21 RAW Truths on Being a Dad and (Working On) Being Fit

Josiah Novak


The crazy thing is that if there’s one promise or guarantee in life…its that it will be TOUGH at times.

It will knock you flat on your ass.

Nobody is waiting to save you either.

There’s no fairy godmother or Peter Pan waiting to sprinkle weight loss or get rich quick dust over your head.

Life throws curveballs at you and all you can do is be patient and smash that motherfu$*er as best as you possibly can.

You might think “I got this” or “I’m ready” — but when life happens…there isn’t a playbook for the crazy situations you find yourself in.

Being a new Dad was one of these situations.

My wife and I both had never wanted kids.  We’d had younger siblings and we both were very independent (at times selfish) people.  Not selfish in a bad way.  Just selfish in the sense that we liked to pursue our dreams and ambitions.

But when we met we decided that having a family together was something we now wanted so we took the plunge.


Having my first son changed everything for me.

I no longer had the freedom to create the perfect schedule.

I couldn’t get my perfect 8 hours of sleep.

There was no more unlimited gym time.

Fitness has always been the one part of my day that remains consistent, but after baby #1 it became much harder to remain consistent.

Of course having my son was incredible and it goes without saying that there’s nothing I’d trade for my kids.  I’d die for them plan and simple.

Notice I said kids.  As in multiple.

Because when my son was 9 months old we found out my wife was pregnant again.  We were shocked…how did this happen??

Must have been all of those late night “when the kid is asleep” workouts…

In May of 2016 my second son was born and I’ll be first to tell you that there are no books, blogs or articles that can prepare you for the stress of having 2 (wild) kids under the age of 2.

I figured the best way to shed some light on how things change when it comes to health and fitness after kids is by giving you my top 21 RAW Truths of being a Dad and trying to be fit.

1. Forget about 8 hours of sleep – ain’t happening fam

2. Your kids will poop right when you’re headed to the gym.

​3. Getting comfortable with working out at home is crucial.

4. Don’t turn your music up too loud in your headphones – you might not hear the daycare page you to come get your kids.

5. All the shoulders on my shirts are stained – not from sweat, but from baby throw up.

6. At times dinners will be what the kids will eat – not what fits your macros.

7. Kids get sick – be prepared to miss workouts.

8. Supplement money ?  Oh you mean formula and diapers?

9. The day will come when you’re kids ask for a sip of your protein shake – enjoy every moment.

10. Sometimes poop finds its way onto your clothes and you won’t realize it until set 10 of your workout.

11. Stress is going to be higher – accept it and move on.

12. After a long day you’re not going to want to workout – get up early and get it done.

13. Cardio?  Oh you mean stroller pushing?

14. If you count macros don’t get pissed when your kids take handfuls of your food directly from your plate after you’ve planned out your meal perfectly.

15. Interrupted sleep sucks.  But it will happen a lot.  Ride it out.

16. There will be plenty of days where you want to eat your stress away because you feel like you have nothing left to give. That’s normal. Just do your best to get back on track.

17. Your kids watch everything and at some point they’ll ask to workout with you.  Hell of a moment that is.  Makes it all worth it.

18. Drink lots of water (and some wine)

19. There will be days where you’re just over it. Remain calm and remember to laugh at how crazy kids can be.

20. Remember, the reason you workout and eat right is staring at you each morning waiting for you to smile at them.  Don’t ever forget that.

21. Forget about being perfect.  Focus on the big picture.

Hope you enjoy this small glimpse into the reality of being a young parent and working on your fitness simultaneously.

Just know…you are not alone.

If you need more help…I’m here.

How to Get Lean : The Ultimate Guide to Transforming Your Physique


Being lean is pretty cool.

​When you’re lean you feel light on your feet, confident that you’ve taken care of yourself, energized to workout more and more in control of your health and fitness.

Plus it doesn’t hurt to get some head turns at the pool or beach.  It’s a big boost to your confidence when people ask you for your workout routine and diet.


However, losing fat and living lean isn’t easy for most people.

It might look like it’s easy for me, but you’d be sadly mistaken.

In fact, getting lean and staying that way is on the top of my fitness challenges list.

In this article I’m going to map out some of the challenges you might be facing in your fat loss journey and I’ll give you some step-by-step guidelines to overcome them.

Just be sure to high five me if we happen to pass each other shirtless on the beach one day.

Why is Fat Loss so Hard for Most People?

Some people are born with the genetic lottery already won.

They simply look at a weight or think about doing some cardio and they instantly have a world class physique.

Yes, genetic freaks can drive you insane with jealousy.

But relax, 99% of people have to work their ass off to look good naked.

And looking good naked is hard.

With a Fast Food restaurant on every corner we are constantly being bombarded with way more food than we need.

Combine that with a desk job (low activity), high stress of trying to keep up with the Joneses, bad sleep because of the phones/TV’s, and all the crap information out there that misleads you down 10 different paths…

It’s no wonder losing fat is like finding a unicorn.

It doesn’t happen.

And when it does happen (let’s be honest, there are a TON of before/after pictures out there) – it’s RARE to see someone keep the fat off longer than a few months.  

Let Me Tell You A Story…

Just in case you’ve never heard of me before, my name is Josiah.  I’m a published fitness blogger/writer, and online fitness and body transformation coach, and I also wasn’t born a genetic freak. 


I actually was born skinny fat.  I was skinny, but my stomach wasn’t defined.  I didn’t even believe I could have a six pack at all.

Because of my skinniness and feeling very self-conscious about not being a “jacked” guy – I put all my efforts into adding muscle.  This meant gorging on food and stuffing my face 24/7.

Despite being an athlete most of my life, I found out rather quickly that putting on body-fat came very easily to me.  I quickly packed on the pounds throughout my late teens and early twenties due to my poor eating habits.  Coupled with depression and some major life hurdles – I found myself weighing almost 280 lbs.

I was a mess.  The pic on the left up there doesn’t even do it justice.  At my heaviest I refused to take photos because I was so self conscious. 

The Good News Is…

I figured it out.

After years of struggling with my weight and feeling hopeless, I figured out how to lose the bodyfat and, MOST importantly, keep it off for good. 


But I know that every person I work with is different.

What worked for me might not work for you.  For that reason I’ve spent TONS of time researching different fat loss techniques and strategies to ensure that I had answers for anyone who came to me looking for help.  Different situations call for different protocols and I wanted to be ready for anything.

Take my online coaching client, Tony, for example. Tony also happens to be someone who adds bodyfat easily.  


Tony came to me already pretty lean, but he wanted to take things to the next level.

Needless to say he’s done an incredible job and he’s still getting leaner as of the writing of this blog.   Tony takes trips with his family, works a high stress career and eats the foods he loves yet still loses bodyfat on a continuous basis.

My client David is another guy who comes from the background of carrying around a lot of extra bodyfat and yet he’s made an incredible transformation.


Dave has been a client of mine the past year and continues to make huge strides in his physique.

The best part is Dave is a business owner and has a relatively high amount of stress day to day so getting lean wasn’t easy for him, yet he’s managed to get the formula just right.  Dave is an incredible dude and his results are awesome!

Of course I can’t forget about my online client Carly – who, as a busy mom, was able to completely change her body in 8 weeks time!


Carly joined my 8 Week TRUE8 Challenge looking to get toned up and improve her nutrition habits.

Needless to say she did just that.  We changed up her workout routine and eating plan and…well…you can see the results here!


Do you want to learn my methods and systems for losing body fat?

Are you interested in reading my strategies around losing that annoying layer of fat that never seems to go away?   Do you want my tips on making fat loss easier, especially for people with weight issues?

If you said “hell yes” then this article is for you.  Because I’m now going to outline my top strategies for losing bodyfat and specifically how you can implement them to get the body you’ve always wanted.

And don’t forget, you can always get more free help from me in myfree Facebook group as well. 

How to Get LEAN: The (Former Fat Guy’s) Ultimate Fat Loss Guide


What the heck does NEAT stand for first of all?

It stands for Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis – which is just a fancy term for all the stuff you do outside of the gym each day.

For example, if you go to the gym and then you sit at a desk for 8 hours…you’re not doing much NEAT.

However, if you’re driving a UPS truck and hopping on and off while delivering packages…your NEAT is very high.

So why is NEAT so important?

Isn’t it just about dieting, working out hard and doing some cardio?

Well sure those things have importance.

But even if you’re a gym freak and you hit the gym for 2-3 hours a day…you still have 21-22 hours outside of the gym.

Those are some valuable hours my friend.

Let me break down why.


Interesting little graphic eh?

Lets say you’re not a gym freak, but you hit the gym on a regular basis (or workout at home).

Whatever you do…lets say its 3-4 hours a week.

Pretty standard schedule for most busy people who have a career and a social life.

That leaves lots of time outside of the gym and this is where most people screw up.

As a society we look for ways to NOT be active.  We take the elevator, park close to the store, we take the easiest path from A to B whenever possible.

Not to mention, we sit around AND stuff our faces.

Sitting at a desk all day watching a screen or jumping from call to call can actually make you feel super sluggish.

Not to mention it doesn’t burn a whole lot of calories.

So lets do the math…

We sit around, eat because we are tired (or bored and stressed), we feel super sluggish so we skip the gym, and then we try and find time “extra” time for more cardio or workouts.

When all we really need to do is consciously be more active…

Simple, yet crazy right?

We could DOUBLE our normal calorie per hour burn rate just by taking a walk a few times a day.

But you might be thinking “I don’t have extra time to be active – what should I do?”

Here’s a simple list of way to be more active:

1. Take phone calls standing up
2. Get a standing desk
3. Go for a nightly walk with your spouse
4. Do mobility work at your desk
5. Take the stairs
6. Park further away
7. Walk to the store
8. Do push-ups randomly
9. Workout during commercials
10. Have more sex 



Let me let you in on a little secret…


There I said it.  The cat is out of the bag and the beans are spilled.  Whooooooooooooops.

Here’s the kicker tho.  Not all diets actually WORK.  Because let’s face it, when we say something “works” we don’t mean it just works for 4 weeks or a couple days right?

When you buy a car do you expect it to break down after a month?  Of course not!  You expect it to be a reliable and sustainable vehicle.  Otherwise you wouldn’t have purchased it.

However, when it comes to diet fads we tend to describe them as “working” if we lose weight fast and see some changes in the mirror.  The problem is that we tend to fall off the wagon with most extreme diets simply because they aren’t sustainable.  


Having to stick to a rigid meal plan, meal prepping 6-10 meals every night or having to spend thousands of dollars on special groceries each month isn’t sustainable for most people.  Of course your average celebrity can promote these crazy diets because they have a paid chef, they get the special products for free and they have a boatload of resources to invest in whatever they need to follow the plan.  So lets just forget all that for a moment.

What if we took the good things from each “diet camp” and learned how to customize a sustainable nutrition approach using a few different methods?

Why do we have to be so divided?  Wouldn’t it make sense to get results by using the things that make sense for your unique lifestyle and nutrition preferences?  Of course it would!


What’s the perfect dietary approach?

Well there isn’t one.  But there are some principles that will help you embrace a healthy eating approach that is both sustainable and enjoyable.

Meaning, you’ll get to enjoy life while looking and feeling good.  #WINNING

1. Eat healthy foods 80%-90% of the time

Call it “eating clean” or “eating healthy” or whatever you want to call it…either way it has to be the core of your nutrition approach.  Why?  Simple because eating healthy is crucial for the body to function at its best.  Food is information and that information gives your body what it needs to repair, rejuvenate and fight disease.  Plus, eating healthy food makes you feel incredible.

Now this doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a treat from time to time.  Life is way too short to not enjoy some pizza and ice cream in moderation.

However, life will get a lot shorter if hot dogs and chips are your go-to food sources.

So lets find a healthy balance shall we?  I like the 80/20 rule.  80% of the time you should eat really healthy.  This means veggies, fruits, lean protein, healthy fats, and some carbs.  Then 20% of the time you can enjoy “whatever”.

But what does 80/20 really look like??


This is exactly how my clients eat.

We don’t aim for perfection.  We aim for balance and health.

A burger, a little ice cream and some Sunday morning French Toast is fine assuming the rest of the week is consistent.  This is a long term strategy for staying consistent, enjoying the process and getting phenomenal results from your nutrition plan.  

2. Avoid HUNGER 

Hunger is one of the leading causes of falling off track with your nutrition plan.   The body doesn’t want to lose its precious fat stores, so the brain is phenomenal at creating hunger signals to get you to eat more.  This is obviously an excellent response if we were dying of starvation, but in today’s world that doesn’t apply.

The best way to avoid hunger is to eat foods that fill you up and give you a level of satisfaction that doesn’t leave you wanting more a few minutes after you finish your meal.  If you combine that with drinking water, avoiding boredom by staying busy and a solid exercise program – your hunger should be held at bay for the most part.

Here’s a list of my favorite HUNGER crushing foods that won’t take up all your calories for the day..

1. Chicken
2. Broccoli
3. Salads (careful of the dressings!)
4. Potatoes
5. Greek Yogurt
6. Frozen Fruit
7. Oatmeal
8. Apples
9. Beans
10. Lean Ground Beef 


3. Eat the Most When You’re the Most Hungry

Sounds simple enough, but most people get this all wrong.

They have a moderate breakfast then a huge lunch and by the time dinner rolls around they’re pretty hungry, but they’ve consumed most of their calories for the day already.

If you’re usually the most hungry at night – plan accordingly by saving a good chunk of calories for your evening time.

Having a larger dinner followed by  snack is fine assuming you’ve mapped it out and it keeps your calories where they need to be.   However, if you need 2000 calories a day and you only have 200 left at dinner time (yet you’re crazy hungry at night) good luck staying on track!

This is why people cave and give into their cravings.  They aren’t building their plan around their natural hunger patterns.  If you’re just blindly following a meal plan in a magazine or from an online fitness celebrity that told you to eat a certain way – your success will be average at best simply because the plan wasn’t tailored to fit you and your life.

3. Train Smart but Don’t Be a Pu**y

When it comes to losing body fat most people tend to head directly for the cardio machines in hopes that they’ll burn tons of calories and the fat will melt off.

Well, my friend – while I LOVE cardio (you’ll see what kind of cardio I prefer shortly) – replacing good ol’ fashion resistance training (weights, bands, bodyweight) with cardio machines is a quick way to go from overweight to skinny fat.

In other words – training with resistance is KING when it comes to fat loss.

There’s also a misconception that you have to absolutely destroy yourself each workout in order to see results.  If you’re not sore, bleeding, and limping after a workout then you didn’t go hard enough . Well, that’s complete BS.

In fact, training with all-out intensity each workout isn’t the smartest route.  This style of training can fry your nervous system, add tons of stress to the body, and hurt your fat loss efforts.  Plus, if you can’t move after a training session your NEAT (remember point #1?) will be struggling.

However, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t train hard.  Don’t take this as an excuse to be a pu**y in the gym.  Sorry for anyone who’s offended by that, but if you’re not even breaking a little sweat or your’e stopping every time your muscles begin to fatigue – well, good luck getting results.

Your training should be set up to build muscle and strength while losing fat.  This doesn’t mean you’ll gain a ton of muscle while in a fat loss phase, but it will help protect and preserve the muscle tissue that you already have and quite possibly help you build some more (or at least strengthen the muscle you have now).

Strength training is often overlooked when it comes to getting lean.

You might have been told that doing high reps and tons of sets with zero rest is the way to go when trying to “tone up” or “get ripped”.

Well, high reps have their place, but only if your workout programming is put together properly.  Training to get stronger is a great way to build a body that looks more fit and performs at a higher level.

Both men and women should incorporate strength training to help with overall body function and health.  Think about it…being strong is a major key to life.  Being able to lift things without getting hurt sure helps.  And there’s always that “loved one being trapped under a car” situation right? 


Ok lets talk cardio

What type of cardio should you do to get lean?

Well….all types have their place.

Going for long walks are great for mental and physical recovery, plus they do burn some calories.

For most people I recommend the longer duration, lower intensity cardio for days that they don’t train with weights.  And on training days I recommend metabolic cardio AKA 10-15 minutes of sweating and cursing at me.

This form of cardio isn’t technically HIIT, but it’s pretty high intensity.  It involves picking some resistance training movements, lowering the normal weight used and doing some fun, yet challenging circuits.

​Here’s an example of Metabolic Cardio that I recommend my clients do.

Overall there’s a time and a place for all types of cardio.  It’s sort of like the diet stuff – everything has its place if done correctly.  Blindly following someone’s cardio routine is a recipe for disaster.

One thing  I want to stress is that if you’re replacing resistance training with cardio you’re making a huge mistake.  Long term resistance training will keep you looking, feeling and performing at your best.

My rule of thumb for most is a 2:1 ratio of resistance training to cardio.  Assuming you workout 4 times a week that would mean doing 2 metabolic sessions a week.  You could then throw in some walking on other days to round things out. 


Whats the most important piece to losing fat and getting lean?

Its simply your mindset and the mental games that take place when pursuing new levels of fitness.


Getting lean is NOT an overnight process.

I run 8 Week Challenges and while the results are great, it takes a lot of hard work and dedication to change your body in 2 months time.

The most impressive transformations have taken 4-6 months of incredible consistency and dedication to the plan.

Patience is key.  Consistency is key.  Taking action is key.

Aiming for progress – not perfection is crucial to success.   So many people compare themselves to others and they fail to understand that their journey is unique – nobody’s path is the same.  Therefore it makes no sense to allow your happiness and satisfaction to take a hit by comparing yourself to others.

Focus on yourself.

Learn to enjoy the journey.   It’s a beautiful thing to see your body change over time.  You’ll feel incredible and your confidence will rise to new heights.

Finally, don’t be so rigid and strict that you forget to enjoy life.  Life is way too short to not enjoy the moments with friends, family and loved ones.  Don’t miss out on creating memories and sharing experiences.  Find balance.  Remember the 80/20 rule.  It applies to life too.



3 Ways to Burn More Fat NOW (FOR BUSY PEOPLE)


It’s not easy to lose fat.

If it were easy we’d all be walking around lean and ripped right?

Let’s be honest, nobody truly wants to be overweight, but the challenge of dropping body-fat can seem daunting.
Especially if you’re someone with a busy schedule – it might seem impossible to get more results or break through a plateau.

Lack of extra time to workout more, prepare more meals, or get educated on how to effectively lose your love handles can be a big problem.

So what can you do?

In this article I want to help you become aware of 3 Ways you can start dropping fat right now – without more workouts being added, hours of cardio or crazy diet plans.

The 3 Things are NEAT, Intermittent Fasting, and Strength Training.

Let’s talk about each one.

​1. NEAT

NEAT stands for Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis.  This refers to all the daily activity that you do outside the gym which burns calories.  So if you sit at a desk all day, commute in your car and then sit in front of the TV for a couple hours at night your NEAT will be pretty low.

However, if you work as a UPS delivery person and you’re constantly walking, jumping in and out of your truck and hauling packages around all day – your NEAT will be way higher and your total calories burned for the day will be higher than someone who sits at a computer all day.

So how can you use NEAT to your advantage?

It’s quite simple really.

You can start being more active doing the things you’d normally do.

For example, if you’re someone who sits at a desk all day – you can set up a standing desk and do more work standing up.   Standing up burns about 100 calories more than sitting down per hour which can have a huge impact over the course of a day.

The quickest way to increase your NEAT is to walk more.  Take the stairs instead of the elevator.  Park further away from the grocery store.  Walk to the store if possible.  Instead of sitting on the couch and talking to you spouse – go for a walk together and talk.  Take your kids on walks.

You can also purposely move more.  You can set a reminder every hour to spend 5 minutes moving around.  Take phone calls standing up while you pace around.  It might seem silly now, but once you start doing it – it becomes a very effective habit.

These little shifts in routine can really add up over time.  A few extra hundred calories burned each day can do wonders for fat loss.

100 extra calories burned today might seem low, but that’s 700 calories per week and 2800 calories per month.  Do that for 12 months and you’re looking at 6-8 extra lbs of fat loss!  That’s crazy results from doing normal things a bit more actively.

Plus this means you don’t have to find extra time for more cardio or more weight training sessions.  Just a few small changes in HOW you do your normal routine will have a huge impact on your total calories burned.

For most busy people – improving your NEAT will have the biggest impact on your health and fitness progress

One word of caution about NEAT…

Working out TOO hard can cause your NEAT to go down.

Think about it….

If you’re super sore and tired after crazy workouts you’re less likely to be more active the rest of the day.

Don’t try and kill yourself every single workout – not only does it tax your Central Nervous System and hinder recovery and muscle growth, but it can zap your energy and cause you to have much less NEAT the rest of the day.  

2. Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent Fasting has taken on some major popularity the past few years and for good reason.

If you don’t know what Intermittent Fasting is – you can check out this article here that breaks it down in more detail.

While shorter fasts (12-16 hours) haven’t shown a huge increase in fat loss over standard nutrition schedules – having an eating schedule can help tremendously when it comes to sticking to a nutrition plan.

For a lot of people trying to lose weight while balancing busy schedule – having the ability to eat more food at lunch and dinner is huge for lifestyle purposes.

Eating breakfast slows a lot of people down both physically and mentally and it can become harder to get things done in the morning.

Plus, for some, when you eat first thing in the day your appetite can skyrocket causing you to fall off your nutrition plan the rest of the day.

Thus, intermittent fasting, when used properly, can have a tremendous impact on fat loss.  Especially over the long-term.

Longer fasts (24-48 hours) have shown some increase in fat loss in certain studies.  Just be careful before attempting longer fasts and be sure to have your doctor clear you prior to attempting a longer fast. 

Fasting is an excellent tool to help you stick with an eating schedule and boost your energy and mental focus!”

3. Strength Training

Getting strong has never really gone hand in hand with fat loss.

I get it.

Being lean and losing weight doesn’t mesh well with getting big and strong.  They sound like polar opposites.

But here’s the deal…

Getting strong can directly impact fat loss.

See when you lift heavier weights your body responds by holding onto more muscle to support your heavier training.

More muscle = higher metabolism.  Higher metabolism = more food needed to maintain your weight.  More food needed = easier time losing fat.

Now, a lot of you reading this will say “But I don’t want to look like a powerlifter…I don’t want to get big and bulky”

Well slow down sparky.

If you naturally gained a ton of muscle and size overnight you probably wouldn’t be reading this.  And, here’s the deal.  If your nutrition is on point and you’re eating less calories than you’re burning each day – you won’t bulk up.  I pink promise.

Plus, its VERY hard to look like a powerlifter unless you eat, train and live like a powerlifter for a very long time.

I suggest including phases of strength training while you go through a fat loss phase OR at least including workouts in your routine that involve lifting heavier weights in the big 4 exercises (bench, squat, deadlift and overhead press).

This will help optimize your hormones (testosterone, growth hormone, etc.) which play a huge part in fat loss and overall energy.  Plus, you’ll hold onto muscle tissue as you burn bodyfat which will make you look super toned and fit once you’re as lean as you want to be.

Finally, it’s pretty cool to be strong.  I mean, let’s face it…being “functional” is a term people throw around a lot these days, but what’s more functional than being able to move heavy things around?  

Being strong and lean is VERY possible – it might seem like a magical Unicorn that you can never find – but trust me – it’s very possible” 

Now you have 3 Ways to Burn More Fat Now – without adding additional workouts or crazy diet plans.

If you need further help – check out the Inner Circle – you can test drive it for 7 Days Absolutely FREE by clicking here. 

31 Tips for Busy People Who Want a Lean Body and More Energy

Getting lean can be super challenging, especially when time is limited…here’s 31 habits and routines you can use right away to start leaning down and getting the body you’ve always wanted. 

Are you busy?  Struggling with your eating habits?   Yet, you really wish you had that lean body that breeds confidence and makes you feel confident?

Getting lean is tough for a lot of us.  It can seem impossible, especially with all that we have going on in our daily lives.

Finding time to workout and learning how to eat properly seems like a daunting task.

Being busy all the time zaps our energy leaving us feeling unmotivated and lazy when it comes to our fitness goals.  

It took me many years of failure to finally figure out what works and what doesn’t.  I struggled with finding the motivation to workout and take care of my body.  

But, after years of work and research, things have turned around.  Now I want to give you the blueprint to help speed up your results and help you avoid some of the mistakes I made. 

Hence why I created this blog.

I’ve put together my top 31 tips for busy people who want to get lean.  You can start with 1 or 2 OR you can use more, but all of these tips will help establish habits and routines that will lead to you getting major results.


1. Drink More Water.  3-5 liters per day.  Seems simple, but we often forget to do it. 

2. Watch your food portions.  Use the hand method (I cover this in detail in my Facebook Group

3. Eat less calories than you burn (200-500 less than you burn to be exact) each day.

4. Increase your activity outside of the gym (walk more, bike more, take the stairs)

5. Write down WHY you want to get in better shape and remind yourself daily

6. Track your protein, carbs and fats – at least initially to fully understand what and how much you’re eating.

7. Never follow extreme diets without understanding how they work and why they are extreme.

8. Don’t start a weight loss plan by adding tons of cardio and eating low calories.

9. Keep resistance training (home or gym) as the base of your workout routine – muscle burns more calories at rest than any tissue on your body.

10. Have a morning routine to set you up for success (we cover this in my Inner Circle Group) 

11. Use progressive overload to make your workouts more challenging over time.

12. Fasted Cardio is not a necessary tool!

13. Use the scale as a tool – not a judgement platform 

14. Eat green veggies at least 2x per day.

15. Do short, yet intense cardio (I call it Power Sessions) to get more bang from your buck.

16. Plan your meals ahead of time.

17. Consume adequate protein (1g per pound of bodyweight is usually a good place to start)

18. Don’t spend your hard earned cash on supplements.  Instead invest in quality food.

19. Weigh your food at first to learn portions and macro tracking.

20.Don’t try and lose more than 2 lbs per week. (females stick to no more than 1 pound). 

21. Eat your largest meals when you’re the most hungry – even if that’s at 8PM at night. 

22. Have a home workout routine based around bodyweight strength 

23. Have a delicious smoothie recipe each week that is quick and tasty 

24. Go for a 30 minute walk with the family or your significant other a few times a week.

25. Don’t buy junk food – having it in the house makes it too easy to grab and eat.

26. Skip breakfast a few times a week – this gives you more energy in the morning, gives your health a boost and gives more freedom for larger meals later in the day. 

27. Track your workouts to ensure you’re making progress.  Track weight used, rest time, and duration of workout.

28. Get your family involved with your workouts.  Push-ups, squats, and lunges are easy to teach 

29. Get support from a community of like minded people –like the one I started on Facebook. 

30. Hire a coach or invest in a coaching program – (email [email protected])


Why CrossFit is Awesome (The Real Truth)


CrossFit is awesome….don’t believe me?  Keep reading…
Why Cross Fit is Awesome (The Real Truth)
Let me be honest. I’m not a fan of cross fit for the average person.
Kinda like I’m not a fan of country music (sorry).
But that doesn’t mean country music stinks.
It’s just not for me. And that’s ok.
But Cross-fit (for some) is AWESOME. Let me explain:
1. Cross-fit is a sport and some people are destined for sports. Some of you reading this might be a really good athlete who’s itching to get after some competition. Crossfit might scratch that itch and give you the outlet you need.
2. Crossfit pushes you mentally. Sure, I don’t agree with the programming, but once again— Crossfit is a sport. Just like some people enjoy playing pick-up basketball or flag-football… 
Crossfit is not easy and it forces you to get out of your comfort zone.
3. Crossfit builds community. This is why I put together the True8 program. It’s not just about the amazing workouts and nutrition strategies. It’s about bringing people together with a common goal. Crossfit builds a community for sure.
Now…as a final word.
I don’t recommend crossfit for most people.
Just like I don’t recommend advanced workouts for most people.
Crossfit requires patience, skills, an appetite for injury risk, and advanced coaching.
Just because I don’t love it or recommend it doesnt mean it’s not awesome.
Country music is awesome…
It’s just not for me..

How Getting Fit Can Change Your Life


Being fit isn’t just about looking good.  Being healthy and fit can literally change your life.  Don’t believe me? Check out my story.

An Abused Skinny- Fat Kid 

As a kid I was skinny, but not the “ripped” skinny.  I was slim with a belly – meaning zero abs.  Not exactly the most promising physique.  Luckily I had some athletic ability – enough to be competitive at a relatively high level for sports.

Unfortunately, I never felt confident enough to perform at a high level.  My father was both physically and mentally abusive and it completely wore me down.  Combined with his abuse, his love and addiction to alcohol took away from any kind of support that I needed from him.

It’s not until I had kids of my own that I realized how much my confidence had suffered in those early days.  I truly never felt good enough and was always worried that other kids didn’t like me.  It was a natural reaction to the abuse I received at home.  I was constantly searching for love and verification that I mattered.

The Weights Built Me Up

I remember discovering the weight room around age 15.  I had been called “skinny” by some fellow teammates in high school and I was determined to get BIG.

The summer between my sophomore and junior year in high school I fell in love with working out.  

Hitting the weights made me feel incredibly powerful.  I felt invincible as soon as I hit the gym.  The problems of the world completely faded into the background.

And boy were there problems…

When I was a sophomore in high school my sister attempted suicide.  Fortunately her attempt was unsuccessful, but the scars remained.  The shock of that event still brings back a truly sick feeling even to this day.  

That event went hand in hand with my parents getting divorced and my father moving out of the house.  It was the right decision, but at the time it felt like the world was ending.  I had only one place to turn – the gym.

A Savage Emerges

With chaos surrounding me – I attacked the gym like a savage.  I lived for fitness.  I would run a mile to the gym and train for an hour after school.  Before practice I would hit the gym.  

Fitness became my lifeline.  

Even while I still felt super self-conscious around my friends, I had the gym to remind me that I wasn’t a nobody.  

Eventually my body started to really change.  I added about 25 lbs of muscle prior to my senior year.  That took me out of the skinny-fat category pretty quickly.  

My confidence soared.  Fitness was my trusted ally.   My go-to. My true-north.

Each goal that I set in the gym was smashed with pure rage.  All my emotions and pains were taken out on the weights.  It was therapy.

Athlete to Obese 


My life has been full of ups and downs.  You probably can relate.  I’ve made countless mistakes and I’ve paid a heavy price for them.  There have been many lessons learned through my many failures over the years. 

When I was done with sports in my early twenties I entered another dark period of my life.  Business failures and the weight of the world had driven me into depression.  Emotional and mental issues that hadn’t been addressed from my childhood crept back to the surface.  

Suicide was an option I seriously considered.

I felt lost once again.  I had gotten away from the habits and routines that kept me sharp and full of positive energy.  I had forgotten health and fitness completely.  My nutrition was full of emotional eating – which is a nice way of saying I had the local pizza shop on speed dial. 

I ate myself sick almost nightly.  I kept thinking about ending it all with pills or drugs (or a combination).  I forgot how amazing I felt when food was kept healthy and workouts were a part of my day.   

Luckily for me – I was reminded by some close friends of how I had influenced them to workout in college.  I had been so into health and fitness in those days that I inspired others to do the same.  

These reminders of how much I impacted other people drove me to reconsider my place on this earth.  It was time to confront my issues head on and create healthy habits once again.  No longer could I allow these deep emotional issues to hide away – I had to take responsibility and make things happen.  Otherwise it would be an endless cycle of depression which would ultimately result in me ending my own life. 


Fitness once again became the rock of my routine.  It took some time, but after getting back in the gym I was fortunate enough to connect with some strong mentors who encouraged me to train my mind MORE than my body.

It wasn’t enough to just workout.  I had to read, study and learn what it takes to be healthy both mentally and physically.  

Life started to come together.  I lost an incredible amount of weight (75 lbs) and felt like a brand new person.

My love affair with fitness was back on! 

This time things were different.  My workouts were meant to build me up – not tear me down.  I wasn’t trying to impress others.  The gym was my therapy, but it didn’t end there.  The study of philosophy, self-improvement, biographies on the greats in history were my exercises outside the gym.

My drive to own my own business now had a purpose and passion behind it.

I wanted to help those who went through the same dark struggles that I had gone through.  




Right around the same time I was getting my life back and focusing on healthy habits once again – I was fortunate enough to meet the girl of my dreams.

Had I met her a few years prior – she wouldn’t have even bothered with me and she would have been smart to avoid me.

Fortunately for me – I was in a good place mentally and physically when we met.  

We dated for a short time and then quickly married after realizing we were meant for each other.  

It’s crazy to think I would have completely lost out on her (and our 2 kids) had I not gotten back on track with my health and fitness.  

It’s actually quite scary when I think about it.  

Things Change and Stay the Same

Life has gotten way more awesome over the years (and way more busy).  I now have two kids and the focus has shifted from being much more selfish to being more self-less.  It’s an incredible experience (and challenging at the same time).

Fitness has given me the platform to help thousands of men and women around the world truly transform their bodies and minds through health and fitness.  I’m honored to have that platform and it’s something that I feel incredibly fortunate to have every day.

Health and fitness has also given me the strength to be a better father, husband and friend.  It’s not easy by any means.  In fact, I mess up all the time.  But having the discipline to improve and progress has been fueled by my health and fitness habits. 

Finally, fitness has given me true confidence.  The confidence to do anything.  This world is an amazing place, but its mind-blowing if you live life healthy and fit.  There’s so much more enjoyment to be had if you take care of both your mind and body. 

If you need encouragement or if you feel lost on your journey – please…don’t hesitate to reach out.  We’re on this journey together!


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About the Author – Josiah Novak

Josiah Novak is a husband, father, founder of the Fit Man Project Podcast, former College Athlete, Blogger, Author, Certified Personal Trainer, Entrepreneur, and Online Health and Fitness Coach.

Growing up in an abusive household drove, Josiah chose fitness as an outlet to build confidence and deal with emotional and physical pain.  

He believes in health and fitness as the most powerful tool to improve confidence, mental strength, and discipline to become the best person you can be.  His mission is to help 1,000,000 transform their bodies and minds in order to make this world a better place.  

My Top 10 Best Fitness Resources in 2017


The best books, podcasts, blogs, supplements and workout gear that you need in 2017 (besides The True Transformation)…

983 weeks into the New Year and this is the point where a lot of people tend to regress back to their old habits.

So instead of giving you more workout tips or nutrition advice – I figured you should check out my top 10 resources for health and fitness in 2017. 

Some of these might work for you – some might not.

Either way…there’s plenty of cool stuff here to keep things both interesting and effective for the duration of the next 12 months.

These resources are what I currently prescribe (outside of the #TRUE8 Challenge and Inner Circle Membership)

Top 3 Podcasts to Check Out in 2017




1. Mind Pump

The Mind Pump Crew – Sal, Adam and Justin have been a tremendous resource for myself as well as thousands of others looking to learn the truth about Health and Fitness.  I consider these guys not only to be a valuable resource, but also friends of mine.  So check them out at WWW.MindPumpMedia.com  – I warn you though- they don’t have filters so if you’re overly sensitive it’s probably not for you.

2. Mindset with Muscle

My friend Jamie Alderton smashes you in the face with some phenomenal wisdom around both health and the mental side of becoming fit.  He gives more than fitness advice.  In fact, his podcast is more business and life related.  You’ll get a ton out of his interviews and his messages each week.

3. The FitMan Project Podcast (coming soon)

This one isn’t out yet…but I’m hosting it so I had to give it a plug.  The FitMan Project Podcast will be interviewing the most successful people on the planet to learn how they use health and fitness as a tool to stay on top of their game.  From WWE Superstars to accomplished authors and business owners – you’ll learn all about the habits and routines that keep these legends in phenomenal shape.  

Top 3 Fitness Tools of 2017




1. Kettle Bells

If you’ve been paying attention to the fitness world – you might have seen Kettle Bells taking over recently.  The truth is that they’ve been around for quite some time, but usually they’re sitting in a dusty corner of the gym getting ignored.  Well they’re no longer collecting dust.  I just ordered a full set from Www.KettleBellKings.com – and my home gym just went up by about 10 Levels.  You’ll see more videos and info from me soon, but I highly recommend you check these badboys out.  

2. FitBit

Tracking your activity is a great place to start your fitness journey.  The FitBit tracks your daily steps, your calories burned as well as your sleep (if you wear it all night like me).   These aren’t 100% accurate but that’s not the point of using them.  The point is to figure out where you’re activity is so that you can adjust up or down (usually up) as necessary.  They provide some good data to track progress and help motivate you to stay active.

3. Exercise Bands 

This isn’t mind-blowing – but having a solid set of exercise bands gives you a workout partner that can literally go anywhere.  Pack them in your suitcase or travel bag and you’re set for a workout no matter where you are.  

Top 2 Supplement Companies of 2017




Onnit is the front-runner in my eyes for the most game- changing supplements in today’s market.  Plus they’re more than just a supplement company.  They carry workout gear, equipment and they operate the Onnit Academy that helps support many different types of health and fitness activities.   Check them out at Onnit.com  

2. GHOST Lifestyle 

The fellas over at GHOST understand one very important thing: Fitness isn’t just about hitting the gym.  It’s more about how you approach life in general.  They’ve created a supplement brand that is just starting to take off – plus they’ve recruited some of the biggest names on YouTube to support their growth.  Not to mention, they have scoopers that don’t get lost in the protein powder…they’re clipped on for easy access –  LEGENDARY!  Check them out at GhostLifestyle.com

Best Workout Clothing of 2017



1. Aesthetic Revolution

Hell of a brand right here.  They have the right style, fit and material that will give you everything you need for workout performance. 


This brand is quickly taking over the men’s clothing industry – I’ve worn a few of their items and I’ve been thoroughly impressed.

Top FREE Resource For You in 2017

One more thing before you go…

If you’re looking to change your health and how you look in 2017…here’s a FREE Resource for you…

How Many Days Do You Need to Workout?


“I bet you go to the gym every day right?”

Not so fast chief….

The gym every day?


 I wish.

Look, I love the gym…hence why I’ll open one at some point

But the question “How many days should I workout?” is very flawed.

This question suggests that hitting the gym and working out for an hour is the key to changing our bodies.

Meaning, if we don’t hit the gym…we are effectively not making progress.

Plus, if you only define “working out” as the hour you spend lifting weights 4 times per week, then I believe you might be missing the bigger picture.

See, in order to be in-shape – we have to adopt a habit of being more active.  Not just by hitting the gym or doing push-ups at home…

I’m talking active and fit in our day-to-day lives.  

Think about it.

If I tell you to workout 3 days per week.  1 hour each time.

And that’s all you do…

How many hours are you going to be sitting around, laying around or being non-active?

Well…let’s do some simple math.

168 hours per week.

3 hours in the gym.

165 hours….doing what?

Computer work, car rides, sleeping, watching TV, etc.

See where I’m going with this?

So when the question arises…”How many days do I need to workout?”

My answer is…every day you should MOVE MORE.   

Do you think the guys and girls who look and feel incredible workout for an hour and then sit around all day?


They are constantly on the move.  Burning calories and staying highly active. 

Sure, we can dedicate a 3-5 days to an hour in the gym or an AT-Home workout…

But we also need to stay active.  Do more walking, stand up more, do crunches and push-ups during TV time.

Have a phone call?  Why not stand up and move around while chatting?

I’m sure you’re starting to get the point.

Being ripped, muscular, lean, healthy, fit, and all the other adjectives that you’re chasing require more than just a few days in the gym….

But the good news is that it doesn’t require you to LIVE in the gym.

In fact, when deciding how many days to workout you should think about how you’ll be more active in the day-to-day responsibilities that you already have.  

Then the pressure to get into the gym becomes less and less because you’re just more active overall.

Dedicate 3-5 hours to weights….and the other 160+ to activity that will get you fit much faster. 

How to Make This Year The Worst EVER


Ready to have the worst year ever?  I didn’t think so…

Avoid these 5 things like your stalker ex and you’ll be well on your way to kicking ass this year.

It’s the New Year.

Goal setting is in full swing.  

You’re up to your eyeballs in motivation to get in shape, grow your business (or side hustle), strengthen your relationships (show some dame affection dammit!), and end all incurable diseases (ok maybe that’s just me).

When it comes to getting stuff done...it comes to down to having phenomenal habits.  Habits that, when done daily, set you up to get the MVP at year’s end.  I’m talking 5-star hotel habits, BOSS life habits…the “Habit harder than me” habits.

Ok you get it.

But, Houston we have a problem.

We need new habits, but some old cranky habits already live in your brain.  Those 6 inches of space between your ears can be a major problem if its filled with bad stuff and crappy habits. 

Don’t you worry.

I put together a list of the “Worst Year Ever” habits.  Follow these and you’ll be guaranteed to suck bigtime.  Kick them to the curb and your life will improve drastically.  

The choice is yours young Jedi.

Bad Habit #1: Staying up late doing nothing at all

Look, I get it…scrolling through Instagram and seeing everyone else loving life is addicting.  Reading hilarious tweets from Cuffs the Legend (shout out to my man Cuffs!) is very entertaining and there’s a time and place for all of that.  

But 11:48pm at night (when you need to get up early) is not the time.

And YOU DO need to get up early.  

Ask anyone who’s successful about their morning schedule.  

Ok, I’ll save you the hassle of asking.   I’ve done the research and the evidence is clear.  

Successful people get up early.  Like 5AM early.  


Because their competition is asleep.  And, nobody is up to bother them.  It gives them a couple hours to get ahead fo the game.  They get stuff done, they workout, they prepare their food, meditate, and do some reading. 

Getting up early is a STRONG habit.

Sleeping in and jumping out of bed like you’re on fire when the alarm goes off is for the AVERAGE person.

Did that piss you off?

Good.  It means you need to get up earlier.  

And that starts with getting some good ol fashion shut eye the night before.  In fact, every hour of sleep you get before midnight is worth 2 hours of sleep to your mind and body.  Don’t believe me?  Try it for yourself.  I’ll be waiting for my check in the mail.

Bad Habit #2: Freestyling Your Day Like a Wannabe Rapper

Failing to plan out your day is a quick  ticket to a sucky year.  

What doesn’t get scheduled – won’t get done.  

Believe it homie!

Take 5 minutes in the morning and plan out your day.

Better yet, plan it out the night before if you can.  

Either way, get it done.

This relieves stress and ensures you knock out the day’s required tasks.  

Plus it keeps you organized and focused.  

All of those things are very, very helpful.  

Bad Habit #3: Not Exercising Your Brain Daily

If you get to the end of each day and you haven’t read, watched or listened to something that’s taught you something….well, what can I say?  That’s no bueno, not cool and wasteful. 

Every day – make it your mission to learn something new.

Doesn’t have to be Calculus level learning stuff dude.

Just something that you haven’t read, heard or understood before.

Do this every day and you’ll have 365 new lessons at the end of the year.

You might be a tad bit smarter by the year’s end eh?

Damn straight you will.

In fact, if you apply the things you learn (and applying is part of learning by the way), you’ll have 365 new ways of improving!  

That’s some pretty insane improvement.  

Bad Habit #4: Throwing Up a Middle Finger to Your Healt

Eating crap and sitting around watching Breaking Bad for the 5th time (ok I’ve done it) isn’t going to help you look good, feel good and boost your energy.

Quite the opposite actually.

When you don’t take care of your body – your body will punish you bigtime.

It’s not an option to be healthy. 

We all need to have exercise as a regular part of our day.  

Even if that’s just a 20 minute walk.

Most of our time is spent sleeping (5-8 hours a day) and sitting at a desk (5-8 hours a day).  

Kinda scary when you think about it.

Like “OMG I’M GOING TO DIE” scary.

No joke.

You need to eat right and move.


If you’re worried about what to do…well I have you all sorted out – download the Transformation guide below.

Now that you’re aware of what The Worst Year Ever looks like.

It’s time to take action.

Don’t sit on the sidelines and hope for the best.

Make moves.

Be a BOSS.

Get healthy.

Lose those love handles.

Learn something new.

Get up early.


How to Use Intermittent Fasting Like a Boss and Never Feel Hungry


​This whole “skipping meals” thing is really starting to stick – I’ve adopted it into my weekly routine (I don’t fast every single day) and it’s been a GAME CHANGER to say the least.
​This whole “skipping meals” thing is really starting to stick – I’ve adopted it into my weekly routine (I don’t fast every single day) and it’s been a GAME CHANGER to say the least.

Gone are the days of having to eat breakfast so you don’t lose muscle or having to prep food in a rush out the door to keep your metabolism healthy.   We know now that breakfast is NOT the most important meal of the day.
That being said…fasting needs to be done correctly.

 I know you might try jumping right in (I mean you’re a badass after all) and you may feel super hungry and weird if you go too fast.  It’s best to gradually adopt a fasting schedule that works for you – especially if you’ve always been eating around the clock.

If you’re curious about fasting – I would start with a small fasting window until you get comfortable with it.  For example – on my fasting days I usually go 16 hours without food…but I started at 8-10 hours and gradually built up from there.

Here’s a breakdown of how to use intermittent fasting like a boss:

  • Start with a small fasting window.  Let’s say you sleep for 8 hours…well our fasting window should include those 8 hours…I’d then wait 2-3 hours after waking up to eat your first meal.
  • Gradually increase your fasting window.
  • Make sure to continue to eat REAL food.  This will keep you super satisfied.
  • While fasting drink water and black coffee to suppress appetite.
  • Working out fasted works great for some people and horrible for others….be cautious and try things for yourself.
  • You don’t need to fast everyday (some people do)
  • Use fasting on days where you have big dinners or events planned in the evenings.
That’s a good place to start for now.

I know a lot of you are worried about being hungry while fasting and besides drinking water and using black coffee to suppress appetite, I ‘d suggest one MAIN thing.


Don’t sit around day-dreaming of food.  You’ll find your energy starts to skyrocket while fasting (trust me it’s CRAZY) and eventually you won’t even care about food while the time flies by.  But on the days where you feel hunger make sure to stay preoccupied.  GET STUFF DONE…don’t be lazy LOL

It also doesn’t hurt to do some exercise if you can handle it.  Even just a powerwalk while listening to your favorite podcast is a solid way to pass the time, plus suppress your appetite.

Try to compete with yourself to see how much you can get done before your first meal.  You’ll find that you get way more done, plus you won’t even worry about food.  Win-Win.

Try these strategies out for yourself.

Fasting is extremely effective if done correctly – try it out…like a boss!