zero earlier in the day and just waiting to feast later on.  Funny enough, most of my clients follow intermittent fasting where they skip breakfast and wait 4-6 hours after waking up to eat their first meal.  This translates very well to Thanksgiving, so if you’re already following this approach don’t change anything.  Maybe keep lunch light or munch on some appetizers before enjoy a good amount of food for dinner (plus some dessert of course).

The only real rule you might want to think about is never eating to the point of being sick.  That’s just unnecessary.  Being so full that you feel like throwing up is terrible for you.  Eat to your heart’s content, but don’t get sick.  Being satisfied and full is fine, but thinking about pulling the trigger is flat out dumb – don’t do that.

Enjoy A Few Drinks if You Feel the Urge

Food and alcohol is something I usually suggest clients avoid combining, but in this case – who cares?  Happiness isn’t just about being fit and healthy.  At times happiness and enjoyment means drinking a few drinks and enjoying some alcoholic beverages with friends and family.  If you’re someone who enjoys a cocktail or two, have at it.  Try and avoid a ton of sugary drinks, but if you end up having some higher calorie beverages, don’t panic…you will be ok.

Once again, my only rule of thumb here is to avoid getting sick.  Plus avoid being the “drunk” of the party.  Nobody likes someone who’s too tipsy, unless you get really funny and entertaining when you drink like I do (no joke, it’s the truth). Just be sure to avoid driving if you drink and be responsible.

By the way, my favorite drink for any occasion is a Moscow Mule.  Vodka, spicy ginger beer, and lime juice…amazing!  Don’t forget the copper mug!


Workout if You Have Time and Energy

I highly suggest getting a morning workout in the day of Thanksgiving.  Why?  It simply feels awesome to start the holiday off after an awesome workout!  Plus, burning a few extra calories never hurts right?  It will get you fired up to enjoy the day to the max and since you’ll be eating and drinking, you’ll feel much more at ease knowing you got a good sweat on prior to the day’s events.

If you’re following a workout program that’s been working great – just stay consistent with that.  Or if you’d like to try something new, here’s an awesome and fun workout to try:

  • 1 Mile Run
  • 50 burpees to pull-up
  • 1 mile run
  • 50 burpees to pull-up
  • 1 mile run


Or you can give this one a shot:

20-1 Ladder (Do 20 reps of each movement, then 19, then 18…all the way to 1)

  • Medicine Ball Slams
  • Push Ups


These are just examples of some fun (and challenging) workouts that can be added to your current routine or done on their own.

Relax and Enjoy the Day

If you only take one piece of advice from this article – take this one: RELAX and ENJOY the Day!  Happy Thanksgiving!

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What Happens After Thanksgiving is What Really Matters

The biggest issue people struggle with is getting back on track after a splurge day like Thanksgiving.  Leftover food and alcohol sit there in front of your face and tempt you to consume it all.  You think “Oh this shouldn’t go to waste” and next thing you know Thanksgiving Day turns into Thanksgiving 6 weeks.

Your best bet is to enjoy the Holiday, give massive thanks and remind yourself to be thankful and full of gratitude daily (not just once a year). Send the leftovers home with relatives and store the alcohol for a special occasion.  Clean up the house and get back to business on Friday.  And by business I mean your daily routine.

I can’t lie, this might be challenging, but be prepared to face resistance and temptation to keep the party going.  Just keep in mind that Christmas and New Years is now within reach so there will be parties and more food coming your way, therefore it’s important to stay ahead of the game.  The cool part is that within a few days you’ll see the Thanksgiving bloat and water weight go away and you’ll be back to where you were (maybe even slightly leaner) after a few short days of consistent eating and training.   Just promise me you’ll send me thank you email for encouraging you to live life instead of sweating the small stuff.




Dad Bod to Greek God : Tony’s 12 Week Body Transformation

Josiah Novak - Author of Diets Suck
Josiah Novak - Author of Diets Suck

Meet Tony, a 39 year old Medical Professional who’s married with 2 awesome kids.

When Tony reached out to me this past spring he was pretty frustrated.  He’d tried a few different programs to lose bellyfat, but nothing had seemed to work.  He’d start a plan, realize it wasn’t going to work, and then revert back to “eating like an A-hole” (his words, not mine).

He wrote me saying “Recently my diet has been a huge struggle.  I tried a diet that was extremely strict, but at the end of the day I reverted back to old eating habits.  I’ve tried crossfit for 3 years and really never got to the point where I was lean and strong at the same time”.

As a busy dad who worked long hours, Tony wasn’t looking for a plan that would require him to be a fitness robot, eat perfect 24/7, and workout for 2 hours each day.  He needed something that would fit perfectly into his lifestyle and give him the flexibility to eat with his family, workout early in the morning for 45 minutes MAX, and still enjoy trips and vacations during the summer months.

If you want to get in the best shape of your life by summertime so you can walk around feeling lean, full of energy, and the most confident you’ve ever been…

Apply for Our 1 on 1 Coaching Program Here


We kicked off the 12 Week program with a 4 week phase focused on building strength using heavier weight along with some moderate rep muscle building sets.  The goal of Phase 1 was to set a baseline of strength on the compound lifts (squats, deadlifts, bench) while continuing to shape and build Tony’s physique. Most people look at strength training as a way to “bulk up”, but in reality strength training can do wonders for losing bodyfat.  Plus, it’s important to build strength so that your body not only looks better, but performs better too.  Of course it’s not a bad idea to throw in some moderate reps (8-10) for small bodyparts like arms, shoulders, and calves to mix things up a bit and help stubborn body parts to grow.

The Nutrition focus during Phase 1 was on getting Tony comfortable with tracking his food intake.  Tracking your food is an excellent and very useful skill to have when it comes to getting in better shape.  Knowing how much you’re eating is very important if you want to achieve a ripped and muscular body or just get healthier in general.  Controlling your calories allows you to make adjustments to your nutrition intake without having to guess or make assumptions about why you’re getting or not getting results.

We kicked off Tony’s diet with a very moderate approach.  Moderate protein, moderate carbs and a good amount of healthy fats to support testosterone and overall health.  Tony started tracking his intake in My Fitness Pal to ensure he was nailing his calorie and macronutrient goals each week.  This allowed him to be flexible with his food choices and not be stuck eating boring chicken, rice and veggies at every meal.  He would often enjoy an occasional treat with his kids or a dinner out with his wife while still nailing his nutrition goals each day.

We also focused on lowering stress and getting great sleep each night.  We really didn’t utilize any supplements besides Whey Protein and a Multi-Vitamin.  Tony just stuck to the plan and quickly started dropping bodyfat.


The second phase was all about building muscle and improving his overall appearance.  Reps were kept between 8-12 and we started incorporating super-sets and some Metabolic Conditioning to ramp up his metabolism and crank up his fat loss.  We also cut down on rest times between sets to help him finish his workouts faster and increase overall intensity .

Tony was quickly leaning out so we actually kept carbs pretty high during this phase while adjusting our fat intake down just a bit.  Protein was kept moderate in order to allow more room for carbs and fats.  Tony’s mood was constantly upbeat and his energy was very high due to not having any major dietary restrictions.  He followed an 80/20 split with focusing the majority of his intake on healthy foods while allowing about 20% of the time for “treats” that fit his calories.  This was especially important for when he went on vacation with his family and didn’t want to go completely off track.  He was able to drink some beers and enjoy some “bad” food while having a blast at the beach.

As you can see from the pic below…the vacation was a massive success!


After Phases 1 and 2 it was time to set our sights on a fun, yet challenging goal.  Tony had seen some really amazing changes his body after 8 weeks and his wife encouraged him to schedule a photoshoot to document his progress.  Phase 3 came at the perfect time.

The workouts in Phase 3 were all geared around torching bodyfat and ramping up calorie burn.  We continued to build muscle, but with higher reps (12-20) and short rest periods between sets.  The plan also called for more Metabolic conditioning to save time and burn tons of calories, while having fun and challenging workouts.

We did lower carbs a bit this phase knowing that Tony wanted to look his absolute best for the photoshoot.  Tony’s appetite, while high, wasn’t crazy out of control.  He was able to fit in things like a little bit of ice cream, burgers, and pizza here and there.  Of course most of his food was healthy proteins, veggies and carbs.  Tony’s bodyfat continued to drop and we were thrilled with the end result!


After Phase 3 was completed we began working on a reverse diet strategy.  We slowly ramped up his food intake to eating almost 400g of carbs a day (double what he was eating for the shoot) and 70-80g of fat per day!  Tony was worried that his abs would disappear, but he trusted the process and actually stayed VERY lean all summer eating tons of food.  This is is what happens when you follow a proper “Get Lean” Strategy.

After the summer was over Tony said he wanted to set his sights on a new goal: getting on stage and doing a Physique Competition.  We quickly got to work and began leaning down again.  Stay tuned for part 2 of Tony’s Dad Bod to Greek God Story!

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Recipe of the Week – Butterscotch Smoothie

Josiah Novak

It’s National Butterscotch Pudding day – and since I’m a #DailyPowerSmoothie guy I figured I’d share a butterscotch smoothie recipe for all my butterscotch fans out there.  I know you’ll enjoy this one.  Side note – this smoothie is great for post-workout.  I usually have a smoothie around 10AM-11AM (about 16 hours after my last meal the day before).  You can learn more about my Intermittent Fasting routine on this post. 


  • 1 scoop vanilla whey protein
  • 1 cup vanilla unsweetened almond milk
  • 2 Tablespoons Butterscotch syrup
  • 1 Tablespoon Macha Root powder
  • 1/2 tsp vanilla extract
  • Optional: 1 banana


  • Combine all ingredients in blender
  • Serve with non-fat whip cream and a little drizzle of butterscotch syrup
  • ENJOY!

What  FIT GUYS  Know  about  being  lean

Josiah Novak
Imagine being at the pool, beach or that summer vacation and feeling totally at ease with walking around in your bathing suit.  Your body is lean, confidence is high, and you feel proud of the fit body you’ve achieved.  How would that feel?

What if there was a secret that all these fit guys walking around had that could drastically cut down on the struggles you face when it comes to getting in shape?

Feeling comfortable with taking your shirt off in public and revealing a lean body comes from more than just doing a few sit ups and chugging some protein shakes.

And while there are no magic pills that can give you a dream body overnight, there is one strategy that I want to share with you that can get you results 2x as fast in 1/2 the time.  Interested?  Cool.  Keep reading.

While your friends are all hopping from one diet to the next and from one crossfit box to the orange theory down the road….I’m going to change the game for you.


There’s a secret that all these lean guys have that took me years and years to learn.

It was literally 10 years ago that I was sitting on my bed, stuffing my face with Papa Johns pizza, and wondering if living life even made sense anymore.  I was 80 lbs. overweight, depressed, broke and just flat out sick of life.

It took me a long time to come out of that dark place and get my life in order.  It took many ups and downs to figure this whole “getting fit” thing out.  I can’t say it was easy.  In fact, it sucked ass a lot of the time.

However,  I uncovered a secret that the guys who have abs and seem to enjoy the heck out of life have.

You ready?

Instead of chasing after every new diet, new supplement, new workout routine that comes along, or some other weird voodoo method that some guru preaches about….they simply do the work.

They have a simple routine.

Their diet is both strict and flexible when it needs to be.

They don’t follow the trends.

They do the work.

While everyone else chases keto, paleo, or eating poptarts – they stick to the basics.  They ignore the 10 new forms of creatine that come out and instead they invest in quality food.

They train consistently.  Sure, they change things up, but its always with a clear purpose.

Bottom line…

They do the work.


It’s not the sexy stuff that’s going to give you the satisfaction of achieving your dream body.  There are no magic potions or strange diet hacks that will bless you with abs tomorrow.

It’s all about the work.

The consistent weight training workouts.

The consistent and well balanced nutrition plan.

The good sleep you get most nights.

The flexibility to enjoy life and get back on track right away.

As my friend Daniel DiPiazza said – “having ideas isn’t the hard part – actually creating art from those ideas is what separates the best from the average”

Getting lean and having a body you’re not ashamed of comes down to work.

Are you ready and willing to do the work?


33  TIps  That Will  Help You  Start A  Fitness  Plan

“Hey Josiah – I haven’t been working out for awhile and I want to get back into it.  Where’s the best place to start?  What kind of routine should I follow?  What about my diet –  what’s the best diet out there?”

I get this question or something similar just about every day.  People tag me all over social media when someone asks about starting a weight loss plan or getting back in the gym, so I figured I’d write a helpful checklist for you.

I know how hard it can be to start on your fitness journey after being away from it for awhile, so I’m going to break down some real simple things to think about as you get back into the swing of things.

This is a list I wish I had when I was struggling to find my way years ago.  I’ve made plenty of mistakes and my goal is to help you avoid doing the same thing.

Ready to start?  Let’s go!

  1. Know your why, but make it matter – having abs isn’t going to make you happy.  Being alive for your kids will.  Make your why count
  2. Have an objective goal (what you want to achieve) but focus more on behavior goals (daily habits).
  3. Write down your goals – seriously this matters.
  4. Focus first on FEELING better, not looking better. Looking better takes time, but feeling incredible can happen quickly.
  5. Set up an accountability system.  Hiring a coach, having a workout partner, or support partner can be a huge difference maker.
  6. Don’t expect overnight success.  Sure, you might get some fast results, but if you don’t, just keep pushing forward.
  7. Focus on progress, not perfection!
  8. There is no magical pill.  Repeat that 10x.
  9. Remind yourself daily that consistent exercise and good nutrition will be the ONLY thing that ever truly works.
  10. You don’t need to hit the gym to start. You can get a lot done at home or at a park nearby.
  1. you enjoy things like yoga, jogging, or riding a bike – do them!
  2. Need some ideas?  Here’s one: Start your workout routine with just a daily walk in the morning (or at night).
  3. Next add 3-4 resistance training workouts with weights, bands, or bodyweight.
  4. Full body workouts 2-3 times a week also work great for those who are super busy.
  5. Remember, the routines that you read about the fitness models doing are usually unrealistic for the average person.  That fitness model’s job is to workout each day.  I would hope they have time to train since that’s their main source of income!
  6. Schedule your workouts in your calendar each week.
  7. If you think you have zero time to workout, try working out while you do other things.  For example, most of us are working during the day.  Try this fun “game” with yourself.  3 times a week try and see how many push-ups and squats you can do during work hours without it affecting your work.  Trust me – it s an amazing game.
  8. Once you’ve been consistent with a basic routine, feel free to add in additional workouts if time permits.
  9. Always include recovery days no matter how advanced you get.
  10. Recovery days do not mean laying around on the couch and eating Nachos all day while watching Breaking Bad reruns on Netflix.
  11. Stay active even on days when you don’t train.  Take walks, go hiking, do some stretching and mobility work.
  12. If you’re super short on time and want a challenging workout that will boost your metabolism try incorporating metabolic cardio – these are higher intensity workouts that will push you to your limit in a very short period of time. ​
  1. You don’t need to count calories to lose weight, however it’s a good skill to learn to have in your toolbox.
  2. Your nutrition should be based around lean proteins, veggies, some fruits, healthy fats and carbohydrate sources that work well with your body.
  3. A great place to start if you have a lot of bodyfat to lose is to go low-carb, high-fat when first starting out.  This will help improve your body’s ability to handle carbs later on when you reintroduce them.
  4. Start by making a list of healthy food that you enjoy eating and that makes you feel great.
  5. Never include foods that make you feel lethargic or crappy – even if someone tells you to eat it.  For me that was oatmeal.  I’d eat it and immediately feel like death.  Everyone swore by it, but I couldn’t stomach it.
  6. Fill up half your plate with green veggies or salad (keep the dressing and butter on the side).  Give ¼ of your plate to protein and ¼ of your plate to healthy fats and you’re good to go as a starting point.  Eventually you can replace a little bit of the plate with some carbs and maybe some additional healthy fats.
  7. Drink water, tea and coffee. Liquid calories are such a pain in the butt and they’ll kill your progress QUICKLY.  Avoid them!
  8. Once a week enjoy a FUN meal (not a Cheat Meal).  The word CHEAT is so negative and it builds an unhealthy relationship with food.  Think about it like this.  Your spouse says go out with your friends and have FUN!  She/he doesn’t say Go CHEAT right?  Thought so.  So enjoy a reasonable meal.  Share an appetizer, dinner and share a dessert with a beer or glass of wine sounds about right.
  9. Prepare food in advance and wipe out all the trigger food in your house. Trigger foods are foods that you will immediately eat on sight!  For me it’s peanut butter and oatmeal raisin cookies.  I can’t be around them!
  10. Measure your progress by measuring your body parts and taking pictures.  Do not rely on the scale for at least the first 3-6 months.  The scale will love you one day and hate you the next so avoid it.
  11. Health and fitness is never owned.  It’s rented and rent is due daily.  Being fit, lean and healthy is never going to be super easy, but it will become easier and more enjoyable as you progress.  You will eventually fall in love with the process and learn to love the benefits you get from working out.  Building habits and routines take time, but the journey is well worth it! ​
As you can see from this picture above – I wasn’t always ripped or in shape.  It took awhile to become the man you see on the right, but most importantly it took one step forward each day.  Starting a plan can be tough, but the results you can achieve once the momentum gets going will be incredible and well worth the struggle!

If you need additional help in starting your fitness journey – please reach out to me at [email protected]

How   seth   &  Alex  Lost 20+ lbs  in 8 Weeks!!


The TRUE8 March Challenge was named the “SAVAGE” class.  And for good reason.

The group of challenge members dominated their 8 week program – resulting in some amazing before and after transformations.

2 of the members were voted as the SAVAGE champs – Seth Leeper and Alex Giett.  Both were awarded with an all-expenses paid trip to come train and hang out with me in Washington DC for a weekend.

You can check out their entire experience in the video below.   I sat down with both Seth and Alex to chat about their experience and hear about their results.  The interview is below!

​How  did  you  hear  about  the  TRUE8  Challenge?

In early 2017, I started following The Fitman Project on Facebook.  It was shortly thereafter, that I first learned of the True8 Challenge.  I saw real people achieving real results.  They were eating well and following a workout plan.  I could tell, almost immediately, that this was something special.

I heard about the challenge through your emails. I had signed up to receive your emails after hearing about you through Kevin Harris’ facebook posts.

​What was your workout routine like prior to joining the TRUE8?

Honestly, it was nonexistent.  I had become very sedentary the last few years, always coming up with excuses (not enough time, too expensive, not the right gym, etc).  My idea of a workout included cardio primarily.

​It was very random and unstructured. I was training for a half marathon, so I was running a lot, but I was also going to the gym and lifting some. I found that I wasn’t losing weight, I was just getting really weak and felt like crap.  

​What about your nutrition strategy?  What was  your  nutrition   like   prior  to  the   TRUE8?

Knowing that the True8 program also included nutritional strategies and support, combined with Josiah’s vast knowledge in this area, was key for my decision to join.  I have always enjoyed cooking and know my way around a kitchen very well.  I knew how to “eat healthy” but didn’t understand how to track, monitor, and adjust macros.

​My nutrition was terrible before joining the True8. I thought I was eating pretty healthy, but it took tracking my foods and seeing the numbers for me to realize that I was not getting nearly enough protein, and my carb intake was outrageous.

​What made you want to join the TRUE8 Challenge?

I sat on the sidelines and watched as the True8 March group filled up fast.  I was scared to step out of my comfort zone.  I was afraid of failing.  I was afraid of trying something new.  The amount of information that Josiah provides, free of charge, was simply amazing to see.  His interaction with clients was refreshing to see.  The tools, information, insight, and knowledge is priceless.  I could only imagine the great content that would be included in his paid programs.  For the first time in years, I was ready for a change.  I needed a change.  And I desired a change.  One spot was opened up at right before enrollment closed, so I jumped on the opportunity and have never looked back.

​I wanted structure. I wanted change. I wanted accountability. I wasn’t getting it done on my own and I sure as heck wasn’t having any fun on my own. I was to the point where I needed guidance and trusted Josiah enough to give True8 a try.

Was there  anything  going  on personally in your   life   that   made   you   want   to   join?

For the first time in years, I was ready for a change.  I needed a change.  And I desired a change.  A few years ago, I went through a long and stressful divorce.  The value that I placed on myself, my capabilities, and my worth, was very low.  It had been several years since I had done anything for myself and this was an opportunity to shift my mindset, see results, and find success in health and nutrition.  The mental strength and fortitude is an added bonus to the physical transformation that I have seen thus far.

I honestly just felt like shit about myself. I had no energy, my scrubs were getting tight, and I knew that I had to start getting ready for my military training.

​Were you skeptical about anything prior to joining the challenge?

I was highly skeptical of an “online coach.”  Sooo many times people claim to be different than they truly are.  But Josiah is the real deal and I could see this through his interactions with clients.  He truly cares about you as a person and has a vested interested in helping you achieve your health and wellness goals.

Yes, of course. I had no idea how an online training would work, and I really didn’t know Josiah at all. I had no idea if he would really follow through with all that he said he would or if I was just paying money to be left in the dust, especially with the challenge being in a group setting.  

​What were you surprised by the most in the challenge?

I was intrigued with the mobile app, which allows you to track your progress, nutrition, and workouts.  There are options for both home and gym workouts – both of which include videos and commentary that demonstrate how to perform various exercises.  It was foolproof!  All I had to do was commit…make the time….and follow the plan!  So I did…..and I’ve never looked back.

How much Josiah cares and how much he goes out of his way to make sure you get the information you need and the results you want. For as busy as he is, he always responds, and super speedy as well.

​Let’s talk about your results – when did you start noticing changes?  What were your results after the challenge?

I started noticing results almost immediately.  My energy and mental focus began to increase.  My attitude changed.  And within the first 4 weeks, I was down 13# and countless inches.  I ended up losing 13# and approximately 15 inches across my body during the True8 challenge – meanwhile, building lean muscle mass and seeing my body change before my eyes.

​I started noticing changes the first week. I could see the changes, but I felt them. I felt energized and more confident. Measurements started dropping week 2, but I really started noticing changes around week 4. By the end of the challenge I was down over 20 inches all over, and down 10 lbs. I was happier, healthier, more confident, and way more energized.

​How has the challenge helped you mentally, physically and emotionally?

I was broken, depressed, and felt trapped in soooo many areas of my life.  I simply cannot describe all of the ways in which this program has and is transforming my life daily.  Mentally, physically, and emotionally, I am stronger than I ever have been.

I’ve always been extremely hard on myself, and as part of the challenge, Josiah made us pledge that we would be kind to our bodies… that we would respect ourselves and be patient with our results. I took that pledge to heart and as a result, I love myself more than I ever have. I still have a ways to go on my fitness journey, but I now feel confident that I have the tools and knowledge to get there. I have the patience and love for myself to carry me there. Physically, I have way more energy and just overall feel better.

Would  you   recommend  others  join this  challenge?

Absolutely.  The amount of tools, resources, and knowledge is unparalleled. The comradery, connections, and friendships made are priceless.   Expert or beginner, 2 pounds to lose or 25 pounds, True8 is for you.  Stop making excuses.  Make the time.  Invest in yourself.  Believe in yourself.  Because I believe in you.


How to Get Lean : The Ultimate Guide to Transforming Your Physique


Being lean is pretty cool.

​When you’re lean you feel light on your feet, confident that you’ve taken care of yourself, energized to workout more and more in control of your health and fitness.

Plus it doesn’t hurt to get some head turns at the pool or beach.  It’s a big boost to your confidence when people ask you for your workout routine and diet.


However, losing fat and living lean isn’t easy for most people.

It might look like it’s easy for me, but you’d be sadly mistaken.

In fact, getting lean and staying that way is on the top of my fitness challenges list.

In this article I’m going to map out some of the challenges you might be facing in your fat loss journey and I’ll give you some step-by-step guidelines to overcome them.

Just be sure to high five me if we happen to pass each other shirtless on the beach one day.

Why is Fat Loss so Hard for Most People?

Some people are born with the genetic lottery already won.

They simply look at a weight or think about doing some cardio and they instantly have a world class physique.

Yes, genetic freaks can drive you insane with jealousy.

But relax, 99% of people have to work their ass off to look good naked.

And looking good naked is hard.

With a Fast Food restaurant on every corner we are constantly being bombarded with way more food than we need.

Combine that with a desk job (low activity), high stress of trying to keep up with the Joneses, bad sleep because of the phones/TV’s, and all the crap information out there that misleads you down 10 different paths…

It’s no wonder losing fat is like finding a unicorn.

It doesn’t happen.

And when it does happen (let’s be honest, there are a TON of before/after pictures out there) – it’s RARE to see someone keep the fat off longer than a few months.  

Let Me Tell You A Story…

Just in case you’ve never heard of me before, my name is Josiah.  I’m a published fitness blogger/writer, and online fitness and body transformation coach, and I also wasn’t born a genetic freak. 


I actually was born skinny fat.  I was skinny, but my stomach wasn’t defined.  I didn’t even believe I could have a six pack at all.

Because of my skinniness and feeling very self-conscious about not being a “jacked” guy – I put all my efforts into adding muscle.  This meant gorging on food and stuffing my face 24/7.

Despite being an athlete most of my life, I found out rather quickly that putting on body-fat came very easily to me.  I quickly packed on the pounds throughout my late teens and early twenties due to my poor eating habits.  Coupled with depression and some major life hurdles – I found myself weighing almost 280 lbs.

I was a mess.  The pic on the left up there doesn’t even do it justice.  At my heaviest I refused to take photos because I was so self conscious. 

The Good News Is…

I figured it out.

After years of struggling with my weight and feeling hopeless, I figured out how to lose the bodyfat and, MOST importantly, keep it off for good. 


But I know that every person I work with is different.

What worked for me might not work for you.  For that reason I’ve spent TONS of time researching different fat loss techniques and strategies to ensure that I had answers for anyone who came to me looking for help.  Different situations call for different protocols and I wanted to be ready for anything.

Take my online coaching client, Tony, for example. Tony also happens to be someone who adds bodyfat easily.  


Tony came to me already pretty lean, but he wanted to take things to the next level.

Needless to say he’s done an incredible job and he’s still getting leaner as of the writing of this blog.   Tony takes trips with his family, works a high stress career and eats the foods he loves yet still loses bodyfat on a continuous basis.

My client David is another guy who comes from the background of carrying around a lot of extra bodyfat and yet he’s made an incredible transformation.


Dave has been a client of mine the past year and continues to make huge strides in his physique.

The best part is Dave is a business owner and has a relatively high amount of stress day to day so getting lean wasn’t easy for him, yet he’s managed to get the formula just right.  Dave is an incredible dude and his results are awesome!

Of course I can’t forget about my online client Carly – who, as a busy mom, was able to completely change her body in 8 weeks time!


Carly joined my 8 Week TRUE8 Challenge looking to get toned up and improve her nutrition habits.

Needless to say she did just that.  We changed up her workout routine and eating plan and…well…you can see the results here!


Do you want to learn my methods and systems for losing body fat?

Are you interested in reading my strategies around losing that annoying layer of fat that never seems to go away?   Do you want my tips on making fat loss easier, especially for people with weight issues?

If you said “hell yes” then this article is for you.  Because I’m now going to outline my top strategies for losing bodyfat and specifically how you can implement them to get the body you’ve always wanted.

And don’t forget, you can always get more free help from me in myfree Facebook group as well. 

How to Get LEAN: The (Former Fat Guy’s) Ultimate Fat Loss Guide


What the heck does NEAT stand for first of all?

It stands for Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis – which is just a fancy term for all the stuff you do outside of the gym each day.

For example, if you go to the gym and then you sit at a desk for 8 hours…you’re not doing much NEAT.

However, if you’re driving a UPS truck and hopping on and off while delivering packages…your NEAT is very high.

So why is NEAT so important?

Isn’t it just about dieting, working out hard and doing some cardio?

Well sure those things have importance.

But even if you’re a gym freak and you hit the gym for 2-3 hours a day…you still have 21-22 hours outside of the gym.

Those are some valuable hours my friend.

Let me break down why.


Interesting little graphic eh?

Lets say you’re not a gym freak, but you hit the gym on a regular basis (or workout at home).

Whatever you do…lets say its 3-4 hours a week.

Pretty standard schedule for most busy people who have a career and a social life.

That leaves lots of time outside of the gym and this is where most people screw up.

As a society we look for ways to NOT be active.  We take the elevator, park close to the store, we take the easiest path from A to B whenever possible.

Not to mention, we sit around AND stuff our faces.

Sitting at a desk all day watching a screen or jumping from call to call can actually make you feel super sluggish.

Not to mention it doesn’t burn a whole lot of calories.

So lets do the math…

We sit around, eat because we are tired (or bored and stressed), we feel super sluggish so we skip the gym, and then we try and find time “extra” time for more cardio or workouts.

When all we really need to do is consciously be more active…

Simple, yet crazy right?

We could DOUBLE our normal calorie per hour burn rate just by taking a walk a few times a day.

But you might be thinking “I don’t have extra time to be active – what should I do?”

Here’s a simple list of way to be more active:

1. Take phone calls standing up
2. Get a standing desk
3. Go for a nightly walk with your spouse
4. Do mobility work at your desk
5. Take the stairs
6. Park further away
7. Walk to the store
8. Do push-ups randomly
9. Workout during commercials
10. Have more sex 



Let me let you in on a little secret…


There I said it.  The cat is out of the bag and the beans are spilled.  Whooooooooooooops.

Here’s the kicker tho.  Not all diets actually WORK.  Because let’s face it, when we say something “works” we don’t mean it just works for 4 weeks or a couple days right?

When you buy a car do you expect it to break down after a month?  Of course not!  You expect it to be a reliable and sustainable vehicle.  Otherwise you wouldn’t have purchased it.

However, when it comes to diet fads we tend to describe them as “working” if we lose weight fast and see some changes in the mirror.  The problem is that we tend to fall off the wagon with most extreme diets simply because they aren’t sustainable.  


Having to stick to a rigid meal plan, meal prepping 6-10 meals every night or having to spend thousands of dollars on special groceries each month isn’t sustainable for most people.  Of course your average celebrity can promote these crazy diets because they have a paid chef, they get the special products for free and they have a boatload of resources to invest in whatever they need to follow the plan.  So lets just forget all that for a moment.

What if we took the good things from each “diet camp” and learned how to customize a sustainable nutrition approach using a few different methods?

Why do we have to be so divided?  Wouldn’t it make sense to get results by using the things that make sense for your unique lifestyle and nutrition preferences?  Of course it would!


What’s the perfect dietary approach?

Well there isn’t one.  But there are some principles that will help you embrace a healthy eating approach that is both sustainable and enjoyable.

Meaning, you’ll get to enjoy life while looking and feeling good.  #WINNING

1. Eat healthy foods 80%-90% of the time

Call it “eating clean” or “eating healthy” or whatever you want to call it…either way it has to be the core of your nutrition approach.  Why?  Simple because eating healthy is crucial for the body to function at its best.  Food is information and that information gives your body what it needs to repair, rejuvenate and fight disease.  Plus, eating healthy food makes you feel incredible.

Now this doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a treat from time to time.  Life is way too short to not enjoy some pizza and ice cream in moderation.

However, life will get a lot shorter if hot dogs and chips are your go-to food sources.

So lets find a healthy balance shall we?  I like the 80/20 rule.  80% of the time you should eat really healthy.  This means veggies, fruits, lean protein, healthy fats, and some carbs.  Then 20% of the time you can enjoy “whatever”.

But what does 80/20 really look like??


This is exactly how my clients eat.

We don’t aim for perfection.  We aim for balance and health.

A burger, a little ice cream and some Sunday morning French Toast is fine assuming the rest of the week is consistent.  This is a long term strategy for staying consistent, enjoying the process and getting phenomenal results from your nutrition plan.  

2. Avoid HUNGER 

Hunger is one of the leading causes of falling off track with your nutrition plan.   The body doesn’t want to lose its precious fat stores, so the brain is phenomenal at creating hunger signals to get you to eat more.  This is obviously an excellent response if we were dying of starvation, but in today’s world that doesn’t apply.

The best way to avoid hunger is to eat foods that fill you up and give you a level of satisfaction that doesn’t leave you wanting more a few minutes after you finish your meal.  If you combine that with drinking water, avoiding boredom by staying busy and a solid exercise program – your hunger should be held at bay for the most part.

Here’s a list of my favorite HUNGER crushing foods that won’t take up all your calories for the day..

1. Chicken
2. Broccoli
3. Salads (careful of the dressings!)
4. Potatoes
5. Greek Yogurt
6. Frozen Fruit
7. Oatmeal
8. Apples
9. Beans
10. Lean Ground Beef 


3. Eat the Most When You’re the Most Hungry

Sounds simple enough, but most people get this all wrong.

They have a moderate breakfast then a huge lunch and by the time dinner rolls around they’re pretty hungry, but they’ve consumed most of their calories for the day already.

If you’re usually the most hungry at night – plan accordingly by saving a good chunk of calories for your evening time.

Having a larger dinner followed by  snack is fine assuming you’ve mapped it out and it keeps your calories where they need to be.   However, if you need 2000 calories a day and you only have 200 left at dinner time (yet you’re crazy hungry at night) good luck staying on track!

This is why people cave and give into their cravings.  They aren’t building their plan around their natural hunger patterns.  If you’re just blindly following a meal plan in a magazine or from an online fitness celebrity that told you to eat a certain way – your success will be average at best simply because the plan wasn’t tailored to fit you and your life.

3. Train Smart but Don’t Be a Pu**y

When it comes to losing body fat most people tend to head directly for the cardio machines in hopes that they’ll burn tons of calories and the fat will melt off.

Well, my friend – while I LOVE cardio (you’ll see what kind of cardio I prefer shortly) – replacing good ol’ fashion resistance training (weights, bands, bodyweight) with cardio machines is a quick way to go from overweight to skinny fat.

In other words – training with resistance is KING when it comes to fat loss.

There’s also a misconception that you have to absolutely destroy yourself each workout in order to see results.  If you’re not sore, bleeding, and limping after a workout then you didn’t go hard enough . Well, that’s complete BS.

In fact, training with all-out intensity each workout isn’t the smartest route.  This style of training can fry your nervous system, add tons of stress to the body, and hurt your fat loss efforts.  Plus, if you can’t move after a training session your NEAT (remember point #1?) will be struggling.

However, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t train hard.  Don’t take this as an excuse to be a pu**y in the gym.  Sorry for anyone who’s offended by that, but if you’re not even breaking a little sweat or your’e stopping every time your muscles begin to fatigue – well, good luck getting results.

Your training should be set up to build muscle and strength while losing fat.  This doesn’t mean you’ll gain a ton of muscle while in a fat loss phase, but it will help protect and preserve the muscle tissue that you already have and quite possibly help you build some more (or at least strengthen the muscle you have now).

Strength training is often overlooked when it comes to getting lean.

You might have been told that doing high reps and tons of sets with zero rest is the way to go when trying to “tone up” or “get ripped”.

Well, high reps have their place, but only if your workout programming is put together properly.  Training to get stronger is a great way to build a body that looks more fit and performs at a higher level.

Both men and women should incorporate strength training to help with overall body function and health.  Think about it…being strong is a major key to life.  Being able to lift things without getting hurt sure helps.  And there’s always that “loved one being trapped under a car” situation right? 


Ok lets talk cardio

What type of cardio should you do to get lean?

Well….all types have their place.

Going for long walks are great for mental and physical recovery, plus they do burn some calories.

For most people I recommend the longer duration, lower intensity cardio for days that they don’t train with weights.  And on training days I recommend metabolic cardio AKA 10-15 minutes of sweating and cursing at me.

This form of cardio isn’t technically HIIT, but it’s pretty high intensity.  It involves picking some resistance training movements, lowering the normal weight used and doing some fun, yet challenging circuits.

​Here’s an example of Metabolic Cardio that I recommend my clients do.

Overall there’s a time and a place for all types of cardio.  It’s sort of like the diet stuff – everything has its place if done correctly.  Blindly following someone’s cardio routine is a recipe for disaster.

One thing  I want to stress is that if you’re replacing resistance training with cardio you’re making a huge mistake.  Long term resistance training will keep you looking, feeling and performing at your best.

My rule of thumb for most is a 2:1 ratio of resistance training to cardio.  Assuming you workout 4 times a week that would mean doing 2 metabolic sessions a week.  You could then throw in some walking on other days to round things out. 


Whats the most important piece to losing fat and getting lean?

Its simply your mindset and the mental games that take place when pursuing new levels of fitness.


Getting lean is NOT an overnight process.

I run 8 Week Challenges and while the results are great, it takes a lot of hard work and dedication to change your body in 2 months time.

The most impressive transformations have taken 4-6 months of incredible consistency and dedication to the plan.

Patience is key.  Consistency is key.  Taking action is key.

Aiming for progress – not perfection is crucial to success.   So many people compare themselves to others and they fail to understand that their journey is unique – nobody’s path is the same.  Therefore it makes no sense to allow your happiness and satisfaction to take a hit by comparing yourself to others.

Focus on yourself.

Learn to enjoy the journey.   It’s a beautiful thing to see your body change over time.  You’ll feel incredible and your confidence will rise to new heights.

Finally, don’t be so rigid and strict that you forget to enjoy life.  Life is way too short to not enjoy the moments with friends, family and loved ones.  Don’t miss out on creating memories and sharing experiences.  Find balance.  Remember the 80/20 rule.  It applies to life too.



3 Ways to Burn More Fat NOW (FOR BUSY PEOPLE)


It’s not easy to lose fat.

If it were easy we’d all be walking around lean and ripped right?

Let’s be honest, nobody truly wants to be overweight, but the challenge of dropping body-fat can seem daunting.
Especially if you’re someone with a busy schedule – it might seem impossible to get more results or break through a plateau.

Lack of extra time to workout more, prepare more meals, or get educated on how to effectively lose your love handles can be a big problem.

So what can you do?

In this article I want to help you become aware of 3 Ways you can start dropping fat right now – without more workouts being added, hours of cardio or crazy diet plans.

The 3 Things are NEAT, Intermittent Fasting, and Strength Training.

Let’s talk about each one.

​1. NEAT

NEAT stands for Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis.  This refers to all the daily activity that you do outside the gym which burns calories.  So if you sit at a desk all day, commute in your car and then sit in front of the TV for a couple hours at night your NEAT will be pretty low.

However, if you work as a UPS delivery person and you’re constantly walking, jumping in and out of your truck and hauling packages around all day – your NEAT will be way higher and your total calories burned for the day will be higher than someone who sits at a computer all day.

So how can you use NEAT to your advantage?

It’s quite simple really.

You can start being more active doing the things you’d normally do.

For example, if you’re someone who sits at a desk all day – you can set up a standing desk and do more work standing up.   Standing up burns about 100 calories more than sitting down per hour which can have a huge impact over the course of a day.

The quickest way to increase your NEAT is to walk more.  Take the stairs instead of the elevator.  Park further away from the grocery store.  Walk to the store if possible.  Instead of sitting on the couch and talking to you spouse – go for a walk together and talk.  Take your kids on walks.

You can also purposely move more.  You can set a reminder every hour to spend 5 minutes moving around.  Take phone calls standing up while you pace around.  It might seem silly now, but once you start doing it – it becomes a very effective habit.

These little shifts in routine can really add up over time.  A few extra hundred calories burned each day can do wonders for fat loss.

100 extra calories burned today might seem low, but that’s 700 calories per week and 2800 calories per month.  Do that for 12 months and you’re looking at 6-8 extra lbs of fat loss!  That’s crazy results from doing normal things a bit more actively.

Plus this means you don’t have to find extra time for more cardio or more weight training sessions.  Just a few small changes in HOW you do your normal routine will have a huge impact on your total calories burned.

For most busy people – improving your NEAT will have the biggest impact on your health and fitness progress

One word of caution about NEAT…

Working out TOO hard can cause your NEAT to go down.

Think about it….

If you’re super sore and tired after crazy workouts you’re less likely to be more active the rest of the day.

Don’t try and kill yourself every single workout – not only does it tax your Central Nervous System and hinder recovery and muscle growth, but it can zap your energy and cause you to have much less NEAT the rest of the day.  

2. Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent Fasting has taken on some major popularity the past few years and for good reason.

If you don’t know what Intermittent Fasting is – you can check out this article here that breaks it down in more detail.

While shorter fasts (12-16 hours) haven’t shown a huge increase in fat loss over standard nutrition schedules – having an eating schedule can help tremendously when it comes to sticking to a nutrition plan.

For a lot of people trying to lose weight while balancing busy schedule – having the ability to eat more food at lunch and dinner is huge for lifestyle purposes.

Eating breakfast slows a lot of people down both physically and mentally and it can become harder to get things done in the morning.

Plus, for some, when you eat first thing in the day your appetite can skyrocket causing you to fall off your nutrition plan the rest of the day.

Thus, intermittent fasting, when used properly, can have a tremendous impact on fat loss.  Especially over the long-term.

Longer fasts (24-48 hours) have shown some increase in fat loss in certain studies.  Just be careful before attempting longer fasts and be sure to have your doctor clear you prior to attempting a longer fast. 

Fasting is an excellent tool to help you stick with an eating schedule and boost your energy and mental focus!”

3. Strength Training

Getting strong has never really gone hand in hand with fat loss.

I get it.

Being lean and losing weight doesn’t mesh well with getting big and strong.  They sound like polar opposites.

But here’s the deal…

Getting strong can directly impact fat loss.

See when you lift heavier weights your body responds by holding onto more muscle to support your heavier training.

More muscle = higher metabolism.  Higher metabolism = more food needed to maintain your weight.  More food needed = easier time losing fat.

Now, a lot of you reading this will say “But I don’t want to look like a powerlifter…I don’t want to get big and bulky”

Well slow down sparky.

If you naturally gained a ton of muscle and size overnight you probably wouldn’t be reading this.  And, here’s the deal.  If your nutrition is on point and you’re eating less calories than you’re burning each day – you won’t bulk up.  I pink promise.

Plus, its VERY hard to look like a powerlifter unless you eat, train and live like a powerlifter for a very long time.

I suggest including phases of strength training while you go through a fat loss phase OR at least including workouts in your routine that involve lifting heavier weights in the big 4 exercises (bench, squat, deadlift and overhead press).

This will help optimize your hormones (testosterone, growth hormone, etc.) which play a huge part in fat loss and overall energy.  Plus, you’ll hold onto muscle tissue as you burn bodyfat which will make you look super toned and fit once you’re as lean as you want to be.

Finally, it’s pretty cool to be strong.  I mean, let’s face it…being “functional” is a term people throw around a lot these days, but what’s more functional than being able to move heavy things around?  

Being strong and lean is VERY possible – it might seem like a magical Unicorn that you can never find – but trust me – it’s very possible” 

Now you have 3 Ways to Burn More Fat Now – without adding additional workouts or crazy diet plans.

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