The No-Gain Thanksgiving Workout and Survival Guide!


Thanksgiving is here…try this workout strategy to burn extra calories before the feast!
In years past I would sit down and write out an awesome Thanksgiving Survival Guide.

It would include a perfect strategy on how to eat some food in moderation and stay on track with your diet and fitness goals.

The strategies looked awesome on paper, but when it came down to it there were some major flaws.

First of all, unless you’re prepping for a physique contest – trying to watch every calorie on Thanksgiving is pretty pointless and stressful.

Thanksgiving is a holiday that should be centered around giving thanks for the food, the shelter and the loved ones that make up our lives.

We shouldn’t sit there and worry about being perfect with our diet.

So while the survival guide was awesome and had some really good ideas…it just wasn’t realistic.

This year I decided that it’s time to switch things up…

This year I’m telling you two strategies…

1) Enjoy the day and spend some real time writing down 10 things you’re extremely thankful for.  Enjoy some great food, some drinks and the precious time you have with your loved ones.  Don’t eat till you’re sick or get blacked out drunk and you’ll be good!

2) Try out my workout guide to burn a ton of calories before and after the feast.  Now, I rarely recommend you going into the gym and destroying yourself…it’s really not a smart way to train at all.  But for calorie burning’s sake…this is a great template to torch a couple thousand calories to give you some more room to play with.  Believe it or not, last year I gained ZERO weight while consuming a ton of food and doing these workouts.  Give it a shot!

If you decide to try it out…I’d love to hear what you think about the workouts!

Have an amazing Thanksgiving and stay blessed!


Police and Chicken Sandwiches

It was hell getting out of my neighborhood yesterday

The police had to be called in to direct traffic 
and restore order.

And no it wasn’t a car accident…

I had to find out what was going on…

It was hell getting out of my neighborhood yesterday

The police had to be called in to direct traffic 
and restore order.

And no it wasn’t a car accident…

I had to find out what was going on…

Come to find out – Chik-fil-a had opened 
a brand new fast food location.

EVERYONE and their mother decided to 
eat dinner there last night.

It looked like a line to get into a 5 star club.

Seriously…it was nuts.

The drive- through line reached around TWICE!! 

It got me thinking…

It’s pretty incredible how powerful food can be.

Food, in my opinion, is the most addictive thing 
on the planet.

Think about it…

A fast-food chain opens up. 

They sell decent chicken sandwiches 
along with fries and milkshakes…

Not the healthiest stuff by any means…

But people swarm the place like they’re giving 
away free iPhones.

It’s no surprise that this country is incredibly 

And the obesity rate keeps rising.

I’m not saying Chik-Fil-A is to blame (in fact, 
they have healthy options for sure)

But you can’t tell me the thousands of people that
poured into the new location last night all ordered
the grilled chicken nuggets with a salad. 

C’mon fam…we all know that most of the choices
being made were on the un-healthy side.

So what do we do?

The food addiction is real so we have to tackle
our own nutrition head on.

My best advice is this:

Start with your health.

Focus on eating healthy

Eat foods that give you energy
and make you feel good.

Stay away from foods that bloat you
or make you feel super sleepy.

Stay far away from foods that upset
your stomach.

Listen to how your body reacts and 
feels after eating certain foods.

It becomes so much easier to get in great
shape when we focus on our health first
and make that a priority over anything else.

And before you think I’m all sunshine and rainbows
over here…

I know it’s not easy.

Far from it.

We are battling an industry (food) that knows 
all about our addiction and preys on it to try 
and increase profits.

There’s a reason why food is literally

So stop shooting for perfection…

You will slip up from time to time.

That’s ok.

Just do your absolute best to make
the healthier choice and over time
those choices will add up.

I’m right there with you.

I’m putting a bigger emphasis on my health
for myself, my family and my clients.

Are you with me?

Talk soon,


P.S. I had a client graduate my coaching program last week
so I have 1 spot open for my one on one coaching program.
If you’d like to chat with me for 15 minutes about your health
and fitness goals next week – grab time on my calendar HERE
and we will map out a plan for you. 

Say NO to Boring Cardio!


If you’ve paid attention to the fitness industry recently, I’m sure you’ve heard about HIIT cardio training (High Intensity Interval Training).  Lately it’s become all the rage to help people build endurance, burn fat and build muscle.  The days of low intensity, walking on the treadmill days are over…. or so it seems.  
If you’ve paid attention to the fitness industry recently, I’m sure you’ve heard about HIIT cardio training (High Intensity Interval Training).  Lately it’s become all the rage to help people build endurance, burn fat and build muscle.  The days of low intensity, walking on the treadmill days are over…. or so it seems.  Luckily the team at True Transformation has promised to bring you the no-BS, middle-ground viewpoints on all topics related to the health and fitness lifestyle.   This article won’t break down all the science behind HIIT (we can write a separate article on that), but it will serve to shed some light on some facts about HITT that are important to understand.

First and foremost as a quick refresher, High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is a form of exercise that alternates between short bursts of high intensity max effort (anaerobic) exercise and low-intensity recovery periods of low intensity or resting (aerobic) exercise.  HIIT sessions can be performed via cardio exercise or weight training movements and last anywhere from a few minutes to longer sessions of 30 minutes or so (we will address why HITT rarely last longer). 

HIIT is popular for a number of reasons.  Here are the top few:

1.       Takes less time to burn more calories than traditional low intensity cardio.

2.       Improves athletic performance

3.       Eliminates the possibility of the body adjusting to your cardio routine, thus allowing for more effective fat burning over a period of time (the body quickly adjusts to low intensity cardio).

4.       Raises metabolism more effectively than traditional low intensity cardio. 

5.       Builds muscle (check out a sprinter’s physique versus a marathon runner).

As great as HIITT is, there are some key factors to remember when incorporating it into your routine.  Some of these factors may be common sense and others may be new to you. 

1.       HIIT involves pushing out max effort and taxing the body over a period of time.  Thus, recovery is a huge factor around HIIT training.  Walking on the treadmill for 30 minutes does very little damage to the body compared to HIIT.  Therefore, you must treat HIIT as you would any other kind of max effort training (weights, cross-fit, etc.) and apply proper rest and nutritional strategies around your HIIT sessions.

2.       HIIT is putting out max effort followed by recovery.  This is where most people get it wrong.  HIIT is NOT increasing effort and then lowering intensity.  Everyone’s max effort is different.  For an elite athlete it could be sprinting at max speed for 100m, but for the girl who is just starting her transformation it could be walking at 4.5mph on an incline.   The key here is to perform the high intensity portion of the exercise at a level that ONLY allows you to continue for a short period of time (10-15 seconds max) before HAVING to stop.   If you can perform the high intensity portion of the exercise for longer than 20-30 seconds, the intensity needs to go up!

3.       HIIT doesn’t have to be done via traditional cardio tools.  The treadmill is great, but for most-people it doesn’t allow max effort without safety concerns (there is a safe way- youtube Deadmill sprints).  HIIT can be done with bodyweight movements (burpees, pull-ups, squat-jumps) or with out of the box tools (punching bags, jumping rope, kettle balls) and even with weights (you can literally just use a barbell and perform max effort movements followed by rest).  Get creative!  Remember—use max effort for a short period of time and then recover/repeat!
Overall we love HIIT, but it’s a tool to help you achieve your physique and health goals.  It’s not a miracle form of exercise nor will it allow you to gorge on whatever you want.  It’s important to track your caloric burn and to work on improving your cardiovascular health.  As we always say, feel free to send me questions and to do your own research!   

On the Toilet?  Do This Today 

​It’s that time again…

You’re on the toilet…

Let’s call a spade a spade man.

When you’re going #2 – you’re scrolling social media.

Maybe reading an article.

Checking twitter.

Reading about Trump’s latest drama.

Or Hillary’s latest email (read mine instead) 


It’s freaking August 1st.

Unreal right??

Another month done (July) – it flew by quick and now the question
is – “what are you going to accomplish in August?”

Let’s do a fun exercise shall we.

Pull your phone out while you’re on the toilet.

Instead of opening Instagram or Facebook…

Open your notes section.

Here’s what I want you to picture.  

If you had a gun to your head and you had to come up with 3 
realistic, but high-impact, health and fitness goals that you WILL
accomplish in August…

What are they?

Write them in your notes.

Take a screenshot.

Email them to me – [email protected]


I’m going to save them all.

And I’m going to email you on August 30th.

And if you didn’t achieve them…


You don’t want that embarrassment right?

You truly want to be the best version of yourself.

I know this, because you’re reading this blog

You’re NOT ok with being embarrassed of your body.

You’re NOT ok with feeling LOST in the gym.

You’re NOT ok with being addicted to bad food.

So it’s time to take action.

And since you’re always busy and short on time…

While you’re taking a #2 on the pot..

Write down your goals.  


Ok cool.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

And if you say “Naw I don’t need to do this…”

Then these blogs probably aren’t for you.

But, I know you’re not a waste of time…

Because you’re reading this.

And that makes you a bad-ass…

So it’s time show the world what you’re all about.

Talk soon,

Josiah “Make August your bi$tch” Novak

P.S. My coaching waiting list will start getting emails today…if you’re not on the list
the button to apply is below. I’d venture to say that 75% of you are NOT a good fit for the program
because you have to be ready to TRULY TRANSFORM – but for those who are a good fit…the 
program can (and will) change your life.


P.P.S. Don’t forget to email me your August goals.  I’m [email protected]

How The Rock Finds Time to Workout Everyday [7 strategies]

Need some strategies to find time to workout?  
​When you go from being a  pretty good football player to being the highest
paid actor in the world (according to Forbes Magazine) – your schedule
is going to be jam packed.

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has always been a gym rat, but 
his schedule is NUTS these days.

I mean, between filming movies, TV Shows, appearances,
and flying across the world – the guy has very little time for anything 
outside of his career.

You might be thinking “well it’s his job to stay in shape” and I 
would tend to agree with you.  However, my question back to you is 
this…”what if you made it part of your job to stay in shape too?”

While the Rock may be a highly paid actor who’s also an extreme gym rat –
his schedule doesn’t make it easy to get workouts in.  Try finding a way to workout
in a 8-10 hour plane ride (these are weekly occurrences).  Plus, he has to
memorize his scripts, shoot the movies, shoot the TV shows, meet with all sorts of
people and still find time for friends and family.

Good luck with that.

His work week is typically 70-80 hours.  WOW!

So how does he find time to workout?  

How can you use his strategies to eliminate the number one excuse of
all time – “I don’t have time to workout” ?

Check out these 7 strategies:

1. Plan your day while you workout

Do you schedule a planning session early in your day?  Do it on the treadmill or do it outside
while you walk.  Find time that can be spent doing 2 things at once.  The Rock does conference 
calls while he does cardio.

2. Hire a Coach

Believe it or not the Rock invests in an accountability coach to help keep his 
diet and training on track.  Investing in someone can help you reach your goals
by putting a financial tag on your fitness plan.  If you spend money you’re more likely
to make something a priority.  

3. Get to bed earlier and wake up earlier

The Rock is known for his 4am workouts.  It sounds nuts, but when you realize that
he often sleeps on a plane from 9pm till 4am (7 hours) it starts to make sense.  Get 
enough sleep by turning off the TV and eliminating things that don’t do much to help you
and then get a workout out in before the day gets out of control.

4. Stay public

The Rock posts his workouts all the time – part of this is to continue to stay relevant in the 
the health and fitness arena, but its also to keep himself accountable to you!  He knows that by posting
on Social Media people will help keep him on track.  This is very powerful!  

5. Get creative

The Rock gets a workout in anywhere.  Hotel, on-set, and random gyms.  If you need help with random workout ideas…email Me ([email protected]).   Even something as small as a quick ab routine or push-up ritual before you shower is legit.

6. Something is Better than Nothing

Just because you can only get a 10 minute workout in doesn’t make it a waste of time.  Its
way better than doing nothing.  Don’t skip out on being active just because you can’t get a 2 hour
workout in. 

7.  Don’t workout every day

Even the Rock takes a day or two off from workouts each week.  Recovery is an essential part of being fit and healthy. There’s no rule that says you have to workout every day.  Try 3-4 days per week to start, then kick things up a notch. 

If you’re being honest with yourself – you’d admit that you waste a lot of time.  I do it too.

It’s easy to get distracted by things that do nothing to help us.

Entertainment is everywhere and you can get sucked into it very easily.

Take the time to analyze how you spend your time 
and remember that there are extremely busy people out there
who find time to workout on a regular basis.

So…make a promise right now…no more excuses!


The unstoppable force…he’s often mistaken for Bradley Cooper…he wears size 15 shoes…his world-takeover plans involve free ice cream for everyone…his name…is Tyler Mayer

My interview with the 2nd Most Interesting Man in the World…
Thanks for taking the time to do this Tyler!  I’d like to start by hearing about yourself, your background, your business and how you started in the fitness industry?
Thank you for giving me this opportunity! Growing up I was a pretty competitive athlete and I was always trying to better myself in everything that I did. I was a four-sport athlete in Iowa and became addicted to working out very quickly. I started lifting weights when I was about 15 years old and it happened in a really weird way. In 8th grade, I ended up breaking my right leg in three spots from a cheap hit in a football game. I was devastated and was hard for me to be inactive so the high school football coach approached me and pretty much made me start hitting the weights when my leg was in a cast for 16 weeks. After that, the rest was history. I was always lifting without any clue as to what I was doing. It was quite comical. I trained like that all the way through high school.
Once I was in college, I started to become unmotivated and I had to hit a goal to keep me training alive so I got into competing in a bodybuilding show. Did a show, and the rest is history. When I dieted down for that first show, I was killing myself to get to the stage and I had to cut water and restrict myself to eat certain foods and it was absolutely terrible. I created a temporary eating disorder to where I was bingeing all the time during my prep and everything that I was told to do to get to the stage, didn’t make sense at all. So that’s when I stumbled across Dr. Joe Klemczewski and the flexible dieting approach. After I did a show under his wing, I wanted to preach and teach people that they didn’t have to kill themselves to get to the stage and the results were speaking pretty loudly with my results and with my clients. I ended up starting TNT (Tyler’s Nutrition Training LLC) back in 2010, and join with Dr. Joe and The Diet Doc in 2011 and ever since then it has grown quite a bit. I ended up winning my pro card in the IFPA in 2011 and then started competing in powerlifting shortly after that.
Now I’m helping just about anyone. Since the flexible approach is tailored to that individual, you can pretty much help just about anyone. I help bodybuilders, powerlifters, MMA fighters, Jujitsu competitors, diabetics and just anyone that wants to get nutritionally sound. So I don’t just help bodybuilders.
My business started out small and has grown to the point that I had to quit my full time job to help people out. I have such a huge passion for this, and the demand that is out there for people that are in need of help, I felt that it was my calling to help people out as much as I can full time.
Let’s jump right into nutrition — I know you’re a big advocate of flexible dieting (you convinced me to trust it)–can you give my members a brief of overview of what flexible dieting is and why you believe it’s the most optimal approach to nutrition?

 I’m a huge advocate of the flexible dieting but it shouldn’t be abused. The flexible dieting approach is basically you can eat whatever you would like just as long as you can fit the food into your designated macronutrients of the day. Macronutrients are your protein, carbs, and fats. You should count some fiber in there as well. I believe that it’s optimal because you can tailor it to anyone as long as you are hitting your numbers that are prescribed to you and your body. It’s not a cookie cutter layout either. And if you’re reading this and you’re saying, “Macros don’t work for me”, then I hate to tell you this but everyone is eating macros.
It’s simply manipulating your macronutrients to you and what you desire. This is what’s great about it is because if you would like to fit some ice cream into your day or into your numbers, then you can have the ice cream without all of the guilt, you won’t lose progress, and you’ll still lose weight! But you have to ask yourself that if you have the ice cream, can you just stick to that amount without going overboard.
Social media has blown up flexible dieting because everyone is just posting all of the bad foods out there too. It’s not all about eating bad foods, you are just seeing those bad foods on social media because the flexible dieters are just showing that they are still making progress and eating things that you wouldn’t think you could eat and still get lean. I can get very lean while eating ice cream everyday. It’s all what you make of it and the amount of effort you put into it, along with the willingness to learn.
Once you get the concept down and you reach your goal, you have a much higher chance of keeping the weight off permanently! You won’t have to track forever but you will learn a lot about eating, yourself, and you’ll keep the structuring adequate for the rest of your life!
As a diet and training coach what are the biggest myths and misunderstandings that you see and hear from people in the fitness world?  

Man, there are so many out there! Some of the biggest ones are that you can eat carbs past a certain time. Which is a huge myth. Part of the reason that carbs get a bad name is because a lot of people don’t eat much during the day because they are so busy and then when they get home and start relaxing with their friends and family, they become more aware that they are pretty hungry and start eating pretty heavily. That’s where the gaining of weight happens. Also, your body doesn’t know what time of day it is. It only knows that you’re tired and ready for bed and knows that you are just waking up to start your day. The same goes for the foods that you eat. Your body doesn’t know that you are eating a pop tart, a doughnut, or ice cream. It only knows protein, carbs, fats, fiber etc. and starts to break all of that day the moment you start to chew your food and digestion begins.
Another common myth is that a lot of people think that if you lift weights, you are going to get really big and bulky. That’s not true either. Hell, if that were the case I would be huge! If you are going to choose between lifting and cardio, definitely choose lifting over hitting cardio. It can help with retaining muscle mass, increase bone density, plus it can help with increase your metabolism some. And that means you’ll be able to eat more food!
I could list off many more but this would be a New York’s Best Seller 😉
Can you talk a little bit about how you construct diet plans for your clients and the process you go through when beginning a plan with new clients?

When someone inquires about my services, I always get a thorough history of what they have been eating, how much of it, lifting, and cardio history. I try and get as much information about the person as possible so that I can suggest the best possible approach for that individual and their needs. Everything is tailored to that person because everyone is different. Once we start the initial program, we begin with the daily monitoring so that I’m mentoring them throughout the process and that the client is learning. I’m constantly assessing and reassessing their progress and making the necessary changes to their diet and exercise. The programs that I give are very in depth and the support I give is something I take pride in.
Most of my members are non-competitors –meaning they just want to look and feel better.  How do you construct plans for those folks who aren’t planning on competing and have busier lifestyles? It’s essentially set up pretty similar to someone that just wants to lose weight and feel better. That’s what is great about the flexible dieting approach is that you can tailor it to anyone. By manipulating your macronutrients you can essentially hit any goal you desire as long as you are tracking and hitting your numbers fairly accurately. But I do give some leeway for those that want to enjoy a good meal from time to time. It’s not as cutthroat as a competitor give you don’t have to look a certain way in a certain period of time. So you don’t have to be as hardcore but you still have to keep your goals in check. If you aren’t making the progress you desire, you have to take a step back and be objective and take responsibility about reaching that goal.
Lets quickly address the training aspect of fitness.  What are your thoughts on training and maximizing time in the gym?

It really depends on the person’s goal. But I am a big advocate of lifting weights and that goes for women too. You won’t get huge if you lift some weights either! It’s really good for you and if you had to choose between hitting cardio or weights, then weights should be the number one choice. It takes years to get bigger and some serious heavy, consistently lifting while being in a surplus of food.
As far as training progression, progressive overload is great. You want to keep the intensity of the workouts high but again that depends on the goal. I’m a powerlifter and right now I’m just going for pure strength work with little bodybuilding. But once I switch that around, it’ll be more bodybuilding and less strength work but I’m going to try and retain as much strength as I can.
No matter what your goals are, by adding more weight, or more reps, or more sets each week to increase your overall volume, then that’s progress. It takes time and things won’t happen overnight so stay patient with it and stay consistent.
One thing you have to remember is that you don’t have to beat yourself to the ground when you are training just so you “feel” like you are training. Anyone can train hard and kill himself or herself in the gym but you have to ask yourself if it’s optimal. I see it all the time when people want to do cardio type of workouts all the time. They are acceptable when the time is appropriate but not daily otherwise you’re going to burn out quickly. Train smarter, not harder.
What type of training plans should females follow in comparison to males?

I would still keep it fairly similar in comparison but that depends on the person, what their history is, and what equipment they have available to them. I typically give a male a little bit more volume than women because they usually can handle more of it. But, I also tailor it to that individual person based on what they need to work on and improve on. The biggest key with any training program is that you stay consistent and the results won’t come overnight either.
How important is cardio in a training plan?

Again, it really depends on the overall goal. If your goal were weight loss, I would first start off with focusing on the diet and making sure that is 100% in check. And then you can start gradually adding in cardio here and there throughout the process. I would not throw a huge amount of cardio in right out of the gate when you start dieting down. Your body will adapt to that amount of cardio and if you are eating low calories it is going to be very hard to get over plateaus. Use cardio as a tool for fat loss but don’t use it for something to rely on for fat loss. Use it when appropriate.
Any form of cardio is okay but one form that is most optimal is HIIT cardio as long as you are doing it correctly. It does help with overall performance plus you end up burning through more calories within a 24 to 48 hour period. But you have to go all out and keep the intensity very high if you do HIIT sessions. If your goal is weight loss, keep your intake as high as you can while doing the least amount of cardio while keeping progress steady.
If you could give one piece of advice to people just starting a transformation what would that be?

One thing that I always tell my clients is to remember to shoot for progress, not necessarily perfection. Take things one day at a time, make small goals and hit those goals. If you are constantly thinking about hitting a certain weight on the scale and you are 50-100 + lbs away, you can’t get frustrated. You are going to have ups and downs throughout the process. If you take things slow you are going ot reap the benefits in the end. You will have a much higher chance of keeping the weight off permanently, you’ll be eating a lot more food, and you’ll retain more muscle mass. My clients that are the most successful are those that have worked with me for 6+ months and are on everything consistently. Not hardcore, but consistently in letting me know what’s going on. Those are the ones that learn the most and come away with the most out of working with me so that they can utilize that in their everyday lives.
The bottom line is that transformations don’t come overnight. Stick with it, work hard, and never give up.
Thanks so much for taking the time to do this interview Tyler!  Whats the best way for  people to get in touch with you?

I can be reached through my site or I’m in the process of making a new site and that’s going to be Also, my email is [email protected]. You can email me anytime!  

Is Online Training For You?

Online personal training might be option for you – but first read this blog…

​Back in 2005, I was a personal trainer in a big corporate gym.  The hours were brutal and the amount of clients I could take on was very limited.  My energy was constantly drained and the quality of my services suffered.  It wasn’t what I had envisioned when I set out to help people achieve their goals.
Long story short, I burned out and left the personal training industry for quite some time to focus on pursuing my passions of sales and business.  However, the passion around helping others never left.  I knew that there had to be a better way.
Fast forward to 2012.  Due to some fortunate connections and timely mentors that pushed me to get back into fitness, I opened The True Transformation Online Training business.  No longer was I training people from 5am-10am and then back from 5pm-10pm.  I wasn’t getting burned out- in fact I was able to truly enjoy the process of coaching people to realize their full potential.  Technology was quickly allowing personal training to be highly effective in the online space.   
Today online training (or coaching) is gaining popularity quickly, but it’s still a new idea to most people.  When people think of hiring a fitness coach they imagine walking into a gym, meeting with a trainer, and then working out with their trainer 2-3 times per week for a month or two.  While that’s still a great option for a lot of people, technology is quickly helping online trainers step up their services to compete with in-person trainers’ services and deliver outstanding results in the online space.

But the question remains, how do you know if hiring an Online Coach is for you?  Well…say no more.  This blog article will help outline exactly who Online Training is for!
First and foremost, I strongly believe that online training is for those who have at least a beginner’s level of experience in a gym.  If you’ve never worked out before, I would suggest working with a trainer or coach in-person to gain some familiarity with the gym, equipment and exercises.  In fact, people come to me all the time who’ve never worked out before and want me to design a program for them.  I never offer my services to complete beginners.  In fact, I refer them to trainers I trust to ensure that they get acclimated to the gym and learn the basics with someone who can meet with them in person.
Hiring an online coach is a great idea if you have been working out in a gym for a few years or more, but are stuck in a plateau.    Often times it comes down to proper program design as well as diet advice and structure from an experienced professional to help you break through plateaus.  An experienced online coach can help you quickly take your workouts to the next level by analyzing your current routine and making adjustments.
To feel 100% comfortable using an online trainer or coach, it’s a must that you are very comfortable using a computer, smart phone and technology in general.  The top coaches use a combination of smart phone apps, email, skype and other applications to facilitate and build the client-coach relationship, as well as track progress and help their clients reach their goals.  If you’re not comfortable with using email as a primary way to communicate with your coach then online coaching probably isn’t for you.  However, if you’re totally cool with using the technology that’s available then online coaching will be a breeze for you!
There’s a popular concern when it comes to online coaching and I tend to relate with it completely.  A lot you will have a hard time getting in the habit of going to the gym if you’re not physically meeting with a personal trainer.  A virtual trainer may not keep you as accountable as the in-person option.  I get that.  That’s where being self-aware comes into play.  If you know that you need to set up some in-person accountability to ensure that you stick to your plan, by all means go for the in-person option.  Over time you’ll get into a solid routine and the online coaching option may suit you just fine.
Online training allows coaches to prescribe workouts and diet strategies from anywhere in the world.  This is huge for two reasons.  First, you won’t have to worry about your in-person trainer cancelling on you due to unforeseen circumstances which can throw off your routine.  Plus, if you’re interested in getting help from a top trainer in another part of the country you’ll be able to acquire their services without having to live near them.  This gives you the buyer huge leverage in the online space.
Let’s face it – personal training can be expensive.  Now, you can’t put a price on your health so I’ll argue that the best trainers are worth way more than their actual cost.  All that being said, in-person training is often much more expensive than online coaching.  The best in-person trainers charge upwards of $100-200 a session.  That can quickly add up to $2000-3000 per month –and usually this doesn’t even include diet or supplement strategies.   Top online coaches charge $500-1000 per month which can save you 50-75% of the cost.  If you’re getting top notch program design, accountability, nutrition and feedback for more than half the price of in-person training – it can make a lot of sense to go with the virtual option. 
Something else to consider is that you might actually enjoy not having a trainer in person.  Some of us function better in the gym on our own.  It can be your hour or two of peace and quiet.  For a lot of people working out is almost a form of meditation or relaxation.  It sounds funny to think of a workout as a stress reliever, but for a lot of people it is.  If you have a trainer interrupting your peace and giving you instruction – it may disrupt your moments to yourself. 
Overall – online training is a trending option that will only get better as it becomes more popular.  The competition is growing rapidly and that will serve you the buyer to ensure that the options available to you are constantly being improved.  I’m always here to help you navigate the online training world!

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5 Powerful Motivators for a Fit and Balanced Lifestyle

5 powerful motivators to help you get FIT…

It’s 5pm and your workday is coming to a close. You still have that 5:30pm appointment with the gym but you just can’t picture yourself getting through today’s workout. Your motivation tank is on empty, and you start thinking of excuses to put your fitness goals on hold until tomorrow. Sound familiar?  
We’ve all been in your shoes and, trust me, it’s completely normal.  
Whether it’s the early bird alarm that favors sleep over a workout, or the late afternoon drowsiness that clouds our drive to finish the day with a sweat – we often just flat out aren’t motivated.  
Well, I’m here to tell you that there’s a solution and I think you’re going to love it. In fact, I’ve used these suggestions to improve consistency and get tremendous results. Get ready to shift your mindset around what it takes to maintain a healthy and fit lifestyle!  
These five methods do require some work (both physical and mental) so don’t think I’m handing you the magical keys to motivation. We always have to get our hands dirty and put in the effort. However, we often are misguided into thinking certain things are necessary when they really aren’t. Just had to get that out there, now let’s jump in!

Embrace Variety
We often hear that training with weights and doing endless amounts of cardio are the best ways to get the body of our dreams and improve our health. While these two activities can be effective, it’s very easy to go overboard and get burned out in the process. 

Most people (unless you’re a competitive athlete) would benefit from having a good amount of variety in their fitness routine. I suggest sticking to no more than 3 days per week of weight training and 2 days of cardiovascular work. This allows more time to devote to other activities and exercises that make up a fit lifestyle. 

Branch out and give some other fitness activities a shot. Yoga, meditation, group fitness classes, rock climbing, swimming, and even learning a sport can all contribute to your health and well-being. 

Don’t forget about recovery too! Try deep tissue massage, ice baths and saunas to keep you feeling refreshed. Having a day or two focused on recovery isn’t a bad thing at all.  

Schedule Your Fitness Routine Around Your True Preference

Hate getting up early? Don’t do it. Just because a pro says training first thing in the morning is the ONLY time to get results doesn’t make it true. If you have time during other parts of your day that you’d prefer to workout–go for it! You have to capitalize on your strengths and do your best to improve your weaknesses, but don’t purposely schedule your routine to fight battles each day. You’re much more likely to stick to a routine (especially initially), if you build it around your preferences. Then over time you can challenge yourself to get uncomfortable as you progress.

Schedule Rewards 
Yes, I know you’re not a dog and that rewarding yourself is like a treat for a dog trick. But check this out…it flat out works! I put up an idea on my Instagram awhile back (@JosiahFitness) to deposit a small amount of money in a jar or bank account for each workout that you complete (something small like $1). Then, at the end of the month or completed goals, go buy yourself something. 

Scheduling a break is also a form of reward. Not everyone LOVES to workout so we often need breaks. Go hard for 6-8 weeks and then take 3-4 days off. Eat according to plan for a month and then go have a nice big meal. Jump right back into the plan (and set up more rewards) after! 

Go Cheap (and Creative) 
Who says you have to workout at a big expensive gym to get results? The gyms are great, but they aren’t for everyone. The world is your oyster when it comes to health and fitness.

You could invest a month’s worth of gym fees and build yourself a nice little setup that is both cost-effective and efficient in your home. Workout bands, exercise balls and mats, plus some cheap dumbbells can all be purchased for less than $100. Get creative by using things in your home too!  Chairs for dips, heavy objects to lift, and stairs for cardio, all make for some really challenging routines. I wrote a whole eBook on working out while traveling, and how having minimal equipment forces you to think outside the box, which can lead to some amazing discoveries! 


My last tip may seem obvious – but here’s the deal: we all need to live a little. Part of being healthy and living a fit lifestyle is to maximize our enjoyment of life. Plus, when we are truly enjoying our time here, we can impact and inspire others to do the same.  
Now, before I get all cheesy with some motivational or life changing quotes – let me just say this: looking awesome is cool – feeling awesome is WAY cooler. Being ripped and toned is great, but only if you’re heathy on the inside. So get more sleep, spend time with family, do fitness activities with friends, enjoy a cocktail, eat some delicious food and be at peace knowing your routine is balanced and set up for success.

Feel free to comment below with what motivates you!