12 Days of TRUEFitmas Day 2

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We are officially onto Day 2 of the TRUE Fitmas Challenge.
If you missed Day 2 – well SHAME on you.
Here’s the link to get all caught up
You can definitely knock out Day 1 and Day 2 today just FYI 🙂
Every day from now until Christmas I’m going to be sending you a 3-part challenge.
3 KEY areas…
Your goal is to knock them out each day and email me back when you do.
These challenges will seem simple, but I promise you they aren’t easy.
You’ll feel a bit uncomfortable
(that’s the point)
But you’ll start noticing some changes.
And those changes will help build momentum.
And momentum is HUGE when it comes to getting better results.
You’ll start to improve your self-belief and you’ll find that sticking to your goals will get easier.
Here’s Day 2:
On the Second Day of Fitmas – Josiah Gave to Me…
Walk or Run 2 Miles
Every time you stop to break – I need 10 Burpees.
Be sure to tag me in your posts on social with #TRUEFITMAS hashtag if you post about the workout.
On the Second Day of Fitmas – Josiah Gave to Me…
2 Servings of Green Veggies minimum today
Eat at least 2 servings of green veggies in the next 24 hours.
You got this
On the Second Day of Fitmas – Josiah Gave to Me…
Write down 2 BIG goals for your life in 2019.
I want to hear what you write down.
These MUST get accomplished in 2019.
And that, my party people, is DAY 2.
Your homework is this:
1. Complete all 3 challenges in the next 24 hours.
2. Email me when you do : Josiah@TheTrueTransformation.com
3. Tag me on Social Media with the hashtag #TRUEFITMAS
And enjoy!
Talk again soon,
P.S. Our next TRUE8 opens the Day after Xmas and if you want in early…
You can email me and bribe me with eggnog and cookies LOL
EMAIL: Josiah@TheTrueTransformation.com
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