Day 5 of the 12 Days of TRUE FITmas Challenge


Santa just called and mentioned that he’s been following this challenge closely.

In fact, he’s been doing the workouts each day.

But he’s not following the nutrition stuff at all.

He’s elbow deep in milk and cookies at the moment.

I told him it’s cool and that he should just do his best.


First up…I have a free gift for you (in case you missed it yesterday)

It’s the Holidays after all.

It’s my “Get Lean for Life CheatSheet”

You can download it here for FREE – ENJOY!

Next up –

Day 5 of the TRUE Fitmas Challenge is HERE!

If you missed Days 1, 2, 3, and 4 – I have you covered

Here’s the link to get DAY 1 all caught up

Here’s the DAY 2 link

Day 3 is here.

Day 4 is HERE

I’d suggest catching up over the next couple days.

Or you can just start today with Day 5.

Every day from now until Christmas I’m going to be sending you a 3-part challenge.

3 KEY areas…




Your goal is to knock them out each day and email me back when you do.

(Hint: There will be some prizes)

These challenges will seem simple, but I promise you they aren’t easy.

You’ll feel a bit uncomfortable

(that’s the point)

But you’ll start noticing some changes.

And those changes will help build momentum.

And momentum is HUGE when it comes to getting better results.

You’ll start to improve your self-belief and you’ll find that sticking to your goals will get easier.

Here’s Day 5:


On the 5th Day of Fitmas – Josiah Gave to Me…

A step challenge!

Today get 15,000 steps 🙂

You can track these on your smart phone using the health app or an app called Pedometer.

Be sure to tag me in your posts on social with #TRUEFITMAS hashtag if you post about the workout.


On the 5th Day of Fitmas – Josiah Gave to Me…

Be sure to get your healthy fats in today 🙂

A couple of good sources:

-Wild caught fish

-Raw nuts




Write down 5 Bucket List Items that you want to do in the next 5 years.

What could prevent you from doing them?

Put a plan together to make sure nothing gets in the way of knocking these things out!

And that, my party people, is DAY 5.

Your homework is this:

1. Complete all 3 challenges in the next 24 hours.

2. Email me at when you do

3. Tag me on Social Media with the hashtag #TRUEFITMAS

And enjoy!

Talk again soon,


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